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How to reflash CARPROG Full V8.21MCU AT91SAM7S256

Here is a experience from DK forum members who made this possible about how to reflash CARPROG Mcu AT91SAM7S256
Tool use: Carprog clone v8.21 firmware 
We need the stuff:
1- AT91SAM7S256.bin
2- Jtag programmer
3- Jtag software

We need to prepare the Carprog to connect to Jtag programmer but first the flash need to be erased, the Jtag function in mcu is disabled, you can't connect to the mcu before erase the flash. Remove the AT88SC eeprom from the board, please note where is the pin 1 in eeprom before remove:

Carefully lift the pin 55 (reset) of the mcu and solder a wire and secure it with a small ammount of silicone (you don't want to broke the pin in the process).
Connect the Carprog (with the pin 55 dissconected) to the 12v supply, wait about 10 seconds and connect the wire from pin 55 to Vcc (3.3V) in Carprog:




Wait from 5 to 10 seconds after connect the 12v supply, the flash content will be erased and the Jtag option of the Mcu will be enabled now. If not work leave connected for about 3 to 5 minutes. Disconnect the 12v supply from CarProg full  and remove the pin 55 wire from vcc. The pin 55 must remain disconnected until the programming process is done.


Ok, that’s it. I make it; and you try on you risk.



OPCOM v1.59 program Remote Central Locking to Astra Mk4

Just managed program a NEW REMOTE CENTRAL LOCKING BOARD to the Astra Mk4 WITHOUT ALARMS via OPCOM V1.59.

I used:
a NEW remote central locking board; i mean PCB
a key for Astra Mk4
security pass for Mk4
a working Op-Com interface (hardware v1.59)

working software VAUX-COM 120309a

Here is what i did:

(thanks for sharing in forums)

1. Insert the NEW remote central locking board into the key.

2. Put the key into the ignition and turn so the battery lights etc come on, DO NOT START THE ENGINE.

3. Connect opcom to the car.

4. Start up opcom and click on DIAGNOSTICS.

5. Select year of car.

6. Select model of car.

7. Select BODY from the menu.

8. select CENTRAL DOOR LOCKING from the menu.

9. Select PROGRAMMING on the right hand side of the screen.

10. Select SECURITY CODE from menu (this should be the only one available at the time).

11. Enter the SECURITY CODE and click OK.

12. Select PROGRAMMING REMOTE CAR KEY from menu.

13. Now just follow the on screen instructions.

14. Click on CLOSE.

15. Exit out of OPCOM.

16. Open and close door, and try locking the door and then dead lock it. Have done this unlock, then all should be done.


Easiest way to change mileage on Cayenne 2008.

How to change mileage for Porsche Cayenne 2008? Now , shares the easiest way to change mileage on Cayenne 2008.

Let's go!

Tools can use :

OBDSTAR X300M (two functions: Odometer Adjustment+OBDII)

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 ( more functions: Immo+Odometer Adjustment+EEPROM/PIC+OBDII)

Here, engineers use OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 programmer for mileage adjustment on Cayenne 2008.

connect X300 PRO3 to the obd port on the car



input the file name to save: 11000000


then X300 PRO3 displays the input value 11000000

X300 PRO3 programmer read the current mileage: 1122008km (error does not exceed 10km)


input the new mileage for km change: 12345


X300 PRO3 is adjusting the mileage...


milege adjustment complete


Cayenne displays the new mileage on the dashboard