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DAS not recognize all ECUs through 38 pin cable,how to do

MB Star diagnosis DAS is working perfect on any car with the 16 pin cable and Xentry also is working perfect. But when DAS is connecting with the w210 car through 38 pin cable, DAS only recognize 3 ECUs then nothing, i changed the 38pin cable gives me the same result.


i used windows7 ultimate x64bit with Xentry openshell 5.2016, all patches and fixes are applied.


I changed the old cable with another HQ 38 pin cable, but the same problem!

tried on different car, same problem,
same car tested on old system (MB Star C3 Multiplexer+ Windows XP) works perfect


HHT-win system, simply a message said:" HHT-WIN is not available on this system"
but as per the photo only few ECUs are detected, then nothing....



User suggestion on this topic:

Depends on which W210 it is facelift or pre-facelift with FBS3 or older system? For facelift version have to working shortest through DAS. Pre-facelift version/older model is automatically switched to HHT-Win. For example as I remember W168 model year 2003-2004? /I forgot/ is full short test in DAS and then if you click on some ecus then is switched to HHTWin. Facelift W210 model have to working full short test in DAS. This is not HHTWin problem. Maybe your hardware have problem with connection to older cars.


Professional advice from mbstartool engineer:

It’s normal. DAS / HHTWin does recognize some ECUs only through 38 pin cable. And there is not ECUs in old cars as many as new cars.

On a side note, no need 38 pin cable if obd connection is ok.

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How to choose Jaguar & Land Rover JLR diagnostic tool

Here is the buying guide with comparison of VXDIAG VCX NANO for Jaguar & Land Rover OEM diagnostic tool, JLR Mongoose cable, VCM2 scanner and DA-VINA J2534 interface.



vxdiag vcx nano JLR: €108 (best choice for diagnosis and ecu & key programming)

Mongoose cable clone: €48 (best solution of diagnosis)

JLR VCM2 chinese: €189

DA-VINA J2534: €100



workable with the genuine:

Mongoose & DA-VINDA interfaces work with the original JLR SDD IDS software.


Wi-Fi: vxdiag vcx nano, vcm 2

Basic diagnosis: all ok

Key making: vcm2, vxdiag nano, DA-VINA

Ecu programming: vcm2, vxdiag nano, DA-VINA

Offline programming: JLR SDD V141 (advised to use with VXDIAG VCX NANO diagnostic tool.)



New cars solution:

If you need to new Jaguar and Land Rover model up to 2014 year, DA dongle 2534 or Mongoose pro which version 139.14 up are recommended. Now the SDD version 145 is the one tested without any issues by thousands of people.



Vehicle coverage:

JLR Mangoose cable

Work on JLR models before 2014, including
Land Rover: L316, L319, L320, L322, L359, L538

Jaguar: X100, X150, X202, X250, X350, X351, X400
VXDIAG VCX NANO for Jaguar and Land Rover:

Work on Jaguar and Land Rover (2005 - 2014), including

Land Rover: L316, L319, L320, L322, L359, L405,L494, L550, L538

Jaguar: X100, X150, X152, X202, X250, X350, X351, X400


JLR VCM2 diagnostic scanner:
Defender, Discovery /LR3/LR4, Range Rover Sport & New Range Rover Sport, New Range Rover, Freelander /LR2, Evoque, XJ – X351, XK – X150, XF

* Range Rover (fully supported apart from viewing Data logger signals from both ECM and TCM

modules simultaneously on 2006MY variants)
DA-VINA SAE J2534 interface:

Work on JLR models after 2005, including
Defender, Discovery /LR3/LR4, Range Rover Sport & New Range Rover Sport, Range Rover, New Range Rover, Freelander /LR2, Evoque, XJ – X351, XK – X150, XF, Xtpye, Stpye and Ftype





vxdiag vcx nano JLR: €108 (best choice for diagnosis and ecu & key programming)

JLR Mongoose cable clone: €48 (best solution of diagnosis)



2015r3 TCS CDP PRO with BMW & Mercedes solutions

Here are some solutions of TCS CDP (cdp pro) running on BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars.


The reason that some CDP PRO cannot work with BMW or Mercedes-Benz:

The OKI chip is only for cars that support the PWM/VPWM protocol like Ford. BMW didn't use the PWM/VPWM protocol. The info that the TCS CDP does not work with BMW and Mercedes is bullshit.


The essential reason is located in problem with the m6636:

The problem with the m6636 is in the CDP pro not in cdp+. replace the 2 diodes and check if it works. the 2 diodes is for bmw and maybe mercedes, honda and others.


Solution of CDP PRO with BMW cars:

the 2 diodes are D701 and D703. back the pcb. And replace it with 1n4148.  I have replaced these two diodes and gained the communication with BMW cars which users could not communicate with before. So, well DONE


Solution of TCS CDP with BMW cars:
You have to know that the components for TCS CDP interface, removed from old devices like tv´s, radio´s etc. check all solder Joints of all components (especially relays), so I have fixed the problem. I use the same interface for all BMW cars and it works without problems.



If solutions above doesn’t work also, spend a little money to buy a new TCS CDP unit tested ok.

tcs-cdp-pro-bluetooth-bmw-2 tcs-cdp-pro-bluetooth-bmw-3

This CDP PRO with 2015r3 software works without issues on BMW 3 series e90:

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