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BMW DME ISN code read: AT-200 VS CGDI BMW

BMW DME ISN code reader tools advice: AT-200 + CGDI BMW


  1. AT200

Can read BMW DME ISN code by OBD for MSV90 MSD85 MSD87 MSD85.2 MSD87.2, B48

AT200 also support BMW ECU Data reading, writing and clone.



Can read BMW DME ISN code by OBD for N20, N55, N46, MSV80, MSD80, MSD85


Seeing is believing, here comes operation videos:


  1. First come AT-200 reads BMW DME ISN Code.


1). How to use AT-200 to DME MSV90 ISN Code?




2). How to use AT-200 to DME MSD87.2 ISN Code?

3). How to use AT-200 to Read DME MSD85 ISN Code?


  1. Then come AT-200 reads BMW DME ISN Code:
  2. How To Use CGDI BMW to Read DME MSV80 ISN code?

  1. How To Use CGDI BMW to Read N55 DME ISN code?



AT-200 is not the same as CGDI BMW in BMW DME ISN code reading, AT-200 can do what CGDI BMW can't do.




How to read the gearbox data of DQ250 DQ200 VL381 VL300 DQ500 DL501?

DQ250 DQ200 VL381 VL300 DQ500 DL501 data read solution: KTMflash + special adapters.

First comes with the connection among KTMflash, the adapters, the PC and the vehicle.

And the specific adapter's detailed images.


gearbox-data-reading-adapter-for-ktmflash-01 gearbox-data-reading-adapter-for-ktmflash-02 gearbox-data-reading-adapter-for-ktmflash-03

KTMflash can readDQ250E successfully (Images + Videos):

gearbox-data-reading-adapter-for-ktmflash-04 gearbox-data-reading-adapter-for-ktmflash-05

KTMflash ECU read VW DSG DQ250 transmission data part 1:


KTMFlash ECU Programmer read V-AG DQ250 DSG Transmission part 2:



FYI, I will test more and share the corresponding test reports here, hope you like them.




The Gearbox Adapter full kit for reading the data of DQ250 DQ200 VL381 VL300 DQ500 DL501:


2019 KTAG Firmware 8.000 Added 111 New Protocols

Look here: KTAG Firmware 8.000 added 111 new protocols and updated 313 protocols:!kF5ARCKS!AvssPDpFZLym6cV2JQapn5Be5QJcXk...



Ktag 8.000 111 new protocols:

ktag-8.000-master-1 ktag-8.000-new-protocols


Note that, ktag 8.000 is not released at yet

You'd advised to use Ktag 7.020 with security and relief.