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BMW ICOM Rheingold ISTA-D ISTA-P User Guide

Topic: How to use BMW ICOM Rheingold ISTA-D ISTA-P.


In this article:

What is ICOM B?

How to connect ICOM B with a car?

How to read LED info from ICOM B?

BMW ICOM Using Tips (Questions and Answers)


What is ICOM B?



BMW ICOM B is a diagnostic head unit for all BMW cars with MOST optical port. It is connected with USB cable to a ICOM A1, A2, NEXT A diagnostic head. Used for diagnostic faults, error clearing, coding and programming units.


On a side note, BMW ICOM A is a diagnostic head unit for all BMW cars and motorcycles. It is connected with network cable to a computer and by OBD connector to a car. Used for diagnostic faults, error clearing, coding and programming units.

How to connect ICOM B with car?

Put the ICOM B at the USB port from your ICOM main interface.

Open the optical port on ICOM B and connect it to the car. For example on a E92 it is a little bit more right to the diag plug under the steering stock (a black plastic plate should be removed).


Here you can see the optical plug, remove the lenscap before you use it.


The location can be found in ISTA and is depending on the cars type you are working.


How to use ICOM B for initial use:


Before flashing anything with a new ICOM-B for the first time, I recommend doing a stress test with Tool32.


Configure Ediabas to most async ab 625, open Tool32 and cicr.prg.

Then select job fs_lesen

and then from Tool32 top bar, select "play".

This will make the "read error memory" job run on repeat.

If it can do it for 30-60 minutes, then the head is probably ok.


Obviously the ICOM emulator must be connected to the CIC.

When you make a flashing , you can confirm data communication in task managers.


And, ICOM B, green flashes on and off.




How to read LED info from ICOM B?


The ICOM B includes a (2) two LED display. These LED|s displays the following information

and warnings:

  • One 2-color LED label SYSTEM for the general status:

Off -------------------------------- no power or problems with power supply

Yellow ----------------------------- initializing ICOM B

Red flashing ---------------------- problems with booting/initializing

Green ----------------------------- ready

Green flashing -------------------- communication

  • One 2-color LED label MOST for the status of MOST communication Ethernet:

Off --------------------------------- no light at MOST

Red -------------------------------- no lockable light

Green ------------------------------stable LOCK

Yellow *---------------------------- no stable LOCK


* Yellow = the relevant LED lights up simultaneously red and green.


BMW ICOM Using Tips (Questions and Answers):

Question: I get the following picture, does it mean Easyconnect is processed done?



A: No, only you get following picture can it means EasyConnect is processed done.


Question:  I use BMW ISTA ISTA-D 3.44.50-P 53.4.002 Software, and I get license warning error, what’s the reason?

A: To copy the hard disk is not allowed, and please make sure the computer system is the current time.



Question: Super ICOM freeze when boot, what’s the requirement to the computer?



A:  Requirements:

Reset the computer system date and time to the current time; set to achi mode; run at another computer, advise you use Lenovo or Dell with CPU 2.0 above and memory with 4GB.


Q: yes, I do as you advised above, my computer is Lenovo w700. Cpu - core 2 extreme, and 4G ram, I tried 3 computers and tried ACHI, ATA and compatible, but no luck.



A: advise you use our special xp or win7. Download at:

win7:  password: 0awk7b

win xp: password: 1zkboe


Note: Please do not update ICOM, otherwise it will not work, for example when I click “Diagnose” the system will get prompt saying “send email to obtain ISTA/D license, license warning.”, then the diagnostic function and programming not work. The solution is to send back main unit to the supplier.


Q: ICOM A2 (SP168-BA) hardware not work, when I use Ista NextSTART to program, communication failed, not communicate with the vehicle, I tried 6 vehicles and no luck, diagnose Mini Moris is working, then I tried BMW E60 failed. I use my friend ICOM to run my software and verified it can diagnose, I test cable and no problem, I reinstalled the firmware and tested it works.


A: Test the 39k resistance. If you find ICOM or ICOM A2 fail to work on old BMW or one system or new car, just disassemble ICOM and test this 39K resistance. Another reason is unstable voltage.


Q: ICOM A2 2015.10V (SP168-EN) preinstall the software on Dell D630 laptop (SO106-B ) with the help of the seller, but when I receive the package, it is English not French, I can’t reset, how to do?


A: you are able to reset the language, just open diagnostic software, and then click this “Tool” button to reset.



Q: 2015.8 Windows7 BMW ICOM HDD (SS151-8B) plug into the computer and windows get error "The sceen resolution is insufficient to run this application". I set the computer as achi mode, it can work, but ISTA/P get error.


