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Lexia 3 DiagBox v7.76 v7.77 Language Change

It’s a customer share of changing language in DiagBox, Lexia and PP2000. The user has tested on v7.76 and v7.77, and this is how to do it:


This is for educational and experimental use, and I hold no responsibility for any improper usage or damage to your system..

For DiagBox 7.76 / 7.77:
1- Open the File Explorer and navigate to “C:AWRootdtrdtrans”, find the file “Language.ini” and create a copy “”.
Open the file Language.ini and under [LANGUAGE], change “Current=en_GB” to “Current=fr_FR” and save (I commented the original and added the new line to change from English to French).


For Lexia 3:
2a- Navigate to “C:APPLEXIAEXE” find the file “langue.ini” and create a copy “”.
Open the file “langue.ini” and under [DicoMap], change all “%LG%” to FR (I commented the original 4 lines and added changed 4 lines to activate French language).


2b- Navigate to “C:APPLICLCTLEX3”, find the file “Dico.txt” and create a copy named “”.
Open the file “Dico.txt” and change the line “Dico=THELEXGB.DBZ” to “Dico=THELEXFR.DBZ” to change Lexia language to French.

For PP2000:
3- If you wish to change PP2000, Navigate to “C:APPOutilRepexe”, find the file “Dico.txt” and create a copy named “”. Open the file “Dico.txt” and change the line “Dico=THESAUFR.DBZ” to “Dico=THESAUGB.DBZ” to change to English,

The language change is achieved by replacing the “**” in “Dico=THESAU**.DBZ” with 2 letters representing the language you want, you can choose any of the 20 available languages.

Please notice that English=GB, French=FR and German=AL (French naming not unicode).

There are other incidents of “en_GB” that I changed to “fr_FR” in my installation. But I think the above is enough to get you working, you can find them in the INI and few java files….

Language table added
You can also use the attached Country Codes table to change the codes in your system, example for English:
Codes for DiagBox (DBX) go into C:AWroot…. in (2 Chrs.) statements such as “LauncherEN.DBZ” or (5 Chrs.) statements such as “Current=en_GB”
Codes for Lexia / PP200 go into C:APP… in statements such as “Dico=thesauGB.dbz” (in file Dico.txt)…

Please notice that you can have DiagBoX, Lexia and PP2000 eaxh working in a different language…

PP2000 Language fall back and font sizing
Also, for PP2000, the statement in C:APPOUTILREPEXELANGUE.INI:
will determine the language used in case you choose an unsupported language (or missing language files). In this case you may also add the statement Arial=10 (or any font size that you may prefer) like below.

p.s. Simple trick, if you wish to play with the font size, change the statement in Dico.TXT “Dico=thesauGB.dbz” to “Dico=thesau.dbz”, this will force the system to use the backup language of your choice with the Arial fonts you decided… I tried it for PP2000, and it works.

Lexia resizing and screen positioning
And since I am at it, you can also position and resize Lexia on the screen to your liking by navigation to:
C:APPLEXIAEXE and finding the file: “ecran.ini”.. open it using notepad and under:
position_X =0
position_Y =0
largeur_ecran = 1024
hauteur_ecran = 748

I think it is self explanatory, the X and Y affect positioning on the screen (from top left), and the ones I cant read are the Width and Height in pixels…; Try position_X =200 and position_Y=100, largeur_ecran = 800 and hauteur_ecran = 600.

Enjoy the Multilingual version of DiagBox 7.xx and feel free to share this information with reference..

The issue with Language button in DiagBox v7.74+ is sorted (Photo below).


