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Ford IDS 3-Day License: 3 Optional Solutions

Ford IDS v86 cracks can be installed directly into Windows native for vehicles before 2012. However, in other versions of IDS (original), usually only 3 day trial version will be offered. So, how do you solve it? There are three options. here you go

IDS Software - Evaluation License 

A non-renewable evaluation license has been installed on your computer which will expire in 3 days


Note: a production license must be activated prior to or at expiration of the Evaluation License to continue using Vehicle Communications


Select the Obtain Production License button below to activate a Production License now or select the Continue button to continue using your Evaluation License



Way 1: use VMWARE player

To install VMWARE which can freeze and restore ids when you use it (like a restore point but no registry entries for rollback)


Using a VMWARE image would have been MUCH easier. Simply make a copy of a windowsXP virtual machine BEFORE installing IDS. Then when you 3days is up.. delete that virtual machine and then use your backup one.. install IDS and continue on again!


Use v91 vmware (fix the day)->v100 (others)


In details...


with ids installed and expired

start task manager and make sure no ids or bosch services are running.

get iobit uninstaller and system care

use iobit uninstaller to remove ids and bosch at end of basic uninstall

select deep scan, then select shred files

next start iobit system care and do a registry scan, or better still a full scan

next manually delete the files bosch and ids in program files and in program date

then empty bin and shred files

reboot your machine and it will then allow a re install


Look here: How to install Ford IDS VMware





NO active license...
look here: 
When you open VM at first time, choose "I move it" and all will be OK.



Way 2: install Deep freeze

Just don’t open IDS install deep freeze and no need to change cmos date every time


In details...


How to install V81 and freeze program correctly:


Step 1: How to install Ford VCM 2 IDS V91 – up to V96

Insert V91 Ford VCM II CD into your computer.

Open the file and copy and paste “DFSTD” and “DFSTD KEY” to the desktop.

Double Click on “ids-91.01_full”.

Select language and Click on “Next”.

Click on “Yes”.

Click on “Next”.

Select “I accept” and Click on “Next”.

Click on Next to install the software on Disk C.

Click on “Reboot”.

Select “Non-Dealer” as Dealer Type and “MADAGASCAR” as Country and then Click on “Tick” icon.

A window “IDS Software – Computer Date Synchronization” will pop up, Click on “Continue”.

Then you will get a window saying your computer will expire in 3 days. If there is no expire message, it indicates your installation failed and cannot be reinstalled. Therefore, please strictly follow this video.


Step 2: How to install IDS V81 calibration files

Take out V91 CD and insert V81 IDS CD.

Open the file and double Click on “VCMDVD”.

Click on “Calibration” to install calibration file.

Click on “Next”.

Click on “Next”.

Click on “Install”.

Click on “Finish”

Click on “Exit”.

Check if its device has established communication with the car by check “ETAS VCI USB RNDIS DEVICE” in device manager.

Check if there is VCM network in “Network Connections”.

If the VCM network is disconnected, open “Windows Firewall” and select “Off”.

If the network is still disconnected, select “Start” – “All programs” – “Bosch” – “VCI software” – “VCI Manager”.

Open “VCM Manager” and Click on “Repair USB”.

Click on “OK”.

The network is now connected.

Double Click on “IDS”.

Click on “Tick” icon.

Then the upgrade will start automatically.

Click on “Tick” icon at the bottom right when the upgrade is finished.

Go to “User Preferences”, Click on “Computer” icon and check hardware and software version under “VCM II”.

Select “Start new session” and Click on “All other” to establish communication to the car.

Select “Module Programming”.


Step 3: How to install Freeze Software


Very important note: 

the Freeze software should be installed within 3 days after the V91 IDS is installed. Otherwise, the Freeze software will not be installed anymore.


Open “DFStd”.

Click on “Next”.

Select “I accept” and Click on “Next”.

Find License Key in “DFStd_KEY”.

Copy and paste the key into the blank and Click on “Next”.

Unselect Disk D and Click on “Next”.

