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VCM2 IDS USB device, language, license, drive issues (Advice/Suggestion)

Here are some advice and suggestion for your VCMII IDS tool ,when you meet issues like these below:

V100 VCM2 for Ford Diagnostic Tool with WIFI Wireless Card Best Quality  OBDexpress

- try with V86 versión, when I plug in the USB give me this error "unknown USB device"...

- download VMWare V93 from this fórums it is on Russian and I can't change the language...

- try to install V92 like I saw on cardcodereaders through Youtube...

But even I put 31/10/2014 it says "no valid license"

note: I have format several times and tried with W7 Ultimate, W7 starter, W7 Pro... and always the same. Never works even if I always have in the BIOS the same date: October 31th of 2014

I cant install a XP because I have no drivers for it.


Advice & Suggestion:

IDS saves information to the master boot record of the hard drive, just reinstalling windows won't fix it. Either purchase a genuine license or you have to delete the hard drive partitions to rebuild the MBR and then reinstall windows. It is much easier to acquire VMWare Workstation 10 / 11 to install a copy of Windows 7 that you will use solely for IDS as you can make backup copies in case you goof up something.

What date you use is irrelevant as long as you continue to use the same date. Start with IDS version 91 -> upgrade to 94 (Use the VCM II firmware from this version) -> upgrade to 96 (now the newest IDS is version 109). You can start with an older IDS version if you want the old calibration catalogs, using this method will require you to download any calibration files you need if you plan to do any module programming. Additionally, if you don't purchase a valid license and are using a trial your IDS cannot acquire these files automatically over the internet.


Maybe you could have a try with IDS software from Chinese. They help IDS without expiration and no license issues. Sometimes, if you have good luck, remote tech support is available also, help such as remote installation, language setup and the like


FREE Tech Support: VCM II - IDS software version mismatch

This is technical support from for “VCM II – IDS software version mismatch” and “Not Connected to VCM II”


VCM II – IDS software version mismatch (update IDS)

The software version on the VCM II is newer than the IDS software version.

Select Tick to install the latest version of the IDS software.

Select X to cancel and then roll back the VCM II to an earlier level of software.



Software IDS 103



VCM II Manager (Ford-VCM-II): Not Connected to VCM II





Tech support from


Find this button in the VCM 2 main unit, and then press on it.



Connect the VCM II unit to a laptop/PC with a USB cable


Note that VCM II is only connected to the PC via a USB cable, not connected to the car via an OBD cable


Press the button until the power is connected and all the lights are lighted.



Go to the START menu, then Bosch

Open Ford VCM II Manager, then go to VCM II Update for recovery



Hope it’s helpful to you.

Good luck!


Ford IDS 109 Where to & How to install+activate

Updated on 03-04-2018. Here are Ford IDS 109 reviews with answers


questions frequently asked. You can get ids 109




Ford IDS 109 Where to:

Free shipping

100% tested on Windows 7 64bit: No issues!


How to install and activate Ford IDS 109 :

Free installation and activation service via

(No need install and activate SW yourself)



Ford IDS 109 Review:


109 start and work, VCM1 clone (but oldest one), Windows 7



clear Windows start, and

for end

friendly, responsive, fast


make a great install to me on win 7. all I had to do is drink coffee during install. works perfect no limitation


Trusted seller. Installed and activated without problems. V109 + incode calculator. Windows 7 64bit and VCM1 original. Very happy.


Online programming work %100


Tested with VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford. Good!



Ford IDS 109 FAQs:


VCM 1 is compatible?

Yes, it can work with Ford VCM 1 clone


Works good with VCM2 clone?

I have Chinese clone VCM2 SP177-C1 and it works great with impressive speed. I would definitely recommend this guy.


Hi how about Online ? It will be work with cloned VCMII ?

can do

online ,

work with original and clone VCMs


So just to confirm the testman.exe and other DLLs in the Runtime folder are all v109? I’ve found that many other hacked versions are build using v106 and not all features work with 2017+ vehicles. 



know ,




can not

work with 2017

cars ,



know what to do for supporting 2017

cars .



will change some files for

it .


What is the price??? and where to?

65.99 euro with free shipping, installation & activation service


Someone please test 2017 f150 key programming north america model

For F150 2017 need minimum IDS and NASTF account !!!


I have a vmware version of IDS 108.07, that appears to be built on 106 based on the file versions of a lot of the DLLs in the Runtime folder. Using a genuine VCM II with the firmware, I canNOT do TCM module programming on a 2017. 

Never tried TCM on 2017+ but that’s a possibility.

All hack I’ve seen are based on v86, v101 or v106.

Never seen a hack based on v109 executables and DLLs .. that’s why I’m asking but he won’t answer that question.