1-8lexia-diagbox-language-setup-1 lexia-diagbox-language-setup-2 lexia-diagbox-language-setup-3 lexia-diagbox-language-setup-4 lexia-diagbox-language-setup-5 lexia-diagbox-language-setup-6 lexia-diagbox-language-setup-7 lexia-diagbox-language-setup-8



Exaggerated examples for demonstration purposes:

1: Lexia, editing ecran.ini values to:
position_X =256 for the first photo and 96 for the 2nd
position_Y =96 for the first photo and 32 for the 2nd
largeur_ecran = 800 for the first photo and 1200 for the 2nd
hauteur_ecran = 600 for the first photo and 700 for the 2nd

2: Lexia PP2000, editing the values:
Dico.txt –> Dico=THESAU**.DBZ
Langue.ini –> Arial=24

I have also attached a snapshot for PP2000 in Arabic and Hebrew… Both languages are RTL (Right To Left) scripting. Regrettably I don’t have the DBZ and DU8 files for them

diagbox-language-1 diagbox-language-2 diagbox-language-3 diagbox-language-4 diagbox-language-5


Honda HDS HIM issues of HIM connection, key programming, diagnosis

Collect frequently questions and answers of Honda HDS HIM diagnostic system issues of HIM connection, key programming, diagnosis, etc. Enjoy!


Honda HIM device LED issue:


Q: In the HIM device, HONDA LED and INTERFACE LED flashed alternately.

A: - Check the RS232 - USB cable to PC

- Check the driver software installation

- Make sure of the PC with com port

- Setup COM1 in the computer management

(usually, most solved by COM1 setup)



HDS connection issue:


Q: HDS has been unable to confirm connection to the vehicle.

A: - make sure the vehicle’s battery is charged

- check DLC cable for any damage or try another HIM if possible

- reprogram the interface device by using the force program button on the HDS welcome screen

- reboot pc

- reinstall HDS

- run the user self test application to check for any hardware fault

If all above don’t work, check com port setup (COM1) and its condition in PC.



Honda HDS software language issue:


Q: When installing HDS honda software, i failed to select Japanese and came with dealer number issues. This is the error message “Entered dealer number is not valid in the selected region. Please enter the dealer number in the format that is displayed below.


A: Select District: Japan-> Language: Japanese

Then enter dealer number with the prompted format

Next,ignore the prompted interface and directly go to connection for diagnosis



Honda hds software key programming issue:

Q: My “code key” function is blocked, saying “this function blocked

get the unlock password distributor in / Genpo (lac)”. why?

A: when HDS programs a key, the system needs password. If you enter the wrong password for three times in the process, then the function will be blocked.


Q: Can i use HIN HDS for Honda Odyssey RB1 2007 key making?

A: Yes. HDS can program the key with password.



Honda hds scan tool diagnosis issue:

Q: HDS HIM diagnostic software v3.016 is installed ok, connect to the car without issue, USB cable setup COM1... All ok. But when click on Diagnosis, the HDS system pops up error message “Failed to initialize J2534.dll”. When disconnect the car, the error also remains. I used Xp system.

A: refer to HDS v3.016 installation video:




You have installed HDS as the original MVCI software.



Honda hds cable & workable cars issue:



Q: Does HIM can work for 2016 Honda cars?

A: You could try with the latest HDS V3.101.015


Q: Is the HIM HDS ok for 2016.01 Honda fit hybrid DAA-GP5?

A: Theoretically yes.


This article is from :


VVDI2 reviews on Key Program And Corretion Mileage

Test ok 

I added these keys experience with :
Added a key bcm2 on a 2013 Audi A5 worked flawlessly.

Add a spare key Audi BCM2 by OBD worked fine.

A6/Q7 EZS Kessy:

Added a dealer key (remote source from the dealer) without issues, seemed to read everything properly but I had a working key to begin with.

Audi A6:

Tested with A6 read kessy working, learned new key

Skoda Octavia 2006:

Got CS & PIN, programmed key fine.

VW Passat B5:

Pulled PIN and programmed key ok.

VW Passat B6 2009:

Pulled PIN but couldnt get 6 bytes CS, needed comfort dump.

VW Transporter T5 2006:

Pulled PIN Programmed key, no remote programming.

I use VVDI2 to change mileage on following cars:

Audi A4 2006:

Mileage correction success

2007 Audi A4 B7 RB8 crypto

Mileage correction ok

VW Passat B5:

Corrected miles.


Audi A6 2003:

Mileage correction fail. car not start. remove battery terminal. car start.