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[Download Crack+ Install] V2018 Actia Multi Diag 43.06 On Windows7

V2018  Actia Multi Diag arrived at, here we'd like to share the free download links and installation method:



Actia 3.2018 43.06:!QNskhKqY!q93QYap0xNayDMhO1Y0DRpf_OkpkYJ...


older version Actia 1.2018 42.09:!croCEKIQ!7PHYKUAWkVqKBfc1DTzmQtJUEcYx9i...

VCI 033918


Security: unknown, not tested by professionals yet


Good to know: you need luck with actia multi diag interface china clone

For sake of security and convenience, you'd better to have actia reliable

here are all tested versions, confirmed to work perfectly

actia multi diag 2018:

actia multi diag 2016:

actia multi diag 2015:

actia multi diag 2014:

actia multi diag 2013:

actia multi diag 2011:



It works with any Actia interface either genuine or clone as long as the PIC chip is flashed properly. For 1st generation yellow you need to reflash PIC12F629 (link for guide bellow), as for 2nd generation XS 2G (silver/black) you need to reflash 16F630 (I will look for a guide for this one). They all use the same software and drivers from this INFO file. I went from a clone 1st gen to a genuine 2nd gen on the same laptop, same software without changing anything. I strongly advise people to buy a genuine 2nd gen since it's got a powerful program behind with all functions and furthermore you can use it as a Passthru device (it has J2534-1 and J2534-2) with various dealer software. You hit 2 birds!


First of all, you must modify or buy a modified clone. The procedure is the same on all Actia devices, either clone or genuine or 1st or 2nd generation.

1st generation yellow VCI: Link for guide if your chip PIC12F629 is not modified :

2nd generation silver XS 2G: I did not find a proper guide now, all I know is that you have to reflash PIC16F630.



Installation instructions:




@@@@@@@@@@INTERNET MUST BE OFF@@@@@@@@@@@


  1. run ACTIA_NET_BLOCK.bat (Run as administrator if possible)
  2. run Activation MAJ MD 033918/keyUpdate (Run as administrator if possible)
  3. Install Actia Multidiag Standard Profil (if the case, use S/N: 033918 instead of xxxxxxx) (I selected country: France and simply changed language after installation)

RESTART COMPUTER after installation finished

  1. Go to C:ACTIAPortal
  2. Remove Wget.exe
  3. Go to control panel -> uninstall or change a program -> there are 3 drivers made by ACTIA. Remove all 3 drivers.
  4. Install I+ME-Actia-PassThru-XS2G-Driverpack-


Then: (supplier told me it is optional, I have done it anyway)

  1. Go to C:ACTIAPortalchromemultidiagcontentscripts
  2. Open in a text editor file multidiag.js
  3. Go to line "var showWarningPT1Window=true" and make this line like
  4. "var showWarningPT1Window=false"


Then: Run the application, connect VCI to car and to laptop's USB, try to make a diagnostic on a car and it should detect a new hardware. If it does not recognizes it, then you have to update it manually via Start menu->right click on computer->Manage->Device Manager->Other devices->Right click on Unknown device->Update driver software->Browse my computer for driver->"C:ActiaDrivers VCIPT1G"


If you want to update from older version, simply uninstall old version and make sure you follow the steps again completely (including removing the 3drivers)


Note: it should appear each time when you diagnose that your VCI is old and blablabla, just click continue and it connects to the car

Note2: My supplier told me that it might not be 100% compatible with all cars as it is the old interface and does not do the multiplexing like the newer one. I tested on a few cars from 2000 to 2015 and for 300euro it is worth adding to collection!

Note3: On 2nd gen XS 2G it should be recognized it automatically, it will not display any messages and will work much faster and stable.







  1. Actia Multi-Diag I 2009 v.16.21
  2. Actia Multi-Diag I 2010 v.19.10
  3. Actia Multi-Diag III 2010 v.21
  4. Actia Multi-Diag II 2011 v.23.07 + Vivid WorkShop
  5. Actia Multi-Diag III 2011 v.24.01 + Service Pack 3 v.24.31
  6. Actia Multi-Diag I 2012 v.25.13
  7. Actia Multi-Diag II 2012 v.26.08.1 + Service Pack 2 v.26.25 + Vivid WorkShop
  8. Actia Multi-Diag III 2012 v.27.06 + Service Pack 2 v.27.21 + Vivid WorkShop
  9. Actia Multi-Diag I 2013 v.27.31 + Vivid WorkShop
  10. Actia Multi-Diag II 2013 v.28.08 + Service Pack 1 v.28.11
  11. Actia Multi-Diag III 2013 v.29.04+Service Pack 1 v.29.11+Service Pack 2 v.29.21
  12. Actia Multi-Diag IV 2013 v.30.06+Service Pack 1 v.30.11+Service Pack 2 v.30.21
  13. Actia Multi-Diag I 2014 v.31.09+Service Pack 1 v.31.11+Service Pack 2 v.31.21 + Vivid WorkShop
  14. Actia Multi-Diag II 2014 v.32.05+Service Pack 1 v.32.11
  15. Actia Multi-Diag I 2015 v33+Service Pack 1 v.33.11+Service Pack 2 v33.21+Vivid WorkShop
  16. ALL KEYGENS FROM v.19 TO v.32




