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Original ACTIA Benz XENTRY Connect C5 Star diagnosis

100% Original second-hand Mercedes Benz XENTRY Connect C5 Star diagnostic system manufactured by French ACTIA tech is available in 


XENTRY C5 Top 6 Features:

1.100% Genuine scanner from ACTIA Company.

2. Xentry C5 support Mercedes newest hybrid W222 with DoIT protocol

3. Support vehicle makes: Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Maybach and Mitsubishi 

4.  Online update free for one year

5. Connection: Wireless connection via 1000M workshop switches & wired connection.

6. Full access to vehicles’ Engine / Transmission / air conditioning/SRS/ABS/ anti-theft system and OBD-II system. 


The Benz C5 Connect multiplexer comes with Panasonic Win 7 Xentry-Tab and 2015.5V DAS/XENTRY SSD. 


Panasonic Xentry-Tab

1. O/S: windows 7

2. Ultimate CPU:4G

3. Hard disk memory: 250G

4.13.3inch touch screen






Xentry-Connect (VCI+) technical parameters:

1. OS: Windows Embedded Standard 7(32bit)

2. Processor: ArrandaieCeleron P4500 oder P4505(38W TDP)

3. Memory: 4G hard disk with 256GB SSD

4. Display: 128*64 PX

5. Battery: 40 minutes (When CPU capacity to 60%)

6. Weight: 1.9KG

7. Network connection: WLAN : IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n2.4+5GHZ 



The package including C5 main unit, Panasonic tab and power supply, all necessary cables & connectors, and carrying case/box. 


The Benz C5 Connect Xentry kit now asks for €14,000.00.

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How to install Ford VCM2 VCMII IDS V96 step by step

Ford VCMII IDS software has updated to V96 recently. Here is the step-by-step software installation guide provided. 


Software version: IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System) V96.01



Major steps:

1) Install V81 Calibration software:

2) Install Ford IDS V91.01 full

3) Install Ford-IDS-96.01-Full 

4) Test VCM 2 IDS V96 software 

5) Install DFStd frozen software 


Step-by-step instructions:


1) Install V81 Calibration software:

Insert V81 DVD

Open DVD RW Drive (E:) Ford IDS V81



Click on “Calibrations”

Install Calibration C81, click “Next” 

Click “Next” 

Click “Install”

Please wait until the software is completely installed, usually it will take 30 minutes to 2 hours. 

Click “Finish” when C82 calibration software is well installed


Click “Exit” to quit VCM DVD

Eject DVD RW Drive (E:) Ford IDS V81


2) Install Ford IDS V91.01 full 

Insert V96 DVD

Open DVD RW Drive (E:)


Install IDS-V91.01 full first 


Select setup language, click Next 

Click Yes to proceed 

Click Next to install V91 wizard 

Accept license agreement 

Click Next 

Click Next

Click Install 

Please wait until the software is completely installed, usually it will take 30 minutes to 2 hours. 

This will create “IDS” shortcut on desktop 

Click Reboot when V91 IDS is installed 


Open IDS software on desktop 

Select Dealer Type: Non-dealer and country, press check mark


Computer Date Synchronization, Click on Continue 

Then you will get message reading a non-renewable Evaluation License…will expire in 3 days. 

Click Continue 


If you do not get the message, you may fail to install IDS, please quit operation. 

Check available modules, then close IDS


3) Install Ford-IDS-96.01-Full 

Open computer 

Install Ford-IDS-96.01-Full


Click Yes 

Click Next 

V96 IDS instillation is in progress, wait patiently 

Click Reboot when installation is complete

Open IDS software on desktop again 

Check available modules, then close it


4) Test VCM 2 IDS V96 software 

Connect VCM II diagnostic system with computer 

Click Start>>Control Panel>>Network and Internet>>Network and Sharing Center>>Change adapter settings 

Wait the communication complete 

Enable Local Area Connection


Open VCM2 IDS software 

Select specific module and let the IDS read your vehicle info. 


Diagnose and program other modules and functions, view dataloger etc


5) Install DFStd frozen software 

Open Computer 

Open DVD RW Drive (E:) Ford IDS

Open “DFSTD” folder 

After confirm IDS V96 software can diagnose and program, you need to use DFStd software to protect the installed IDS software partitioning. If the software is not protected, it will expire in 3 days. 


Click Next 

Accept license agreement 

Open DFStd-Key Notepad and paste the License key here 


Click Next 

Tick Disk C: 

Click Next 

Click Install 

Restart computer 


Check if Ford IDS V96.01 is installed correctly 


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VAS 5054a ODIS V2.0.2 torrent free download and installation

The Bluetooth VAS 5054A is a universal diagnostic interface for Volkswagen Group and all OBD vehicle systems from other manufacturers, mainly do VW, AUDI, Skoda, Seat, etc. Following are the free ODIS v2.0.2 version torrent download and installation guide provided. 


Vas 5054a ODIS V2.0.2 torrent can be free downloaded here:!P88URI6Y!alPhBlsbImlcCLRoEUV675M8II1...


Software version: V2.0.2 


Compatible vas5054 interface: 

SP33 cheapest vas 5054 for Volkswagen VW Audi Seat Skoda Bentley and Lamborghini

SP33-B Bluetooth vas5054a diagnostic tool

SP33-C vas 5054a with OKI chip support UDS protocol 


ODIS V2.02 Language: English and Chinese.


How to install ODIS V2.0.2 + postsetup 4.5.70?

1.Please uninstall previous version, then restart your computer/PC

2.Install ODIS_Service_v.2.0.2-RC341V_P2.exe from Setup.

3.Choose license.dat from Patch License.

4.Replace OffboardDiagLauncher.exe with patched from Patch License.


After ODIS 2.0.2 is installed, open the patch folder, copy and paste the "offboarddiaglauncher.exe" Patch inside the C:Program Files (x86)Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System_Service folder


5.Mount postsetup.iso from its folder "PostSetup 4.5.70" use Daemontools to mount the postsetup 4.5.70.iso Image

6.Run ODIS software from desktop.

7.Choose path to Postsetupupdate in virtual CD.


8. Wait for the postsetup 4.5.70.iso update installation complete.


User name: atc

Keyword: abc

(Case sensitive)


This is the default user name and password. You may set yours, and bear in mind. 


9. Postsetup installation is finished, start the Odis on the desktop. 


10. If the update window pops up again, click “Cancel” to continue


11. The vas 5054a odis 2.0.2 program will begin to start the Software itself, be patient.



12. ODIS 2.0.2 and postsetup are all completely installed. Run ODIS diagnostic software, software shown pictures below:









1. To install ODIS 2.0.2, you need to install postsetup 4.5.70 Only first. 

2. If the program does not “found the interface”, you need to install the drivers first. 

You should plug the cable in your USB on laptop or PC then plug the interface to a 12vdc to any vehicle to supply this 12vdc to the head the driver will be recognized in “Device Manager” as Softing Vehicle interface "VAS5054A".


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