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How to install V2018.3 (43.06) Actia Multi-Diag Office on win7?

How to install V2018.3 (43.06) Actia Multi-Diag Office on Win7 sp1 x32 (without activation). It is running well with J2534 PassThru device to diagnose all cars up to 2018 such as VW Passat VIII (2015-2018).


V2018.3 (43.06) Actia Multi-Diag Office will run based on this Virtual drive device, please download first.!lAgnzYhC!ZhWYbMCcT_sPkEVCAPf8jtG-65rut6...



Device: J2534 PassThru OBD device (VCI 033918)


Software: V2018.3 (43.06) Actia Multi-Diag Office


Computer operation system: Win7 sp1 x32


Car model and year for test: VW Passat VIII (2015-2018)


V2018.3 (43.06) Actia Multi-Diag Office install on win7 and diagnose VW Passat VIII (2015-2018):

Video first:


Then Images and words' explanation:

  1. Open "Daemon Tools Lite" as administrator.

Select language, then Next ->I agree -> Next.

Free license.


Not install Google Chrome.



Get a windows message "Device driver software installed successfully".

Install Desktop Gadgets.

Finish The Daemon Tools Lite setup wizard.



  1. V2018.3 Actia Multidiag Crack (No need registration):

1) Open DVD multidiag 2018, copy "Crack" on the desktop.

2) run ACTIA_NET_BLOCK.bat (Run as administrator if possible)

3) run Activation MAJ MD 033918/keyUpdate (Run as administrator if possible).


  1. Install Actia Multidiag Standard Profil (if the case, use S/N: 033918 instead of xxxxxxx)

RESTART COMPUTER after installation finished.


  1. Go to C:ACTIAPortal, Remove Wget.exe



  1. Go to control panel -> uninstall or change a program -> there are 3 drivers made by ACTIA. Remove all 3 drivers.



  1. Then: (supplier told me it is optional, I have done it anyway)
  2. Go to C:ACTIAPortalchromemultidiagcontentscripts
  3. Open in a text editor file multidiag.js
  4. Go to line "var showWarningPT1Window=true" and make this line like
  5. "var showWarningPT1Window=false"

Save " multidiag.txt"

Rename " multidiag.txt" as " multidiag. js "



  1. Install I+ME-Actia-PassThru-XS2G-Driverpack-

Select language


I accept the agreement.




Finish the I+ME-Actia-PassThru-XS2G setuo wizard.



  1. Plug Actia PassThru OBD device to the computer.




  1. Computer -Manage -Device Manager - PassThru+ XS USB Driver


  1. Use Multi-diag to diagnose VW Passat VIII (2015-2018)



The vehicle communication card cannot be reached...



Just go to update Driver software



Continue diagnosing.



Job is done.


Good day.




VCM2 clone review: SP177-C1 the best! seem to be the place to buy a decent clone their boards seem to be the good quality ones described on mhhauto,


I do use China clone with Mazda IDS and never had issue on 2010+ vehicle. Clone # sp177C-1 is working good also on 2010+ but this model isn't available anymore.

As for sp177c , I have no experience with it. just make sure you don't buy anything that's based on allscanner/VXdiag technology. Those are complete crap


But don't expect any clone VCM2 will do old PCM programming, because of the EEprom programming signal higher voltage required can't be produced by those clones.

In short, when programming these PCM, the VCM sends a higher voltage (around 18v) to 1 pin of the PCM to "open" the programming session. Clones can't do that.

the only tool that I know that does it is the new thing from FLY but....(and there's a BIG but)... it won't let you program some older cluster and ABS ecu. Ive tested it on some cars and so far, not so good.

Better get an OEM VCM2 as I did.

Buy 1 good tool instead of 2 or 3 crap tool




Never worked



1 - USB cable that came with it doesn't even fit the tool. It's just too big to reach the connector.

2 - they state same as sp177-c or sp177-c1 which is a big lie. Components quality is nothing near similar.

3 - most important.. it's unusable. It keeps disconnecting from the laptop every 10 to 20 sec while watching data logger. I don't want to even risk programming with it.



SP177-C1 is the best, then SP177 I think

A good price. Well worth the money.

Link to SP177-C1:



How to downgrade Micropod ii Witech?

The answer is it’s not possible to downgrade if using micropod ii  clone .

downgrade is not a simple process and sometimes bad quality clone may be lost.

downgrade is needed in next situations:

return from witech 2 to witech 1.

make vci pod/micropod compatible with cda.

if micropod setup utility failed during update.

Supposing your got Witech 2.0 warning:

“This vehicle is supported by wiTECH 2.o software. This vehicle is no longer supported by wiTECH 1.0. Please use wiTech 2.0 to service this vehicle. You will return to discovery. ”


Wrong solution:

To update to wiTECH 2.o software from wiTECH 1.o


You may think you have online account and tried to update, actually it will have risk of being locked by Chrysler server or you can’t downgrade anymore.


Correct solution offered by engineer:

Option 1:

Remove new version V17.04.27, download and install lower version witech 17.03.10.

Free download witech 17.03.10


Option 2:

Reinstall the computer operating system, and install wiTech V17.04.27 software again.

Free download wiTech V17.04.27 software.

Good luck!