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Ford Fiesta Full Licensed Programming with VCM 2 clone

I finally purchase a vcm2 china clone…. and yesterday did something on the Ford Fiesta MY15… Full licensed programming.
Here is the machine i get and what i did with it


I bought the best-quality vcm in the website (
It cost €175, much more cheaper than the genuine
With the ford ids v98 crack software
And a WIFI card came with it (so works in wireless diagnosis and programming)
Vehicle info here and attach photos of full licensed programming…
Vehicle: Fiesta
Engine type: TIVCT
Capacity: 1.6L
Gearbox: Manual
Fuel type: Petrol
Emission level: All others
(Vehiculo: Fiesta
Tipo de motor: TIVCT
Capacidad: 1.6L
Caja de cambios: Manual
Tipo de combustible: Petrol
Nivel de emisiones: Todos los demas)
ford-ids-full-licensed-programming (1


ford-ids-full-licensed-programming (2


ford-ids-full-licensed-programming (3


ford-ids-full-licensed-programming (4


VVDI MB Tool exchange W204 ESL without renew EIS

 Vvdi mb tool 2.1.6 update info about W204 esl:

Exchange W204 ESL without renew EIS. In ESL Tools, write EIS with password(Select Auto clear TP and personalized)


Note: vvdi mb tool 2.1.6 download


For users with the vvdi mb bga tool:

As for w204 Faulty ESL unlock and renew all works fine + when rematching to EIS there is no need to Get Erase Pass or Renew EIS any more since the latest update (v2.1.6),just get Key Pass and paste it to the EIS dump close go to ESL use Load Vvdi ESL Data + tick Auto Clear TP + Write all set to go.


detailed screen shot in the post below

Vvdi mb tool 2.1.6 update info about W204 esl




Honda HDS Key Programming with HDS HIM diagnostic tool

To add one new key/Keyless transmitter, you need:
1. Immobilizer Mater Key Blank or Immobilizer Valet Key Blank 
2. One programmed ignition key (master or valet) for the vehicle
3. Vehicle key code
4. PCM code
5. Honda HDS HIM diagnostic tool with immobilizer programming software
 HDS 3.101.015 (!! cheap honda hds cable only for diagnosis)
The HDS is required for registration of the immobilizer keys. Programming the immobilizer also programs the keyless transmitter.
Use the HDS with Honda key blacks to add a key or keyless control unit, storing the transponder code of the new key in the memory of the control unit.
6. Condor XC-MINI key cutting machine

Make sure the market, the date, and the time on the HDS setup screen are correct. 
Select the F12 key in the upper right corner to get the Set-up Details screen.
Make sure Market is set to USA. 
Select the time display in the lower right corner to get the Date/Time Properties pop-up window.
How to program a new key to Honda with Honda HDS scanner:
1) Use an appropriate key blank and the key cutting machine to cut a new ignition key.
2) Connect the Honda HIM diagnostic system with vehicle via OBD socket 
3) Insert a programmed ignition key into the ignition switch 
4) Turn ignition ON
5) Run Honda diagnostic system personal computer (pc) software and come to iN screen 
6) At the screen prompts, enter the VIN and the odometer reading, then verify the correct date and time.
7) Select “IMMOBI” from “System Selection” Menu
8) Select “Immobilizer Setup” from “Immobilizer Test Mode” Menu
9) Select Add and Delete Keys 
10) Select Add 1 Key 
11) Select Begin to Add 1 Key 
12) Follow the HDS screen prompts, if your HDS is not logged in to the iN, you willhave to enter the PCM code you have retrieved from the iN Immobilizer Code Inquiry to proceed. 
13) When adding keys procedure completed, turn ignition OFF
14) Exit HDS software and disconnect Honda HIM HDS scan tool from the vehicle
P.s. This is the Honda HDS pocket tester in use.