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Digiprog 3 V4.94 update software for blacklist DP3

There are two Digiprog 3 V4.94 update software available in, one for most of digiprog3 odometer correction tool master, and the other for DP3 with blacklist S/N: 590C8F0E0000, 24CC65070000 and AFD68C070000. 


Digiprog V4.94 Add Model List: 


-A3 new version


-F150 24C16

-Falcon 24c02


-W176 new version

-W204 new version Diag

-w212 new version Diag


-Insignia new version

-Astra new version


SS115 DIGIPROG 3 V4.94 Update Service: 

You can directly use this software to update your digiprog3 to the latest 4.94 version. This update software service can be used on most digiprog 3, except following series number: 590C8F0E0000, 24CC65070000, AFD68C070000 (will cause blue screen problem). 


SS115-D: Digiprog 3 4.94 update software for blacklist SN

Digiprog serial number including 590C8F0E0000, 24CC65070000 and AFD68C070000 are blacklisted. You need to order this specific update service to get it updated to v4.94. 


Digiprog 3 V4.94 update instruction:

Video guide:

Detail instructions:


4 Update Tips:

1. Never update digiprog 3 online;

2. Disable any anti-virus software on your computer before running an update;

3. Make sure your computer will not become standby status when updating. Computer power must be well connected. Update will take 15-20 minutes;

4.  Please confirm the update file is complete as picture below, otherwise will cause blue screen either.


Why DP3 gets blue screen issue?

The serial number is stored in the file digi1.bin exactly at this point:


For example, the serial numbers:

C0BE9E0B0000 = D2 CC D0 16 0F 1A 6F F1

61C828170000 = CE 5B 56 C6 3F 16 8D 14

F6C428170000 = 87 98 FA 4E 3F E0 59 56

668206110000 = 44 5B B6 EB 2A A3 D6 1C

3AC928170000 = CF D5 60 29 93 B3 DA D2

Any change in the file, making it not useful after update, blue screen on digiprog-3.The problem is probably in the checksums of the files after editing change.

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Golf 7 GTD 2014 rpm not stable, how to diagnose and tune


I've problem with Golf 7 GTD 2014

Golf 7 GTD 2014 rpm which have not stable I made a diag with original vcds I got only ASAM file not found EV_ECM20TDI01104

2 unknown error


The engine speed is a bit low, I need more power for this car.


Here is the flash I read it using mpps 16.1.02 

Vehicle Vin Number: WVWZZZAUZEW012758

VW Hardware Number: 04L906021EE

VW Software Number: 5225

VW System Type: R4 2,0L EDC 

VW Engine Code: CRVA

VW System Data: EV_ECM20TDI01104

BTW, I made a mistake I was thinking mpps can read read golf 7 edc17c64.  

my mpps is clone one so in the menu have EDC17xx uds that's why I think it can read it.


The professional advice I got:

Tuning is no good way to "repair" car.

Better to repair your car...and after that using a tuned contrary, you can damage more...please do a log of your car and see where is the problem before..also a good diagnose with good tools...


Problem solved:

It was very simple I made a good diagnosis as advice me.

With original v15.7 vcds

I have not found any of default

I just made an adaptation for the acceleration of idle speed


But the customer still wants to tune his car. I thought the kess v2 will do can read. 

And I get professional advice: kess v2 clones not work on golf 7 yet. 

CMD CAN Flasher and maybe original ktag 7.008 or magpro x17 will do. 

Considering CMD CAN Flasher is cheapest and working, I already got the CMD CAN Flasher when I'll read the ecu I'll post the dump here. According to its description, it is packed with only one single USB CAN cable and one CD, and golf 7 is in the vehicle supported list.


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How to: Mercedes 722.9 7-G Tronic Change plate process

Here is the full document on changing Mercedes-Benz 722.9 7-G Tronic transmission plate with Mercedes dealer Star diagnostic system and special software. 



This is a ML W164 320 CDI with problem in plate on automatic gearbox (7G Tronic). It needs to change the plate. 



Install it then carry out Star Diagnosis SCN coding (Online Mb account)

Next Programming 

Later adaptations (you can save from your old computer and enter a new one, or just ride by car) 

It is good to also do at the same time the engine programming. 


If you have Vediamo, we can read the old Unit string and paste it into the new one.

If you have FVDI Abrites Commander, it will do the job as well.


Tools needed:

MB Star C3 diagnostic system (I am using Super MB Star MUX)

Vediamo 4.2 


NOTE: If you using MB SD Connect C4 system, you have to use Vediamo V05.00.05.


How to:

722.9 7-G Tronic Change plate process

For this procedure must have Star Diagnostic DAS developer and VEDIAMO software.

In Vediamo must install in this folder:


And com port fix to work on same prt like DAS.


Before work with DAS read and save SCN coding from old plate on your computer.


Then follow instruction below:

In Star diagnosis DAS –developer choose “Development data”


All process is automatic just read and do what DAS ask 


All process is automatic just read and do what DAS ask after that


You must do offline programming with new software from DVD


In some version of DAS you have option to delete old coding from plate! 

Job with DAS is done 

Now VEDIAMO procedure-


Setup option for MB Star C3 mux.+ install com port fix!!! Do following settings:










This is option to coding from selection but in manual coding you can read coding from your car and save to your pc- look picture below


And after procedure with DAS you can return coding to new module.



This is not cheap. The most cost-optimal way is to order the bundle package:


SD Connect multiplexer + Dell HDD+ Dell laptop + Free Vediamo V5.00.5

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