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How to install new XPROG BOX 5.60 on Windows 7 32bit

XPROG-M nowadays has been updated to XPROG-BOX V5.60 ECU programmer. Today, XPROG BOX 5.6.0 is verified to work well to read and write EEPROM 93C66. Here’s the instruction on how to install XPROG-BOX 5.6 on Windows 7 and use it to read and write ECU EEPROM.

This is the new XPROG-M 5.60 OBDexpress engineers used:



Basic info:
1. Language: English
2. Newest Version V5.60
3. This is the only version XPROG-M can decypte new version BMW CAS4.
4. with USB Dongle, more convenient and secure.
5. Add new authorization: AUTH-0025 Authorized 11/4/2014
6. No operation system limitation, software can be installed on Windows XP, WIN7
7. High quality with one year warranty.

ATTENTION please when install XPROG:
1. If your X-Prog is older version,cannot use this newest dongle to update to V5.60.
2. Close all of the computer anti-software. If not, X-prog software may be killed.
3. Disconnect the internet. If not, the internet may damage the hardware.
4. Uninstall all the old xprog-m, or xprog box software, make sure that your PC only install our software for our xprog-box 5.60, the xprog-box hardware cannot work with other lower or higher software. If not, the hardware will be damaged, and will lose its warranty...
5. Never try to UPDATE, the hardware will be damaged if you want to try to upgrade it online, without any warranty.

How to install Xprog box v5.6.0:
Video Guide:

Step 1 - Install Adobe Reader XI
Open xprog-m disk E: and unzip XP 5.6.0 English on Desktop
Open extracted folder XP 5.6.0 English/ XP 5.6.0/AdbeRdr11000_zh_CN application
Preparing setup...
Click NEXT to begin Adobe Reader XI installation

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (1).jpg
Adobe Reader XI installation complete

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (2).jpg

Step 2 - Add info to registry
Merge Registry Editor in folder disk E:/ XP 5.6.0 English/ XP 5.6.0
Click YES to add information to the registry

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (3).jpg
Click OK
Keys and values are successfully added to the registry

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (4).jpg

Step 3 - Install XPROG driver software
Copy folder XPROG-BOX 5.6.0English from folder disk E:/ XP 5.6.0 English/ XP 5.6.0 to local disk C:
Installing device driver software...

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (5).jpg

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (6).jpg

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (7).jpg
Driver software installation failed.

Open computer management->device manager->other devices
Click xprog-box for update driver software

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (8).jpg
Browse driver in computer: Desktop/ XP 5.6.0 English/ XP 5.6.0/ XPROG-BOX drive/ Windows XP
Click OK, then NEXT to continue
Windows security warning: select Install this driver software anyway
Driver software installation not failed!

Then select device manager->other devices
Click USB serial port for update driver software
Browse driver in computer: Desktop/ XP 5.6.0 English/ XP 5.6.0/ XPROG-BOX drive/ Windows XP
Click OK, then NEXT to continue
Windows security warning: select Install this driver software anyway
Driver software installation SUCCESS!

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (9).jpg

Select XPROG programmer port (COM4) & USB input device

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (10).jpg
Then close computer management

Step 4 - Run Xprog box 5.6.0 to read and write EEPROM 93C66
Open local disk C:/ XPROG-BOX 5.6.0English/ XprogDesktop application

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (11).jpg
Accept Adobe Reader XI agreement license
Select Device: EEPROM 93C66

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (12).jpg

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (13).jpg
Read and write EEPROM 93C66

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (14).jpg

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (15).jpg

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (16).jpg

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (17).jpg

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (18).jpg
Check if 93c66 is written successfully

install-XPROG-BOX-5.6.0 (19).jpg
Write 93c66 successfully

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How to use K+DCAN cable for BMW airbag ECU replacement

You will learn how to replace BMW airbag ECU using K+DCAN INPA USB cable + NCS Expert software.

You need:
7mm socket
10mm socket
1/4" extensions
1/4" ratchet
screw driver
NCS Expert
USB OBD cable for BMW
OBD2 20pin cable
You can get the adapters on obd2express for €15-25. For you'll need the usb OBD2 and the OBD2 20 pin adapter, so you are advised to buy a bundle to save money (K+DCAN cable + 20pin to 16pin connector). The software also can be got in the package for free. You should head to the diagnostic sub-forum, because there's ton of information about diagnostic tools. NCS Expert is part of EDIBAS. So, the cables you need should be like these:


Step-by-step instruction on BMW airbag ECU replacement:

Follow the instruction below AT YOUR OWN RISK.
1. Remove the battery negative cable.

2. To remove the rear cup holder lift up the rear vent (1) and pull the cup holder (2) out.

bmw-airbag-ecu-replacement-NCS-expert (1).jpg
3. Pull down the rear vent (1) and remove.

4. Remove the two screws and two nuts circled in red.

bmw-airbag-ecu-replacement-NCS-expert (2).jpg
5. Remove the armrest and the tray under it.

6. Remove the two easily accessible nuts holding the airbag control module.

bmw-airbag-ecu-replacement-NCS-expert (3).jpg
7. The third is a bit tricky to get to. It can be access via the hole circled in red. In the first picture you can barely make out the nut. In the second I've pushed the rear air duct to gain access to the nut. Any of my sockets didn't fit through the hole so I had to put the extension through it and then install the socket on it inside the center console. A bit tricky to do, but not too bad.

bmw-airbag-ecu-replacement-NCS-expert (4).jpg
8. Remove the Airbag ECU connector. This type of connector is used in number of places on your e39. You'll need to pull the green locking clip towards the rear of the car to release it. If you want to practice how to do it you can find similiar connector on Cd-changer, NAV computer etc.

9. Take out the old Airbad ECU and install the new one. Remember to put back the grounding wire under the nut (1).

10. Assemble everything back together. To install the third nut put a piece of paper between the socket and the nut so the nut won't fall off.

11. Code the new Airbag ECU. I did this with NCS Expert. A great how to code with NCS expert can be found at

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Multi-Diag Access J2534 prompt "the update of the communication interface"error

From OBDexpress customer response, after the Multi-Diag Access J2534 software installed, when work with his car get a prompt "the update of the communication interface" below, in this page, to not bottom go to, the LED lights flashed not bright..

multi-diag access j2534.jpg
1. To reconnect or for the other car
2. If the LED is not bright, that equipment is broken, need to send back to repair

1. Pls disconnect the network when install the software.
2. Pls follow the installation video to install the software and drivers.

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