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Mangoose Pro GM II - what you should know before purchase?

Look here: Mangoose Pro GM II functions and features – YOU HAVE TO KNOW before purchase


Mangoose Pro GM II clone

The clone abilities: same as the original

The china clone Mongoose Pro GM II is verified to work perfectly like the original from Drew Tech, used for diagnostics and programming, module recovery and reprogramming.


In detail…


Plug and play: yes!

The Mangoose Pro GM II is plug and play. Make sure to install the Tech2Win driver if you want to use the application.


GM diagnostics and programming: confirmed!

Mangoose Pro GM II will work with SPS, GDS2 and Tech2Win.


Module recover and reprogramming: confirmed!

Even the cheap Mangoose China clone is able to recover and reprogram modules perfectly and works with the newer h***ed 2017 GDS2!!!


SPS programming speed: fast!

The MongoosePro GM II appears to flash as quickly as the MDI.

The MongoosePro GM II is definitely quicker than the Tech 2.

The MDI cost 4x more than the MongoosePro GM II but it is not 4x faster.


“Data Bus Diagnostic”: compatible!

Drew Tech has stated that as of early March 2015, the Mongoose Pro GM and the CarDAQ-M are both compatible with GM’s “Data Bus Diagnostic” Tool software.


Tech2win, GDS2, SPS: compatible!

The Mongoose Pro GM II ALMOST does everything the MDI does.

– Module reflashing with SPS

– Diagnostics with Tech2Win software

– Diagnostics with GDS2 software.


Mongoose Pro II vs GM MDI:

GM Mangoose PRO only for Opel/Vauxhall/GM with Tech2Win and GDS2.

Full coverage diagnostic and SPS programming

GM MDI can be use as a passthru for other software too

This is one of the difference

Both are good 


Test: Tech 2 can/cannot fully record GM card through TIS2000?

This is my experience pack software using Tech 2 RS232 and TIS2000


Today, I will test myself to check if they can not fully record your memory card through TIS2000 software or not, because yesterday I wrote them by the laptop, looking ahead of you, I just want to remove the old soft.




As in my laptop with no DB9 I used the adapter. Also found a Bulletin in which there is an adapter, which recommends itself BOSH.






One photo from the series is not enough, I forgot to do, where the choice of what you want to write to the card, and what it is now.


So someone wrote that his Tech 2 does not see the GM card. The U32 he is the same as U33. If you are sure that you are right.



Tabscan S8 Oil Reset: Confirmed to Work Perfectly!

About: Oil Reset with a universal car diagnostic tool – Tabscan S8


Why do you need reset oil?

You will need to reset oil change light manually after every oil change. If it is not properly reset the system can’t track when your next oil change is due.


Is there a professional oil reset tool?

You can reset oil with an oil reset tool such as Autel OLS301

Or with an auto diagnostic tool with this function like Tabscan S8


How to reset oil with a Tabscan S8?

Oil service in Tabscan S8 special functions:


Oil service, EPB Reset, Throttle Reset, SAS Rest, DPF Reset, Immobilizer, Battery Matching, ABS Bleeding, TPMS, CKP Learning, CVT Reset, RCMM, Srs Reset.

Tabscan S8 special functions:




Here, try the Oil-Reset service.

You should choose your car model after selecting service.


Then select Oil Reset.

ATTACHMENT DETAILS  tabscan-s8-oil-reset-4.jpg August 17, 2018 71 KB 1270 × 715 Edit Image Delete Permanently URL Title


There are four options




For cars, it depends. It’s different from service on Tabscan S8. the car list might vary because of functions