  1. Actia Multi-Diag CD versions 6.1,6.3&7.3
  2. Actia Multi-Diag Trucks 2011
  3. Actia Multi-Diag I 2015 v.33.06+Service Pack 1 v.33.11+Service Pack 2 v33.21+Vivid WorkShop + KG
  4. Actia Multi-Diag II 2015 v.34.07+Service Pack 1 v.34.11+Service Pack 2 v.34.21
  5. PassThru programs,drivers and instructions on how to install them.
  6. Added Original MDO adapters pinouts

[Image: 105zjlt.png]

  1. Actia Multi-Diag III 2015 v.35.09+Service Pack 1 v.35.11+Service Pack 2 v.35.21
  2. Actia Multi-Diag I 2016 v.36.05+Service Pack 1 v.36.11+Service Pack 2 v.36.21+Service Pack 3 v36.31+Service Pack 4 v36.41
  3. Jaltest Trucks that has same interface as Actia Trucks versions 2013.3.1.1 and 2014.1.1.1



note: read the pdf files to know your tool better and to make proper choices, specialy for passthru programs.



password if needed: fantomelthanks to fantomel, bouizanne, zdsSF, Twist



Just in case, be sure you have these programs as well.


Final note:

As a personal experience, the 1st generation Actia is quite limited on newer Euro5+ cars, used on a variety of cars.  But for example it was the only one that could adapt pilot injection on a peuget boxer 2.2hdi among genuine delphi,kts,launch; on a BMW F30 328i it had all the functions and parameters as other testers I own. The second generation though it is something else. It connects much faster and you feel safe working with it.


Renault Can Clip V188 V187 Download Free

In this post, you can free download Renault Can Clip 188 187 185 184 183 182 181, which are tested working fine with RLT2002 clone or genuine, Renault/Nissan Alliance VI probe, Renault Can Clip etc.


Free download Renault Can Clip 188!bY0TSQYJ!I4OjHdEqbdpPQMDyYMRrW0ez3JA1oC...

No password

Security: unknown (shared in forum)


For RLT2002 clone or genuine you have to replace that two files as in v185, v186 or v187

For Renault/Nissan Alliance VI probe you don't need to do anything.

Good luck


Free download Renault Can Clip 187 - Torrent on mega!cVRhjaCA!pg5jLiq3l0Ia12McXQmGGi5Ql-E7mS...

No password

Security: unknown (shared in forum)


Year / Release Date: 2019

Version: Renault CAN Clip 187

OS: Windows 7, 10 x32

Language: Multilingual (English, French, German, Italian, Russian and other)

Medicine: inside

Description: The program for the diagnosis of electronic systems of cars Renault, Dacia and Samsung. Working with scanner Renault CAN Clip only.

How to activate Renault Can Clip 187:

Look on ReadMe!.txt (Inside the folder "Activation (Patch V3)")



If you want - there are older & stable versions [all can work with Renault Can clip Clone (China RLT2002 probe)]


Renault CAN Clip V185 torrent:!dRhhgSIK!AznL5QDKgOd0qpqEGxGqPjsrmWA304...


Renault CAN Clip V184:

For those who have a connection problem with interface RLT2002 (ori or clone):

You must modify 2 files in version 185 (Computer >>> Disk C >>> Clip >>> Config):

I leave here the download of the file :!dEpkTQKZ!LLcV-JFbZZnmNPYOyDddww


clip v184-02


Renault CAN Clip V183 torrent:!9c5jhAqT!3d0loW6W9LVV2YjoVSPF6WHgty_kY-...

clip v184-03


Renault CAN Clip V182 torrent:!FN5FFAQC!Mc_YqdVmeHu7i-5fK_IIGyxKW6jFg-...


Renault CAN Clip V181 torrent:!BVwjRKhR!smlYv9N8o89z3iCvI_KkeswBTMJN67...



