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Correct Mileage In BMW,Xprog Or R270/260?

I’m often reading about Xprog, R260 and R270. Whats the deal about these tools?

I tried so search and read about these tools but this confused me. Can someone explain me short and effective the difference and pros/cons about these tools? Maybe this could be a good sticky for new users.

My goal: correct mileage in BMW from 2000 until at least 2010.

Here is all i found in the CT community. Big thanks to all contributors!! I benefit a lot from this.

Xprog is a universal programmer for various chips in automotive and many more…

R270/260 is based most on BMW and MB immo systems+dashboards+some have function for erase 35080/35160 chips too…

both are very good programers and you need them both in this busines..

1 tool is not enough
R270 have the advantage to clear m35080 eeprom
R260 is more safe in MCU
Xprog is a good tool for many chips and mcu
all are Chinese
if you can pay more, i suggest you to buy VVDI Prog 

Among ecu programmers, vvdi prog should be the best choice because

  1. faster to clear 35080, 080D0, 160D0 (within 10S)
  2. more stable than Xprog-m to read MC9S12 series chips
  3. faster to attack MC9S12series chips
  4. less error than others to read some EEPROM that Orange 5 fail to recognize
  5. with voltage attack function for use
  6. with CAN bus, K-Line for use

Also, most tools from china are clone while this VVDI Prog is made in the Xhorse company where produces vvdi tools. So, the quality definitely is no issues i think. See the PCB in mine.


Here is XPROG-M, Carprog v8.21, R270 – read & erase BMW EEPROM M35080
. Wish this helps someone.



Best tool for read/write EDC17 via OBD?

Question: I’m wondering if there’s a way to remap my ECU without having to take it out the car and boot it on the bench. I’ve seen some articles about CMD flash but I wasn’t sure how far along that technology is? What are remapping companies using on the Tricore ECU?


Answer: There are quite a few derivatives of the EDC17. Bench tuning for the majority and probably the best way to tune as we fully backup the ECU including eeprom etc


Here are some solutions of EDC17…. Enjoy! Good luck! 


  • For EDC16 i am using BDM100from china.
  • I USE FGTECH 54AND IS OK. no problem.
  • I read one EDC17 in Audi A4 with MPPS v16.
  • Another EDC17 I read in boot mode with galletto v54good china clone… Do job perfectly.

When you have problem, just try this way: uninstall all fgtech software. Install basic version. Connect tool and give drivers. Unplug tool. Remove basic. Install Win7 version. Plug tool + drivers. Done.

  • I use the kess reworked pcb and fw updated, like 08 what is available…is great tool, recently KESS FM V4.036available, haven’t test it, but I think it will do. As told by customer service, the older fw kess v2 is available to update firmware by returning back the main unit to them and charge $89, but the QC number has to be ended with 015.
  • I use byteshooter does most ecus obd2, inclusively edc17 first models until 2009, first generation. For late edc17 byteshooter reads very good on table, only resistor adding is needed. If you want good tool go Byteshoter. Never had issues with it. Galetto v54 reworked pcb works good too.
  • CMD CAN Flasherdont can read write all edc17 by obd, only a few.



MPPS v21 software,car list and review

MPPS V21 adds boot mode support for controllers with the tricore processor and adds OBD support.


MPPS V21 OBD Tricore Boot software


MPPS V21 hardware:





MPPS V21 pcb


MPPS v21 software: (ver.


*Volvo ME7 CAN R/W/Cks

Bench only at the moment.


*Volvo EDC15C11 CAN R/W/Cks

Bench only at the moment.


*Bentley ME7.1.1 CAN R/W/Cks

*Master/Slave ECUs.


*VAG ALL TDI Bosch EDC17 X UDS drive now supports *EDC17C46 and EDC17C64 ECUs.

Must be unlocked first using an MPPS container file.


*Generic Tricore VAG Only Multi ECU – MPPS Container file flasher.

*Can be used to flash firmware updates and OBD UNLOCK files created using new VAS FRF file utility in tricore boot plugin.


-Tricore Boot

*Added new file checksum utility for tricore, now supports:

(M)EDC Flash checksum

(M)EDC Eeprom checksum

Simos PCR

Simos 8

Simos SID305

Added new VAS FRF file special function utility in tricore boot:

Create MPPS container file from FRF file.

Can be used to perform software updates using new protocol in MPPS.

Create OBD UNLOCK MPPS container file from FRF file.

Can be used to perform OBD unlock using new protocol in MPPS, currently supports Bosch EDC17C46 and EDC17C64.

Create READ UNLOCK MPPS container file from FRF file.

Can be used to perform full read unlock using new protocol in MPPS, currently supports Simos PCR. More options will be added for this ECU in future releases!

Create BIN file from FRF file.

Can be used when ECU can not be read from OBD.


Mpps v21 car list download on Mega:


MPPS V21 review:

The tool works as it is designed for… R/W ECU without issues.


The cable is a nice quality OBD male cable, it looks like many ones, but it’s a true EU Clone MPPS V21 fully open (Tricore, MultiBoot, OBD). Tricore cable adaptor looks like many ones too, but very well made!

The tool was initially sold as MPPS v18, before we knew about the timebomb amt put inside of MPPS v21 we had told users they could update, our mistake.




MPPS V21 hasn’t been tested be professional engineers work for For sake of security, it would be a good option of using MPPS V18