After installing the frozen software, the V91 IDS software will not be deleted even if you reinstall the computer system. Therefore, if you want to install other version VCM2 IDS software later, please choose V86 rather than V91.

Click on “Next”.

Click on “Install”, your pc will then reboot automatically. The installation is finished.



Way 3: crack software by license files


How to crack Ford IDS software by License file?


  1. Please don’t run the IDS software, before you install the License “Ford-License for IDS.exe”.

    2. If you can see the windows process “XMLRegistryD.exe” in the windows task manager, then kill the windows process “XMLRegistryD.exe” before you run the “Ford-License for IDS.exe” License.

    When you install the License “Ford-License for IDS.exe”, you may see" Can't run patch while IDS program is running.", what should you do? Here is the answer.

    While you install the License “Ford-License for IDS.exe”, if you see the picture 1, then you should do the step 1, step 2, step 3.

    Step 1:Press the “windows key + R” of the keyboard, then display the picture 2:


Step 2: Input the “TASKMGR” into the textbox of “open (o)”, then display the picture 3:


Step 3: Kill the windows process “XMLRegistryD.exe”.


Step 4:Rerun the License “Ford-License for IDS.exe” .then directly display the picture 5.



The last.... it’s IMPORTANT for you to read something about IDS software license...


VCM2 license:


easy way to crack download any version from any where you like..

and just before opening ids. install deep freeze...restart..

then every time you get 3 days lic... you start ids enter your detial like dealer id,country.. etc.. it gives you 3 days licence..


hurry no playing with cmos date...

just don’t open IDS install deep freeze and no need to change cmos date every time



VXdiag licence:


is actually written on the hard drive and since the the VM is in non-persistent mode, it disappears as soon as you turn off the VM.

Remove non persistent mode. Get your license and put back the non persistent mode.

Make sure not to launch IDS while you do this





In my opinion VXdiag tools are crappy and not worth buying it.

Using vcm2 sp177-c1 I can communicate with all car and truck. But still have difficulty programming some pre 2010 truck / SUV.



On a side note, to save your time and avoid installation issues, you can go to Ford IDS software VMware without license issues:






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What exactly is the difference between FVDI and FDVI FLY?

FVDI or FDVI Flyobd:


Fvdi Fly is clone of AVDI (abrites) original tool.

Fvdi is clone of Fvdi Fly.

Fvdiclones are very limited but can be useful.


I used both of them and I never noticed any difference in functionality. I compared pcb and both are same, pcb version v4.1, same components


I have fvdi not from fly

And I have trouble with k-line – it not work.


I haven’t use fly but I have used fvdi obd and is working good for its price.

I heard that fly is clone of original and fvdi others is clone of fly ,that means is clone of clone .


I have an FVDI 2014 non fly and it works on K-Line and Can bus fine, not all features of each software work but it’s still a great piece of kit for the cash.


Don’t go with clone of fly fvdi. Fly FVDI is clone from AVDI. And other people clones Fly FVDI again, so clone from clone. I had FVDI 2015 Mercedes and a nice guy from ther forum cracked it to all brands. I bought genuine AVDI in cause of the online functions and sold my Fly FVDI 2015 cracked to a mate of me. To buy a FVDI from a shop always risky, always russian roulette. There are different hardware revisions.


Do not buy FVDI. This version Clone of Clone. not stable, not working good. You Need FLY FVDI, Working good, and stable!


Depending on the cars that you work on.

If it is mostly vag. vvdi or vvdi2.

For Bmw multitool, or also vvdi2.

Those are from xhorse and come with updates.

Some are happy with there fvdi, but i here many complains, when they need support or repair.


Tested fvdi from fly is work ok not full work but with a same bugs and other clone is work a same.

clone is clone fly or others a same craps, better is original Avdi but price …


Do not buy fvdi2.. whey don’t post which new functions it have.and what exact it can do.

they promised update fro free in real.because updates never comes out.

keep your money or better by an tool vvdi2 or vvdi bga mercedes tool.

