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How to use CGDI PROG MB Replace ELV Simulator?

Post is on how to use CGDI MB Replace ELV Simulator?


PDF user manual donwload:


OBD connects Auto,Read EIS data.



Turn to "compute password",collect data.



The collection process will not be described one by one, upload data, successfully query the password and copy the key password.



Turnto the EIS interface and paste the key password.


Save data,Default file name.


Put on the simulator and clip the K-line



Click "ELV",enter "simulator".



Read Simulator,display related information.


Erase simulator.



Load the EIS data just saved and check whether the key password is correct.



Click 'write' button



Write ELV success, please insert key into EIS and switch ignition on for activation.


Actual operation



Read simulator again, show activated, match successfully!



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Super SBB2 on Nissan NV200: program a new key successfully!

Confirmed! Super SBB2 key programmer is able to program new keys to Nissan Nv200.Here is step-by-step guide:

Here you go.


Nissan Navara and the key

super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-0 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-1



Step 1: Super SBB2 gets security code of Nissan Navara

super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program- super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-4 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-6

Step 2: Super SBB2 does immobilizer to Nissan NV200

super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-7 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-8

If you don’t know Type 1 (CAN) or Type 2 (KWP), try one by one

First, try Type 1(CAN)


The key tool failed to connect the car


Then, it should be Type 2 (KWP)


Switch ignition on and press ENTER to continue


The machine communicates with the car successfully!

Program keys:

You have to complete the following procedures.

engine can be started:

  1. switch ignition off and remove the key
  2. insert the first key and switch on for 5 sec;

then switch off and remove the key

  1. if you want to add more keys, please repeat

super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-6 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program- super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-6 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program- super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-19 super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program- super-sbb2-Nissan-NAVARA-key-program-23

Job’s done!



Remote Maker Review: KD900 and KD900+

Have collected user experience of KD900 and KD900+ remote makers:


KD900 vs KD200:


KD900 CAN CHECK THE frequency of remotes

can copy the rolling code and fixed code remote of garage.

can support smart match for remotes, in other words if come a car

and you do not know wut remotes to choose, just use smart match it will pop out the correct remotes.


KD900+ vs KD900:

KD900+'s has new features:

the possibility to clone most fixed coded garage, home alarm and car alarm remotes.

and it’s pwered by 4*AA batteries with a battery life indicator on the main screen


KD900 review:


  1. good:

KD900 is a good tool to have, but don't forget it's able to generate remotes ready for programming, it's not a key programmer, you will need several key programmers as well to offer a good service.


  1. great with a key programmer for Ford:

I have the KD900, and it is a great piece of kit. But once you have created the remote, unless you are doing a ford remote, you'll need a diagnostics programmer. I use a Keyscan and an old Advance Diagnostics AD100 which could do with a bit more software on it to be honest.


  1. great for Mazda:

quite a few have manual remote procedures , plenty of vag , some honda, some jag etc , but the ones that made the most for me over the years on manual procedure are mazda , great for mazda. theres alot more than ford that have manual processes .


  1. PSA 46 chip works:

the nb psa with integrated 46 chip have saved me a fortune and stronger than oem remotes , these you do need diag for chip but manual process on remote .


  1. KD900+ works great:

I've kd900+ and also works great, but you need good battery in smartphone - during "online" generating eat power like crazy. If you want buy better look for local dealers than aliexpress - on trade locks they sell it for about 100pounds. If you don't need extra function like frequency meter or garage remotes cloning you can also look for kd mini - i've also got one and it works.


  1. Subaru legacy 2008:

Subaru legacy 2008 worked a treat using Suburu 02 and cutting it on hu83!


  1. 2001 estate, 2002 hatch and 2003 estate:

Programmed 3 astra remotes in the last 2 weeks. 2001 estate, 2002 hatch and 2003 estate with alarm. All OK

Don't know what kind of remote programmed but the 03 with alarm was online. Probably Delphi


  1. Civic 2009-2013:

i use civic 2009-2013 and worked ok



  1. sharan with 7m3:

I made today one sharan with 7m3. Only problem was that I have to repeat procedure 2 or 3 times. Where was problem i don't know - maybe in time between clicks or pushing time.


  1. 2012 Skoda 5th immo:

I programmed year 2012 with 5 generation skoda.

Also worked the vw ..202ad


  1. 7M3:

Today tried to make 7M3, generated like 5 -6 pieces, generate success, but none of them accept by the car :/


  1. Mini Cooper:

There are two remotes for Mini Cooper listed in KD Mobile app, 315MHz and 433 MHz.


  1. Civic:

I used kd-x2 to clone the civic

I clone it on nb multifunction, that’s why I was thinking that the remote will be cloned as well.


  1. Toyota Aygo 2007:

Toyota Aygo 2007 remote works ok with KD900



Tech support from

use the manual procedure for the remote with KD900 remote maker:

programmed key in the ignition and switch ignition on

lock door with 2nd key manually

press unlock button once

wait 5 seconds then press unlock button once again

now open door manually , switch ignition off and remove key and test the remote functions.


if programming 2 remotes , when you do second one follow same procedure but press unlock twice each time instead of once


also make sure you are using the correct remote , on that year it may be 1J0 959753N but could also be 1J0 959753 DA or AH , and can also be 1J0 959753 CT or AG