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C72, D6 and D7 Components: Which is best for Kess V2 5.017?

KESS V2 5.017 PCB has several versions of the components.

C72, D6 and D7 Which one is good?


Here you go.


C72 components on KESS V2 5.017 main board:


D6 and D7 on KESS V2 5.017 board:


Kess V2 5.017 Red PCB Component Rework:




KESS V2 5.017 PCB from

se137-c1-kess-v2-5.017-NEW-pcb-1.jpeg   se137-c1-kess-v2-5.017-NEW-pcb-    se137-c1-kess-v2-5.017-NEW-pcb-8



Note that Kess v2 red board is the newest version. It’s improved a lot, based on the other old versions. Look here: Kess v2 .017 review:


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How to install Xprog 5.84 Windows 7

2018 Latest XPROG-M V5.84  rolled out! it with  USB Dongle, NO need activation and Add new authorization: AUTH-0028-1 Renesas V850 Authorized and AUTH-0028-2 Renesas SuperH Authorized 2017/10/9. XPROG V5.84 support window system should be windows XP 32bit OR windows 7 64 bit, all the patch software for the windows system should be installed already and the windows properly works well...

Here is the  installation tutorial of Xprog-m 5.84  on Windows 7

Video demo:


Installation tips and guides - explained with words:


UNINSTALL the software and USB drivers of the old version of Xprog on your computer


- Open my CD and copy all files to Desktop

Install Adobe Reader XI

5.84 registry.reg: Yes

- Install Xprog driver sw

- Ready to use Xprog 5.84


Xprog 5.84 full authorization:



Tech support from


NO MPPS V21! Buy MPPS V18 Instead

This is for those looking for a cheap MPPS V21 cable from China.

FYI, you are NOT advised to have MPPS V21 China clone!


If you have MPPS V21 clone, your interface might be locked.

Look here: MPPS V21 = Failure


V21 Was released AS A TIME BOMB for clones LOL.

Any V21 software will kill any clone after 10 writes. 


Dead interface. CAUTION DO NOT USE V21 on v18


100% Interface Danger, Dead usb.
I used v18 for several months, lots of cars.
V21 killed interface.


my mpps v21 arrived only worked few day now locked

PC not detect anymore


It has the same kind of timebomb built in. If you need v21 you need to reflash it, end of story. Also people don't buy mpps to make boot mode for every write, if that's what your intentions are that's just foolish.


Please buy a MPPS V18 interface instead, if you need a MPPS cable.



Look at MPPS V18 reviews: Have MPPS V18 = Have relief.


MPPS V18 clone Ford:

Ford Fusion Style 1.6 TDCi Bosch EDC16C34-2
Software Number 1 : 1037377399
Software Number 2 : 1037377399
Ford Hawdware Number : 9653239880
Ford Software Number : 5255A56D10
Ecu Type : BOSCH EDC16C34/2.2
R/W OBD/CAN = OK .... after write not error OBD scaner.


Ford – SID206 R/W OBD ok


Ford edc16c34 2.20 r/w ok
yesterday i have tested mpps v18 into myFord Focus 2 edc16c34.
read about 10 min and write 3-4 min


Focus, read 3 sectors about 10 min and write 4,20 min than wait 3 min.
after that 3 min i wait another 2 min, like software says.


MPPS is renown for Issues on the Focus 1.6tdci Edc16 ecu,

so much so i never ever tried, always same story mpps.
Always used Fgtech on these, and no issues,

i would BDM or use any tool other than MPPS whatever version


i come back with news about edc16c34 Ford

the news is this is a good tool.

mpps did not corrupt my eep, file that i was made it was bad, in my happines and stupidity i put into IQ maps, 65mg fuel without changing IQ limit, 60mg

i have write that file with galletto and same problem.

today i have write another file (good one) with mpps v18 and it was verry good.

ford edc16c34 2.20 r/w ok

i can’t wait to see if can do edc16c34 5.95


MPPS V18 VAG (audi, vw, skoda, seat):

Ecu Selection = Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI Siemens PPD 1.X 
Bosch Hardware Number: 03G906018CD
Vw Software Number: 03G906018CD
System Type Number: R4 2.0l PPD1.5 G


VW PCR 2.1 work v18 clone no problem

read and write on bench


Golf 1.6 TDI Siemens Simos Pcr2.1

R/W can (unlock boot mode-ok) – ok


easy A4 2.5L edc15v

obd mode

read and write
kess didnt want to read this tho ? might of been voltage l read at the guys place(fans on with read and write) and wrote at mine with charger but didnt try kess again


Golf TDI EDC17c14

Boot mode.
read / write all ok,


Skoda Fabia 1.9SDI EDC15V+ ….

generic eeprom OBD K-line R/W-OK
Flash OBD K-line R/W-OK


Skoda Octavia 2.0 Tdi edc16

all good


Vw Caravelle 1998 msa 15.5

same I’d okay but not read


ECU EDC17 on Audi a6 2009

this tool read via boot


Polo SIMOS 3PE 1.2 12v

read/write as generic simens SIM4LE boot mode flash 512kB – OK  (catalyst off).


Chinese MPPS V18 Opel:

Opel cdti 1.7 ecu Denso R/W ok


Opel – EDC16C9/39PSG16 via CAN OBD read and write ok


Opel – EDC16C9/39,PSG16CAN read write OK


Opel Corsa marelli 1.3cdti OK

(Be sure to run as administrator using windows 7)


Opel Astra H 1.7CDTI 125PS (98002895 Z17DTR DENSO)

Read and write via OBD (CAN) OK


MJD 6JF Fiat/Opel micro+ eeprom

R/W OBD – K line (MPC555+95320) OK


Opel Signum PSG16 2.2CDTI

read as a Zafira by OBD all OK


Opel Astra 2.0 16V CDTI BOSCH PSG16It

auto checksum and read/write OK


Opel 602/3 full read/write Micro, Flash, EEPROM, via k-line & CAN ok

Opel 603 full R/W Micro, Flash, EEPROM, via k-line & CAN ok

Opel 6JO full read/write Micro & EEPROM, OK via k-line (CAN)