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How to use E-sys ENET cable to change BMW F series FA (VO)

The following will teach you How to use E-sys ENET cable to change BMW F series FA (VO) step by step.


Tool needed:
E-SYS software
A laptop running Win XP home

1. First we need to connect to the car

2. Select the target chassis. In our example we will use the BMW F10 chassis

3. Go to “expert mode” -> then “coding”. Click read under vehicle order to read FA from the car. Click edit.

4. The screen will automatically change to the FA-editor. Right-click on FA, and select “calculate FP”.

5. Once finished, vehicle profile is shown on the right side of the screen. Expand the FAList on the left until you see SALAPA-element.

6. Delete or add FA from the bottom left window, and click the apply changes icon.

7. The new FA must be verified before it can be written to car. In order to do this, Right click on FA and calculate FP again. If the FA you entered is wrong, an error dialog will pop up. Anything other than the codes on the VO list will display an error message. After FP is calculated, save the new FA.

8. Go to Expert mode –> VCM. Load your saved FA file, right-click on FA and calculate FP again.

9. Click the VCM tab, and click write FA FP. The new FA will be written to the car but won`t display any message so if you clicked once, no need to click again.

10. Click on “read FA FP VIN” button and check FA to make sure changes are saved to the car.

All done, you have now successfully edited VO.

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Free BMW E-Sys 3.27.1 Real User Feedback

Last month, I happened to got free BMW E-Sys 3.27.1 link from a car diagnostic forum:!E1YzzSxQ!DRr7BE8YL7GWEX8YqBbH9g

and have been using E-Sys 3.27.1 with my old ENET cable (Chinese knock-off) a lot recently and I noticed that it crashes a lot due to a myriad of issues. Something as simple as having the MSM Updated turned on could crash E-Sys. The good news is that MSM update is the last process in coding, so the crash does not pose big problem when coding. It's just so annoying.

Memory, or the lack thereof, could also crash E-Sys. So, when running on default memory settings and trying to code complex ECUs, like NBT, could crash it.

I've never seen this happen to previous versions of E-Sys. It was pretty good at handling exceptions, but 3.27.1 seems different.

Bonus Tip
If you are forced to run E-Sys using default memory settings (512MB), you can help it by moving some PSdZData folders you never use. Some folders you can safely move, so long as you don't own a series which uses them are the series folders inside kiswb. I have F30 so I moved the following folder:
   C:DatapsdzdatakiswbS15A (used by G-Series)
   C:DatapsdzdatakiswbK001 and C:DatapsdzdatakiswbKE01 (used by BMW motorcycle?)
   C:DatapsdzdatakiswbRR01 (used by Rolls Royce)
   C:DatapsdzdatakiswbI001 (used by i-3, i-8)
   C:DatapsdzdatakiswbF056 (used by Mini)

Moving the above folders prevent E-Sys from reading database associated with these series. These databases are read on startup and kept in memory while E-Sys is running, using precious memory.

If you have plenty of RAM and can run at least using the medium settings, then moving the above folders are not required. Again, only do this if you are forced to run using default memory settings.

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Xprog-m v5.5 & Xprog box v5.6, which better?

Xprog m v5.5.5 nowadays is updated to Xprog-m box 5.6.0. And some differences definitely gonna happen, like some new chips and functions are newly added to Xprog v5.6.

all versions of Xprog m from v5.0 to v5.6:
Xprog-m v5.0 Xprog v5.3 plus xprog 5.5.5 xprog box v5.60


For detailed differences, refer to

Here goes the key point- NEWS in Xprog m 5.60

New chips are added to XPROG M BOX v5.60




More functions in XPORG box 5.6.0











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