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How to check if you have VCM2 SP177-C best quality?

Here, will help you guys to check if you have the best China clone VCM2 SP177-C.


  1. Equipped yourself with PCB knowledge:

  1. Disassemble your VCM2 clone unit


  1. Check components on the main board, compared with PCB displayed here:

IMPORTANT: the VCM2 factory tries his best to improve the quality, so it’s natural to get the unit with a bit difference and the board you have might be kind of different from that in the link above.


DO NOT compare VCM2 from others with that from!


Received complaints from a customer that

he used the site:


BUT he complained a lot of his VCM2 SP177-C, saying it’s fake SP177-C....



DISCLAIMER: is a reliable site to purchase VCM2 china clone, a man of his word to trust in. NO WORRIES! Lots of people talk about it via e.g.



  1. Check the source of VCM2 SP177-C:




  1. What’s your next option if you cannot have SP177-C:


SP177-2  is a new VCM2 interface, released in the year 2018.

It’s produced by the same manufacturer as SP177-C1.

You can have one for tests if you like something new.

For quality and security, VCM2 SP177-C1 or SP177-C is your best option.






This blog from office blog:


How to use M4 Clamp + Condor Mini for cylinder key cutting

Good news! M4 Clamp and Xhorse Condor XC-Mini are able to cut cylinder keys to house locks.


What is a cylinder key?


This is the most popular system for house locks, it is a part of our life, used both at home and at work. It requires the simplest type of key, a single piece milled to present a different profile for each system and each manufacturer. Keyline adapts to the market of cylinder keys, following its development and, accordingly, offering timely blanks for each lock system, including the technological solutions for their duplication.


What’s used for cylinder keys cutting?

Condor XC-Mini key cutting machine with a M4 clamp is able to cut cylinder keys.


Note that you should have the latest Condor Mini software version 24-07-2018 for use of a M4 clamp.


Look here: M4 clamp and Condor machine is working for cylinder keys cutting.


XHORSE M4 Fixture

XHORSE M4 Fixture








How to use Vident iLink400 for car recoding

Look here: Vident iLink400 diagnostic tool for recoding


What is Vident iLink400?

Vident iLink400





VIDENT iLink400 is a new full-system diagnostic tool, perfect for personal use, because the auto diagnostic software can be customized/selected yourself before delivery. It can be a good helper for your car diagnostics and ECU programming.

It’s not only able to read/erase codes and live data and the like, but also it's capable of advanced functions such as actuation, adaptation and programming.

Besides, it helps access the most commonly required service features such as Oil service Light Reset, Throttle Body Alignment, Electronic Parking Brake Service, Battery configuration, Steering Angel Sensor Calibration, CBS correction, etc.


What is coding?

Take BMW coding.

It is a process utilized by BMW, which groups system specific operating requirements (Data) together and then assigns a label/code to each of these groups of data. The various groups of data are all pre-loaded into system specific “codable” control modules, along with a basic set of operating instructions (Program).

There are various types of operating requirements such as; O2 sensors, emissions controls, fuel type, Manual or Auto transmission.

The procedure of assigning one specifically labeled group of data to the operating program of a specific control module/component is referred to as “coding”. Coding allows a specific set of data already present in the module to be selected.

A “codable” control module has a basic operating program already installed along with several specific variations of operating data. The coding process allows a specific set of operating data to be assigned to the basic operating program of that module/component, with respect to its specific application.

Coding can be performed for some systems/components via ISTA/P or the older DIS/Plus/GT1/SSS device. By entering a variant code via the device, selecting customer specific operational settings from a list of available features (VKM) or automatically by selecting a specific coding process.

Note: Codable control modules/components are system specific, which means that not all control modules are codable.


What’s recoding?

Its for B6 tip to manual, but probably process is more-less the same:

Module Recoding

3 modules need to be recoded from auto to manual: ECU, ABS and cluster. You cannot recode a module when it has a fault, therefore it would be best to recode BEFORE removing the transmission and TCU. At a minimum, you need the TCU and the gear selector switch installed. You'll need to recode the ABS module first, as it seems to find fault with everyone else, then the ECU, then the cluster. With no recoding, the ABS/ESP lights are on and non-functional, ECU and cluster throw codes for the missing TCU. With cluster and ECU recoded, the ABS module gets more angry and flashes the brake light. You can recode the cluster at any time. Without recoding the ECU, any wheel speed above 0 it sets idle to ~1300 or so. Without the clutch switch, a recoded ECU will not have cruise con


How to use Vident iLink400 for ECU re-coding?


Recoding definition from Vident iLink400 user manual:

Recode is used to set various options in control modules such as airbag coding, slave modules coding, battery coding, etc. Please refer to the Factory Repair Manual for your particular car (or some other documented procedure) before attempting to Recode a Control Module.

Vident iLink400

Vident iLink400





How to customize a Vident iLink400 for your car: