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Read vehicle wiring diagrams with Multi-diag J2534 Pass-Thru

Multi-Diag access J2534 Pass-thru is able to access wiring diagrams for multi-brand foreign and domestic cars, trucks, Van engines (diesel, gasoline, flexfuel etc) through years 1996-2014. The wiring diagram is easy to read detail with symbol description. It is extremely helpful for those who want to trace down circuit, radio diagram, A / C circuit, engine wiring etc.


How to read vehicle's wiring diagram with Multi-Di @ g Access J2534 pass-thru?

Follow the instruction:

Well install ACTIA Multi-diag J2534 software (current software 2014.01V / Ⅰ-2014)

Connect the Multi-diag J2435 interface with vehicle via OBD socket

Start using the Multi-diag software, select vehicle model, year etc, then come to Technical information program

Press theactia-multi-diag-j2534-wiring-diagram-0.jpgbutton and select vehicle cylinder number, the Multidiag software will display wiring diagram


Click on the "?" Icon to get a description of symbols


Hover the mouse over the diagram to view additional comments and notes where available.




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Corolla 2012 G type add key


I did many Corolla G type before and always success to add a key on corolla 2011-2012 and it allways gscan asked for any working key, but now i get error "not a master key".


Optional solution one:

Add key no need immobox if u have Toyota Techstream, try using Techstream is better than x100. 

Techstream can't reset immo. 


When you get error "not a master key", try to read pg1 and see. 

You need master key, you can check it by insert key in switch ,if immo light goes immediately its master , if not its valid and need to get immo out.


Optional solution two:

I have done many of these Toyota G keys when all key lost, you need to remove the whole dash to retrieve the Immo box which has 93C66 , writing Master G key by Tango key programmer to start car. You can add key only when you have master key. I was told that in USA you can reset the Immo using MVP Key Programmer, but it is only for USA.


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Change Benz AMG speed limit with MB STAR Diagnostic System

Some specific diagnostic software is able to remove speed limit: for volvo with VCADS, for MB with DAS, for Scania with SDP3, for DAF with DAVIE etc. Here is an detail instruction on changing Vmax or top speed for Mercedes Benz AMG models with MB SD Connect C4 star diagnostic system.


Tool needed:

Mercedes Benz WIFI MB SD Connect C4 STAR OBD2 Diagnostic tool

MB STAR DAS / XENTRY software HDD (need to activate EOL function)

Dell D630 laptop running Win XP home


Remove Benz AMG model's speed limit with DAS / XENTRY:


MB SD Connect Compact 4 multiplexer software is well installed and activated on Dell D630 laptop before the package send out

Connect the SD Connect C4 diagnostic system with vehicle via USB or WIFI wireless connection

Open and run XENTRY software on the desktop

Select vehicle series: SL230

Select specific vehicle model


The STAR XENTRY will display full vehicle information, select an application on the left-hand side to perform diagnosis or search for document for the selected vehicle.


Follow and accept the system prompt, come to "Main groups" screen, select "Control units", press F3


Select "Drive" control module, press F3


Select last option: "ME-SFI 2.8-Motor electronics 2.8", press F3


First of all select "Fault codes" to clear all stored DTCs, then select "Event memory" to make sure there is no memory exists


Select "Development data" option


Select "Control unit adaptations", press F3

Select "Control unit adaptations (Variant coding)", press F3


Find out "Fahrzeug-Code. Vmax" option form the drop-down list. Select the top speed value you want to change form the list, like 250km / h, press F3 to save settings


The top speed value has been changed.

Back to main program and exit the MB STAR XENTRY / DAS diagnostic software

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