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Multidiag pro vs TCS CDP pro vs CAN CLIP vs autocom vs DDT2000

There are lots of discussion of Multidiag pro 2014.3 PROS and CONS on forums, like multidiag pro vs autocom, multi dialogue vs TCS CDP pro, Renault CAN Clip vs Multidiag Pro vs DDT2000. Read the passage here and get the Multidiag pro advantages and disadvantages.



multidiag pro vs autocom

if you try autocom,you'll see that the top testers today...multidiag to various problems with drivers,codiffica injectors etc....autocom goes on the cars and trucks


The pass-trhu today works on texa and bosch for sure, the other I don't know, then multidiag has a unique function.


autocom better than multidiag for cars manufactured after 2000 year.
multidiag pro better than autocom for cars manufactured under 2000 year.
both good only for European cars
and for this using , try to have the both interfaces.



multi dialogue vs CDP (TCS CDP pro)multidiag-pro-vs-tcs-cdp

Only the shape and colour of the casing. What you should be looking for is the type of PCB inside, that is where the difference is. If you are buying ask to see pictures if the PCB. The links below show both sides of the single PCB that covers 99% of Cars. Make sure it has the two chips that are marked, they may also be red, maroon or cream in colour.



CAN Clip VS Multidiag Pro VS DDT2000


I have the Can Clip it does all I need it to on my Megane as for diagnosing it will do it as long as you have a PC that includes its software. The main reason I got Clip is it covers all the rovers so the MRS, MGF, I can sort out when the car ever goes wrong and it never let me down.

About Multidiag Pro and Clip, I think the biggest difference is their vehicle coverage. Multidiag Pro is universal (works in a very large car brands), while Clip is for Renault cars. Besides, Multidiag Pro is cheaper than Clip.


The DDT2000 actually does not pass the test. I have got a MAF sensor disconnected and the software is not able to read it. It just states that no errors are present but in fact there is something going on. Then I plugged ELM327 scanner and run its software, there it is the fault present. For now the price is the only good thing, but so is the ELM327 cable and way more easy to use.


Final conclusion:

Renualt CAN CLIP and Multidiag Pro are clearly above DDT2000 and both can do what DDT does. CAN Clip works good with Renault cars, Multidiag Pro supports other car brands. As a DIY-er, I would choose Renault without doubt. But, this rank may change if you own a car that works fully or almost fully in KWP protocol, cars before 2004 or so.



How to use OBDSTAR X300M to change mileage on Audi Q5 2010

Received OBDSTAR X300M package for a few days and discussed a lot about it on forums. Sounds an interesting topic. Here share something what i did on this OBDSTAR X300M unit yesterday.

OBDSTAR-X300M-X300-M (1)

I used X300M for my Audi Q5 2010 to change km. Very easy; all i did was to follow the screen instruction only.



The km before change: 22850km



And this is the item for mileage adjustment; it;s obdstar x300m



Connect X300m to the OBD port on Q5


Then, follow to screen

Select the models:




Select software AUDI/VW/SKODA/SEAT V31.11 for ready use:


Loading software ...



Select AUDI A5 2010





The X300M first read the original km (my Q5: 22850km) after communication


Next, to setup the new mileage; i input 105312


X300m change km by itself (about 10-25 min)



The dash also displays the same mileage.


So, it’s successful.

Buy it from:


New FLY OBD Terminator Locksmith Version& Free J2534 Software

FLY company has newly released OBD Terminator Full Version & Locksmith version with free J2534 DrewTech Software,like Honda HDS, JLR SDDToyota TISIDS, etc.This is full immobilizer version with free update online.

Software Version:

1. Firmware version: V1.072;
2. Software version: V1.100;



Operation Notes:

OBD Terminator can work for Windows XP(SP2 or later) Professional Version,Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8 Professional.

OBD Terminator Locksmith Version Function:

1. Immobilizer function
2. Odometer correction
3. Diagnostic function: read & erase trouble codes.

 Car list:

1. OBD Terminator for VAG - VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda;
2. OBD Terminator for Porsche ;
3. OBD Terminator for Mercedes/Smart/Maybach ;
4. OBD Terminator for OPEL/VAUXHALL ;
5. OBD Terminator for BMW;
6. OBD Terminator for Peugeot/Citroen;
7. OBD Terminator for Fiat/Alfa/Lancia;
8. OBD Terminator for Renault;
9. OBD Terminator for Toyota/Lexus;
10. OBD Terminator for Hyundai/KIA ;
11. OBD Terminator for Nissan/Infiniti;
12. OBD Terminator for GM;
13. OBD Terminator for Ford;
14. OBD Terminator for Volvo;
15. OBD Terminator for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep;
16. OBD Terminator for Mitsubishi;
17. OBD Terminator for DAF;
18. OBD Terminator for Honda;
19. OBD Terminator for Mazda;
20. OBD Terminator for Chinese Cars;
21. etc;

OBD Terminator function list:

1.Honda unlock immobilizer system(2001 to 2007 years)
2.Honda unlock immobilizer system(2008 to now years)
3.Honda unlock engine system
4.Honda change VIN to emergency code
5.Honda unlock smart key system
6.Honda odometer

VAG-VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda
1.VAG-VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda immobilizer Generation 4
2.VAG-VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda immobilizer Generation 5
3.Audi A6/Q7 immobilizer Generation 4.5

1.Ford/Mazda immobilizer
2.Ford/Mazda module programming for brushing hidden function
3.Ford/Mazda odometer

1.BMW CAS1/2/3
2.BMW CAS4/4+
Remark: Automatic recognition models for immobilizer.

PCB Board Display:



OBD Terminator TAG PCB:obd-terminator-full-version-free-update26


OBD Terminator Software Quick Loader:



OBD Terminator Softwares:


Note: 2016 FVDI2 FVD II has OBD Ternimator and Free J2534 software as well.

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