Vvdi2 brings free updates.a tool works good.

wait until some people post what fvdi2 can really do.

If you looking only for VAG + BMW , then VVDI2 and VVDI prog is way to go. No need any other tool.90% of VAG and BMW can be done by OBD in VVDI2.

VVDI programmer don’t have OBD it’s only for bench programming.

Good for CAS4, FRM, EZS, EWS4 and many more.



Flyobd FVDI2 review:


I bought Flyobd FVDI generation 2 for VAG group vehicles. The only improvement they did was on vag group and that improvement did affect other software. The rest = 0 or bad.

Hmm… Maybe i can also say nothing new on on VAG. it’s v24 also. Only this time it can process info over the Internet and it function same as avdi v24 but does not support JC cluster and cannot read immo data for Audi from 2009 up , and also when trying to get cs for key coding after processing data over internet it shows 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

What i did on VAG vehicles with this Fvdi2 vag commander:

– Brand/Model of car : VW Caravelle– Year of car : 2001

– Feature in relation : transponder programming from dump

– Version of FVDI : Tagkey Tool 6.2

– Result : Error (4pcs. PCF7935 damaged)

Dump recognized good, pin readed correctly. Problem solved programming prepared PCF7935 to VW id44 via OBD.


– Brand/Model of car : Skoda Roomster– Year of car : 2006

– Feature in relation : pin read and key programming

– Version of FVDI : VAG 24.0

– Result : OK


– Brand/Model of car : golf 6 TDI 2012 
– Feature in relation : with CS (component protection ) , pin read and key programming

– Result : ok

– Brand/Model of car : VW Passat 3C 2.0tdi– Year of car : 2007

– Feature in relation : learning key

– Version of FVDI : OLD 18

– Result :ok


– Brand/Model of car : VAG– Year of car : 1998-2002

– Feature in relation : pin read from EDC15

– Version of FVDI : VAG 24.0

– Result : Error (can’t connected)


– Brand/Model of car : Audi A4– Year of car : 2003

– Feature in relation : pin read and key programming cluster RB4 crypto

– Version of FVDI : VAG 24.0

– Result : ErrorAfter read pin, eeprom content in RB4 faulty. Car don’t recognized original key. Solved by write content saved after first read.


– Brand/Model of car :Seat Leon 1PA

– Year of car : 2011

– Version of FVDI :fvdi 21

– Feature in relation :add new key

– Result :successfully

I would only suggest fly company to focus more on individual software like vag group and deliver like Xhorse VVDI2 than try to do many and only anger and frustrate customers





How to choose a good Op-com Opel diagnostic tool?

There are many versions of Opcom firmware running with vaux-com 120309a. but what should you take Here I will chip in some words and hope it helps.

the first photo: opcom fw 1.95

the second photo: opcom fw 1.70

the third photo: opcom fw 1.65

the fourth photo: opcom fw 1.59

the fifth photo: opcom fw 1.45


Look here:


opcom-firmware-1.70-pcb-1 opcom-firmware-1.65-pcb-1 sp105-Opcom-firmware-1.59-PCB-1 opcom-firmware-1.45-pcb


Reply: The last official firmware is 1.64

Check also the official and you will see there the newest firmware version that it will come in the new version of opcom and it will be fw1.66

For vaux-com 120309a you need only opcom fw1.45
Even you are using the fake vauxcom 120309a+131223a version you need also fw1.45

Not any newer. But you can use any newer versions of firmware but you will have nothing new and it will not help you more then fw1.45


The most important is to have an original PIC chip that can program new firmware.


OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (8) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (9)OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (1) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (2) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (3) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (4) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (5) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (6) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (7)


So, if you wanna have Opel diagnostic with Opcom China clone, forget the firmware version (new v1.95 or old v1.45) and check if it’s with a PIC18F458 chip with the vendor. That is the most most most important!!!!!!!!! Anything else is secondary.


You can find that there is a PIC18F458 chip in all versions of Opcom china clone above. So use Opcom and vaux-com 120309a with relief.