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WIFI Scania VCI3 SDP3 Scanner v2.21 torrent on Win 7

WIFI wireless Scania VCI3 is a brand new diagnostic scanner designed by Scania to provide full maintenance for all Scania trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles or heavy duty engines based on CAN network system. Scania VCI3 comes with latest version of SDP3 (2.21) and USB license key (HASP key)


Software version: V2.21 



Operating system: Win XP/Win 7



English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Chinese.




Adjusting customer parameters, 


Conversions affecting the electrical system

Updating software in control units


Free download Scania SDP3 VCI3 torrent 


Free Download link 1


Free Download link 2:!XwxA0SCa!UPbsOjqYcs1vcuqGtgi8bWr0zKU...

Password: scania2015


How to install Scania VCI3 SDP3 scanner V2.21 on Win 7 (64bit)?

1). Install SDP3 V2.21. Do not plug USB dongle into computer. If you have plugged the USB dongle on that system before, you need to re-install the windows system and SDP3 software. 

2) Open HASP driver folder and install HASPUserSetup

3) Run cmd as administrator and type this: Hdwwiz.exe.  Press Enter to start the Add Hardware Wizard. Then click Next and select Install the hardware manually from a list (Advanced) then click Next>>select System device then click Next >> click on Have Disk >>Browse and navigate file to HL_Emu folder then vusb.inf. Click Open and confirm till finish.

4)  Double click on 2.reg file and confirm.

5)Open Multikey folder and depend on your windows ( 32 bit or 64 bit ) select one, and then run install.cmd

6)Run Scania USB Key.exe and confirm.

7)Wait until the system detects the new devices. 

8)Restart the computer 

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How to copy 4D chip with CBAY key copy auto key programmer

CBAY is a hand-held car key copy auto key pro designed to copy 4D/46/48 chip. Following is the 4D key chip copy detail instruction with CBAY key programmer. 


1) Long press the "ON" button to turn on the CBAY auto key pro.  Press arrow button to select your language on the main screen. 


2) Put the key into signal coil and press arrow button to select “COPY”, the system is in copying procedure. 


3) The system will read the date of the key, press OK to continue 


4) Begin decoding. If the decoding procedure fails, repeat the previous procedure. 


5) Decoding finished. The CBAY key copy machine will display the key security password.


6) Put 4D chip into signal coil, press OK button 


7) Follow the system prompt until the chip copy is done. Place another new chip and press OK.


8) If you want to reuse the copied chip, please press left arrow button to the main menu, select “RECOVERY” to initialize the chip, then it will back to use. 

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BMW ICOM A3 FW V1.37 ISTA-D 3.48.10 ISTA-P

News: BMW ICOM A3 FW V1.37 SW 2015.2 ISTA-D 3.48.10 ISTA-P developed and released in Chinese market, and launch at ICOM A3 V1.37 can diagnose and program for BMW Cars, BMW Motorcycle, Rolls-Royce, Mini Cooper. 


Two versions ICOM A3 V1.37 to choose:

SP234 with HDD, $368 not contains shipping: 


SP234-B without HDD, $288 no contains shipping 


BMW ICOM A3 advantages compared old ICOM A2:

-Newest FW: V1.37

-BMW ICOM A3 for vehicles with OBD access receives a significantly more powerful processor and more storage capacity.

- Robust aluminum case will help to avoid damage when using in harsh environments.


Note: BMW ICOM A3 V1.37 package

-BMW ICOM A3 is not package with BMW 20Pin cable, so not work with old vehicle with 20Pin connector.

-ICOM A3 is packed with fully new 500GB HDD which fit Dell and Lenovo computer, the default language available in the HDD is Chinese, English and German. 


BMW ICOM A3 V1.37 OS and computer requirement:

Professional Win7 with 64bit

CPU I3 I5 I7 or above Processor

Memory at least 4GB (External hard disk need 8GB)

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