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Carprog V8.21 change Golf VI 2011 mileage & read& write Immo data

Here tested  Carprog V8.21 two function on  Golf VI 2011 :Immobilizer and odometer ajustment.



1.Carprog V8.21 change Golf VI 2011 mileage just 1 step!


Click “Change KM” and it will show the old value both in KM and ML. Choose “ML” option and enter a new value then click “Change”. In this way, Carprog V8.21 change mileage for Golf VI 2011 easily!








Carprog V8.21 read& write Golf VI 2011 Immo data in 3 steps


Step1. Open Carprog V8.21 software then choose “DASHBOARD”→ “VW” → “GOLF 2009 ONLINE DIAG V0.2”.




Click “Read Immo” and wait its connecting.




Create a txt file on desktop named “Immo-Data-for-Golf- VI” as below:





When Carprog read out the Immo data, copy the VIN, PIN, CS and MAC to txt file “ori-cluster-2011” section.




Step2. Go to main menu and choose “TRANSPONDER” → “VAG NEC KEY V0.1”.




Choose “VW (TP23)”, click the third button at top then click “Write”.




Click “OK” to start write then write OK.


Click the first button at top to open folder “VW-Golf- VI-2011”, choose “Immo-Data-for-Golf- VI-2011-carprog-read” then click “Open”.




Click “Write” then write OK.




Write key to Immo file: Choose “Key 3” then click “OK”. Choose “Immo-Data-for-Golf- VI-2011-carprog-read” file and change the file name as “Immo-Data-for-Golf- VI-2011-carprog-read-with-key-3”. Click “Save”.




Step3. Back to “DASHBOARD”→ “VW” → “GOLF 2009 ONLINE DIAG V0.2”.


Click “Open”


Open “Immo-Data-for-Golf- VI-2011-carprog-read-with-key-3”




Click “Write Immo”, click “OK” then wait it OK.








Where to buy Tech 2 clone for good quality & good price?

The original Tech 2 scan tool is too expensive for you? Want a Tech 2 scanner rental for use? If so, Tech 2 clone should be a good choice for you because of the flowing reasons:


– clone tech 2 for sale: $200-$350 around, much more cheaper than the genuine

– the same functions as the genuine: diagnosis, service programming system (SPS), key programming…


GM Tech 2 for sale:




Tech 2 clone problems: clone vs original?

Left -clone; right -real

clone-geniune-gm-tech2 (9) clone-geniune-gm-tech2 (10) clone-geniune-gm-tech2 (11) clone-geniune-gm-tech2 (12 clone-geniune-gm-tech2 (13 clone-geniune-gm-tech2 (14 clone-geniune-gm-tech2 (15 clone-geniune-gm-tech2 (16 clone-geniune-gm-tech2 (18 clone-geniune-gm-tech2 (19 clone-geniune-gm-tech2 (20


Tech 2 clone problems: which tech 2 clone is the best?

There are many versions of tech 2 programmer clones from China.

 GM Saab Opel Suzuki Holden Isuzu tech 2 for sale
Item No. Weight Card incl. Package Quality Hot Selling All Tech2 scanners come with the Same function


SP23-B and SP23-B3 have the best quality; but
SP23-B3 comes with a better box (carton)

SP23-B3 3.15 KG C Card (SO22-C) Carton Box Best & Hottest ★★★★★
SP23-B 9.10 KG C Card (SO22-C) Carry Plastic Box Best ★★★★★
SP23-C 9.10 KG C Card (SO22-C) Carry Plastic Box Good ★★★★
SP23 9.10 KG D Card (SO22-D) Carry Plastic Box Good ★★★
SP23-1 4.55 KG D Card (SO22-D) Carton Box Best Price ★★★★★
After Sale Service: One Year!! Enough Stock Ready Ship!



Tech 2 clone problems: the best solution of GM diagnostics?

Tech 2 clone or VCDIAG VCX NANO GM or MDI?

How to choose a good GM scan tool for diagnostics & programming?)

GM MDI vs VXDIAG NANO GM vs Tech 2 scan tool

Products GM MDI VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Tech 2 clone
software GDS 2 (2011)


Tech2 Win

GDS 2 (2014)






Need computer Yes, it’s PC-based. Yes, it’s PC-based. Basic diagnostics: on-board


TIS2000: PC-based




Package software: Win XP only


v2016.11 software: Win 7

Win7 64bit / 32 bit


Win8 64bit

Win XP for TIS2000
Language Multi-Language Multi-Language Multi-Language


(depends on vehicles)

WIFI WIFI YES, VXDIAG GM has WIFIversion and wired version (USB connection) No, only wired connection.
Update Firmware updatable Firmware updatable


Software updatable

Update via 32MB Card
Activation Yes, MDI need activation. No need to activate No need to activate
Diagnosis wireless basic diagnostic brand-specific diagnosis basic diagnosis
Programming -wireless onlineprogramming


offline programming ,such as European Chevrolet, Opel, but not for all cars

GM TIS2WEB online Service Programming System (SPS) Offline programming with TIS2000 on SAAB/OPEL (-2008)
Supported protocols UART, Class 2, KWP2000 and GMLAN (CAN)  CAN, UART, KW2000, Class2, GM LAN, etc. CANdi interface(NOTE 1)
Supported vehicles vehicles from 1990-2014






Australia Holden (2010-2012)

Vehicles to 2015




vehicles from 1992-2013








Advantage -can support software from original factory


-support offline & online programming

-cheap but with the same function as GM MDI


– WIFI and USB connection

-good for new cars


-cannot plug original software card, but can support original program


-easy to carry on

Conclusion VXDDIAG VCX NANO GM wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gm tech 2 software for pc:



TIS2000 download


New Opel solution: Opcom or GM MDI or Tech 2 clone?


Need a tool+software for newest opel cars as Astra k, Corsa E Adam etc
Opcom HQ clone for usually using with last opcom 150406b is good but not good coverage in this moment for all this new models. And the china clone with old opcom 12309a is only good for pre 2014 cars diagnosis.
A opcom hq clone is less then 100€ and its only Revision B 
You need at least Revision C or a D that cover CH-CAN
A Revision C HQ clone could be 100€ but a HQ clone Revision B is less

In my opinion as a backup you must have of this but to have 100% coverage in all this car you need a GM MDI.
GM MDI genuine one is 800€; second hand and a clone is less
Even GM MDI clone can program ecu online for new cars.

Tech2win and GDS2 with the 2013 package.
Official subscription is 120€/year ( unofficial is less and for more than a year ).
Tech2 win subcription you can find for free
For online SPSP Programming you can buy official subscription for one hour or a day. Its chap enough (no offline solution after 2007)
In summary,
Opcom china: diagnosis for pre 2014 models
GM MDI clone: online programming for new cars
Tech 2 clone: Tech2win and GDS2 2013, programming for pre 2007 cars
opcom can do most things for Opel/Vauxhall and is the cheapest option there's tech 2 but very expensive all depends on your budget etc 

I have personally programmed new keys to corsa c astra h etc all with opcom and never had a problem.

Carprog is another good 1 for reading ecu security pins.

Good luck!