A: Try to reset ISTA-P resolution by following procedure:

After open ISTA-P, click “Reset settings”, then close, open again ISTA-P, click “ Reset Settings” then reset “Resolution”.

Check your computer system resolution setting, make sure it is as the same as the ISTA-P resolution setting.

bmw-icom-rheingold-ista-d-ista-p-user-guide-10 bmw-icom-rheingold-ista-d-ista-p-user-guide-11


Q:  icom 2015.7 (SS151-7) ISTA-D 3.50.10 ISTA-P following function is gray, ISTA-D is working, ISTA-P is not working, but the older version of ICOM is working fine.



A:  Your exit ISTA-P then directly turn off the computer, it results in the software is damaged, you are required to exit the software then follow the general procedure to turn off the computer, Now, the solution is to send the software back to repair.


Q: I use 2015.10V Wifi ICOM A2 and ISTA/P not running, the following picture is error message.

bmw-icom-rheingold-ista-d-ista-p-user-guide-13 bmw-icom-rheingold-ista-d-ista-p-user-guide-14

A: Possible reason, you start ISTA/P for many times. Just turn off and again open ISTA/P.


Where to have BMW ICOM? Since many type are out of stock in the market.

Just go to and search any of: SP269-DSP269-B1SP168-D






Ford Mazda IDS V113 free download and win7 native install

Free download IDS V113.01 for Ford and Mazda, installation tips, VCM2 native install on win7.

Free download IDS V113.01

Link 1:!KRh3wA5A!k79Lj9jmwhKOyMhCPQkrCcW-kcox8t...

Link 2:

Security: 100% yes, uploaded by STIC Fly engineer.

No pass

FORD VCM IDS3 ...Confirmed

FLY FVDI J2534 for Ford Mazda ...Confirmed

OS: Win7, Win8, Win 10


Free download Ford IDS V113 for VCM2 (SP177-1)

Free download Mazda IDS V113 for VCM2 (SP177-1)

Freed download Startup software VCMXLoader_01.018.06


Ford VCM2 (SP177-1) IDS V113 installation:

Installation Tips:

  1. Run IDS.
  2. Install VCM loader.
  3. use loader to run the software.


Pros: Native install, no VMWARE.

1.Ford and Mazda IDS software cannot be installed on the same computer at the same time.

2.Install Ford IDS/ Mazda IDS software according to the default path installation (don’t change the installation path) ,Please Exit or uninstall anti-virus software before installing software.

3.When installing IDS software, install the initial version of the subsequent upgrade patch version. (e.g.110.01, then110.02,110.03……)

4.After successfully installation of IDS software, install VCMXLoader startup software and install it by default (check the Ford/Mazda IDS Programming Menu Patch option unless the computer system reports an error and the prompt point "Confirm" and "Yes" appears)

5.You can ONLY run/start IDS software from VCMXLoader (IDS software cannot be started directly) when using IDS. Only by connecting devices can IDS software be started. When running the software, please select the appropriate model (Ford or Mazda).

6.Question about online functions when enter the account password interface : if when jump page (the ActiveX controller is not enabled or not installed, please be sure to enable all the ActiveX controller prompts) on this site is typically IE browser has a problem, suggest that install the latest version of Internet explorer and use IE browser setting as the default browser.

Procedure on VCM2 IDS V113 native installation on WIN7:




Connect IDS3 /J2534 interface.

Run IDS v113 from VCMXLoader.



Choose none dealer type.



The IDS diagnostic software has been activated.


Connect VCMII with the vehicle and start diagnosis.




How to solve the airmatic compressor only putting out 8.6bar?

I got carried away with experimenting with adjusting the ride height of my car and I dropped my car way too (literally looks like all 4 shocks are completely deflated) and now I can’t get the car back to normal ride height. Whenever I go into the “inflate” options I get a “connection error 8.6000” or something like that. I doubt this helps but I’ve attached my voltage levels from before touching anything.

After I couldn’t raise the car, I ran a test on my airmatic compressor via DAS and it’s only putting out 8.6bar and according o the computer a healthy pump puts out

14-16bar. Do you think this could be part of my issue?




How to do I disable this message?



Tele Aid works with a whole bunch of other control modules and they look for it to be present, active and fully working. This is dealership quality coding. I expect nothing less than that from a moron mechanic and people who have not understood a thing about the system itself and how it works.

There is a specific setting to disable this message while everything else is still working as expected.

The correct steps are explained in WIS but that means one would actually have to get familiar with WIS, look it up and read it.