  1. For the China RLT2002 probe, change the file, "AA_VIMSelection.dll".

I leave here the download of the file :



  1. For those who have a connection problem with interface RLT2002 (ori or clone):


You must modify 2 files in version 185 (Computer >>> Disk C >>> Clip >>> Config):


- probesConfiguration


and - probesConfiguration_logs (normally both at the bottom)


If you are in V184, recover these 2 files, install the V185 and modify the files




Small Reminder: If a Clip Version is already installed on your PC DO NOT REPEAT activation procedure


Files in pj (no pass)!dEpkTQKZ!LLcV-JFbZZnmNPYOyDddww






How restall XS evolution Lexia probe On Windows 7

Here is the user experience of lexia3 PP2000 scanner ,about how to upgrade XS evolution Lexia probe On Windows 7


Here you are:

I have a probe XS evolution acquired in 2009 clone version Normal (not full chip, see photos attached) that had been delivered with the LEXIA software version 345.13.

I used it for several years and even upgraded to V346.01 (by mistake) from the Citroen server on a PC that was running on XP.

I no longer have a PC in XP, this probe has always brought me satisfaction, so I want to proceed to a soft re-installation on a PC dedicated to the diag and who has already can clip, PC running Windows 7 32 Bits,

– My Lexia 345.13 soft distribution certainly does not turn on windows 7, should I install Diagbox?

– Can my old probe work with recent versions of diagbox?

– Can there be a problem of firmware version, firmware / diagbox incompatibility?

– I have no idea of ​​the firmware version of the probe that I have, How can I identify it?



I have now completed the installation of Diagbox 7.02, the installation proceeded normally according to the detailed procedure here


Small comment at the end of the installation of diagbox 7.02, the directory C: APPLI containing the PSA Interface Checker had disappeared without explanation.

At the first launch of Diagbox, updates were made automatically and the firmware of the probe was also updated.

A first attempt of DIAG does not point out any error and obliges me to manually enter a number of OR and a VIN.

Bizu Diagbox (I used the Lexia GUI) it seems to me that the VIN should read automatically in Lexia, also not knowing my VIN, I did not try to go beyond judging the abnormal situation.

I tried to run Scantools rather than Lexia and my interface is declared not properly initialized, message “The communication card has not started correctly, It is necessary to restart the tool”

Anxious about the operation of the VCI I reloaded PSA Interface Checker to confirm that it has been updated, it is still recognized as “ACTIA USB Device – USB Com Board Driver (Multi Instance)” in the device manager , The version of the interface is now “APPLI_XS_Fuji_P106138A V4.3.0 @ACTIA 02.01.12”

– Do I have 2 left hands not knowing how to use Diagbox to run a LEXIA diag and read the VIN?


– Should I fear a VCI probe incompatibility problem with Diagbox?


– A problem with the operation of the new firmware or incorrect loading?

According to the excellent post


it seems to me that a V4.3.0 should work with Diagbox 7.0.2 so not a problem of incompatibility, and even if this probe remains a version B it should work without requiring flashing version C XS Evolution.

I want to add that the diag test was done on the same vehicle as before the migration and that my VCI was in perfect working order before migration on Windows 7 + Diagbox + Update firmware probe. I unfortunately cannot afford to check it to remove the doubt of a hardware pb,

Another observation that may be important. PSA Interface Search in serial number: “963830 B /” followed by several spaces and end of line “PEUGEOT”.

Could it be that I do not have serial number on this probe?


Question followed:

As you have been advised above: You have to change the bootloader (and at the same time the serial content in the SPI) of your microphone so that the probe is recognized with an “evolving” driver: for that two methods is that of nlc is the direct flash by the 2x6pts connector on the micro card (and the universal programmer for the SPI)

For the first method: you have to find (on the web) the firmware of nlc non nominatif …. hush !!!!!

For the second method: you have to find the file of the microphone and that of the SPI as well as a prog for the microphone MB90F and a universal prog for the SPI (to unsolder or to flash on card with a clip SOIC).

That’s for short … it will allow you to remove any doubt about a compatibility problem with DIAGBOX and then lean on a possible hardware problem.



Thanks for this confirmation of the only issue and need to migrate in evolution mode with upgrade bootloader and SN.

Not that I do not feel like implementing the Hard N ° 2 method that you describe, the solution N ° 1 NLC mode seems much faster to implement with a risk of success rate reduced, I will continue this way.

FYI, however, I managed to run my VCI and lead a diag by forcing the firmware in V4.2.4 (prior to V4.2.8) and prohibiting diagbox 7.02 update the firmware of the probe at startup.

The VIN is then recognized and LEXIA turns for diagnosis.

The stability of communication does not seem at the top, however, I had crashes that I attribute to a situation a little wobbly from a point of view coherence between USB driver of the VCI (bootloader), the Firwmare V4.2.4 and not V4.3.0 as expected by Diagbox 7.0.2, however, I can not consider this situation as stable.

At Minima it gives me the indication that my hardware is OK.


Credits to @barsailer from


Thanks to Laurance for collecting this info.


PP2000/Lexia-3 Interface