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Newest BMW Multi Tool V7.6 Software Free Download

Obdexpress provides Professional BMW Multi Tool with the newest V7.6 software, this multi tool not only support programming keys for BWM (CAS1-4), but also odometer correction, EEPROM read and write, and Synchronization Codes etc. are within its working capabilities. 

Professional BMW Multi Tool.png

Newest V7.6 BMW Multi Tool Update Tips:

1. Fix the problem when CAS4 key generated key unsuccessfully and cannot be used. Support continue to use the key before new key is not successfully generated, it can be matched to another car

2. Other bug fixes;


Newest V7.6 BMW Multi Tool Software Download:


Note: Help->Device Update. You can get the latest software version and firmware version when you can access to internet.

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How to Run 2015.1 BMW ICOM Software on Win8 OS

2015.1 BMW ICOM ISTA-D 3.46.30 ISTA-P support engineer programming for ICOM, ICOMA2 and other compatible devices. This engineer programming software has English, Russian and German version, meanwhile it is compatible to run on PC / Laptop with Win8 OS.


The following writeup is about how to run this 2015.1 BMW ICOM software on Win8, please check carefully.

1. First to insert D-Link;

2. Boot up PC / Laptop;

3. Double click "ISPI-NEXT Admin Tools" shortcuts, wait for about 20 seconds to activate the software;

BMW ICOM software.jpg

4. Select Wifi for ICOM (Only click once);

5. At this time, use mobile phone to search Wifi, if D-Link activates, it will show you the Wifi name "ISAP";

6. Connect ICOM with vehicle;

7. When ICOM System Light cease to flash and WLAN Light keep on after flash for a few seconds, which means a full connection between ICOM and PC / Laptop.

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Change BMW E90 VO vehicle order with ICOM NCS-expert

BMW owners are able to enable or disable car retrofits or features by changing the VO (vehicle number) or FA string. The coding option can be done with BMW coding tools BMW ICOM ISTA/P engineering and programming software NCSExpert.


Tool needed:

BMW ICOM a2+b+c diagnostic system 

BMW ICOM ISTA/P ISTA/D software HDD with engeering software NCS-expert 



Code CAS:

Well install BMW ICOM software HDD and NCS Expert software 

Connect BMW ICOM A2+B+C OBD2 diagnostic tool with vehicle via USB or wifi wireless connection 

Open NCS-expert file 

Select File>>Load File>>Expert Mode, press OK


Press F1: VIN/ZCS/FA button 


Press F3: ZCS/FA f. ECU button 


Select BMW CHASSIS type:E89 in the list, press OK


Select ECU type: CAS, press OK


Then the NCS Expert software screen will display Chassis module, VIN number and VO/FA information 


Press F2: Enter FA to change the vehicle order 

Again select chassis type: E89 

Confirm the VIN number list is correct 

Enter the Service Code or SA in Attribute text field on Enter VIN program 

---Service Codes begins with a “+”

---SA codes begins with a “$”

Press F6:Back button 

Pres F4: Process ECU button 

Choose ECU type: CAS, press OK

Press F2:Change Job button 

Select FA_WRITE from Choose Job program 

Confirm the CAS module is selected and the job name is equal to FA_WRITE

Press F3: Execute Job button 


Code LMA:

Write the new VO to LMA ECU module 

Press F1: Change ECU button 

Select LMA ECU type in Choose ECU program, press OK

Confirm LMA ECU module is selected and the job name is equal to FA_WRITE

Press F3: Execute Job button

The coding has ended.

Exit BMW ICOM NCS Expert software. 

Disconnect BMW ICOM diagnostic system.

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