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So-called BEST Ford VCM2 obd2express display vs. user received

This is the China Ford VCMII’s printed circuited board displayed on








And this is what i get






I cannot tell the difference. But it is called the BEST Quality of VCM2 clone.

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Checksum Family Manual for ECM Titanium v1.61

What is Checksum?
Checksum is the security algorithm with which are encoded files stored inside the engine control units; if the modified files you are tuning, it wasn’t signed with the correct Checksum algorithm, and the ECU will be blocked.

It is very important to know whether the device used for program the tuned file to the ECU already running CheckSum or not; Some ECU tuning tools, like Kess V2 and Ktag, are developed to calculate the CheckSum and you don’t need to buy the same Checksum family also for ECM Titanium.

Why you need Checksum Family?
To correct the Checksum of modified file using the new ECM Titanium, you must have the Checksum Family for that particular ECU.

What will happen if you don’t choose the right Checksum family?
Once you have selected the Driver for tuning the original file, the software will notify you if the ECM DataBase contains the Checksum family needed for signing the modified file. If you haven’t the right Checksum family software will shows the following message:
Checksum algorithm not available - a file with no checksum changes will be created

ECM-TITANIUM-V1.61-manual (1).jpg
If the message appeared, the software will return to the main window and the CheckSum Family box, in the Selected Driver panel, will be colored in red and will present the number of CheckSum Family to download.

ECM-TITANIUM-V1.61-manual (2).jpg
Where is the CheckSum Families?
To find out which CheckSum Families are in your ECM Titanium, you just
go in the main software window,
choose the menu Tools,
choose Checksum,
then click on Available Checksum

ECM-TITANIUM-V1.61-manual (3).jpg
a new window will open with the list of Available Checksum Families:

ECM-TITANIUM-V1.61-manual (4).png

ECM-TITANIUM-V1.61-manual (5).png
available families that are stored on the USB dongle are colored green
ALL checksum families available in this cracked ECM TITANIUM 1.61
Some free versions or uncracked version on the web cannot offer all checksum families available

ECM-TITANIUM-V1.61-manual (6).jpg
those in red are not present

How to download a new Checksum family from Internet?
You don’t connect to the Internet to download a new Checksum family on your own. All checksum families are available in ECM TITANIUM 1.61 at

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OBDSTAR X300M X300 M i get at

Write something about my purchase of OBDSTAR X300M package from

The x300m box

OBDSTAR-X300M-X300-M (1).jpg
Package receipt

OBDSTAR-X300M-X300-M (2).jpg
X300 M user's manual

OBDSTAR-X300M-X300-M (3).jpg
X300 M main unit with SD card - front

OBDSTAR-X300M-X300-M (4).jpg
OBDSTAR X300M - side

OBDSTAR-X300M-X300-M (5).jpg
OBDSTAR X300 M- back

OBDSTAR-X300M-X300-M (6).jpg
OBDSTAR X300M - bottom

OBDSTAR-X300M-X300-M (7).jpg

OBDSTAR-X300M-X300-M (8).jpg
Main cable

OBDSTAR-X300M-X300-M (9).jpg
OBDII-16 connector

OBDSTAR-X300M-X300-M (10).jpg

OBDSTAR-X300M-X300-M (11).jpg
SD card reader

OBDSTAR-X300M-X300-M (12).jpg

PS. Sorry for the photos’ resolution. My phone’s camera doesn’t have very high resolution (but the item with high-definition screen) and 6-year-old son helped to take them :D

It should be original OBDSTAR product, i think. Have compared that with specifications in OBDSTAR official site. Not found anything difference.

And some test i did so far:
Skoda Octavia 2010 nec+24c32 VDO mileage OK
Audi A4 2007… in 20 seconds by OBD
Kia sportage 2013 round dash screen obd success
Range Rover Evoque SD4 2013 ok less than 2 seconds
Range rover sport 2014 , 10 sec after buckup all ok

I have to say ARM high speed chip really keeps X300M running fast, stable and anti-jamming. Ans also, it can do a lot, not simply a key programming but ok to EPB, oil service rest, mileage change... It should be my favorite tool among my diagnostic tools, very fast! Speed is very important for me.

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