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(Solved)OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS Doesn’t Appear Newest Upgrade

Question:There is a lot of upgrdae now but doesn’t appear in my X300DP this new upgrade, is this upgrade available only for DP Plus?

Answer: Is your device expired 1 year free update?


Question: and how much the price if the subscription was already expired?

Answer: Please click on here for obdstar X300DP plus yearly-upgrade subscription


For C configuration.

Make a payment

Leave your Machine Serial Number

obdstar customer service will help authorize.



Good to know: obdstar X300DP plus has one-year-free update since the day of registration. The update site is


How to get Volvo VIDA Subscription?

Volvo VIDA Dice 2015A from China does work as it claimed, but the dash aint working as it should, I believe the CEM is in lock mode, that means I need to purchase a Volvo subscription, but I faced the problem that I have tried, and the nearest Volvo dealership says it is cannot sell me a VIDA subscription without being an authorized repairer.


Then I was recommended to start from this website:



It worked great, the car is out of the garage now. The problem is when the windows and dash werent working, the software version was not the same in the CEM and IPC.

so, I just bought a new complete set of IPC and CEM. took me a long time to do this as customer was very stubborn.

But he is now enjoying his ride.




For Doip Diagnose,which tool is the best?

All of the above Mercedes Benz diagnostic and programming tools are compatible with the DOIP protocol, DOIP SD C4 PLUS (SP100-E) is highly advised because it works with Mercedes 1989 -2019 (DAS & Xentry are also supported), engineering software i.e DTS Monaco & Vediamo are supported smoothly. What is the pros of other diagnostic tools (Benz C6, mb star c5, ECOM)? What the application scenarios for DolP? Go on reading.




DOIP SD C4 PLUS vs vxdiag Benz C6 vs sdconnect c5 vs BENZ ECOM

Product name


vxdiag Benz C6

sdconnect c5


Item No.







vxdiag benz c6

mbstar c5



1:1 clone of the original

Allscanner Vxdiag



Mercedes Benz DOIP compatibility


Yes, with hard disk & dongle



DTS Monaco & Vediamo

Confirmed working, compatible with the official software.

Only support DTS Monaco, not Vediamo.

Unknown, need lucky.

Unknown, need lucky.











Works with the old Mercedes

Yes, cover the Benz from 1989 to 2019. sdconnect c4 plus= sdconnect c4 + DOIP

Cover the Benz after 2000 year.

Cover the Benz after 2000 year.

Support xentry,not Das, cover the Benz after 2011 year.


€ 394

€ 499

€ 963

€ 1,093

Attach one DOIP SD C4 PLUS PCB:



There are three application scenarios for DolP:

1. Inspection and maintenance of after-sales vehicles

In the repair shop, the external maintenance equipment does not need to use the traditional ALDL port hard-wire to connect, it will establish direct contact with the vehicle through the TCP/IP protocol, and send the reliable request to the vehicle DolP entity according to the order of instructions, and then the module then feeds back the vehicle's real-time error traceability information.

2. Product/factory mode vehicle ECU module refresh

The external refresh device establishes communication with the vehicle internal module IP network after performing security access and module unlocking according to the established refresh process steps through the Ethernet or TCP/IP protocol. The internal network of the vehicle should support the download and write operations of the OP and calibration files transmitted by the external refresh device.

In the product mode, engineering development tools often implement peer-to-peer communication and refresh of the device and module DoIP entities, but in the factory mode, the device is refreshed by the device to perform parallel refresh operations on the entire vehicle.

3. Inspection and repair in the factory mode final assembly inspection station

In the manufacturing process of the factory, the external testing equipment will perform the integrity test of the final inspection station for the vehicles connected to the IP network in the specified order. Different from the after-sales mode, in the factory, external test equipment usually connects and communicates with multiple Dol P entities of multiple modules of the whole vehicle.


How to connect and diagnose?

One single Mercedes vehicle and the external equipment use twisted pair point-to-point communication.

This approach means that the system is not subject to interference from other vehicles or equipment during IP diagnostics, usually use the IP for searching the address or automatic configuration.




1     Ethernet cable

2     external test equipment

3     vehicle

4     logical connection


Connect one single Mercedes vehicle and one single external diagnostic device using wireless network

In this scenario, it means that there may be multiple vehicles or multiple devices in the wireless network. Therefore, both the car and the device should have a discriminating mechanism to identify the objects to be connected under the network and reject the requesting signal from the vehicle or equipment. Of course, both the device and the vehicle itself should have the ability to automatically access an existing IP network. Application scenario like repair shop:



One single device and multiple cars for wireless connection

In this scenario, only external test equipment requires point-to-many connection capabilities (sockets). For example, in a factory, a complete vehicle refresh server needs to refresh multiple vehicles at the same time.



Connect to multiple external devices in a single year, but only allow one channel to be established

The vehicle has the ability to connect to multiple devices, and it is necessary for the vehicle to have the ability to distinguish between diagnostic requests or feedback. For external devices, it is necessary to have the ability to determine whether the current vehicle is communicating with other devices. This can happen in factory mode where a device needs to refresh the module while in another network overlap, while another device needs to be serviced.



Last but not least, please remember DOIP SD C4 PLUS is the best one for DOIP diagnosis and programming at the cheap price.

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