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How to install Ford IDS 109 software for VCM II


How to install Ford IDS 109 software:

1- Install the ids 86 before changing the date to 1 07 2015

(hold the date 1/7/2015 ,, until you finish step 5

every time you restart your computer, check the date, if it is  on 1/7/2015)

2- install patch ( choice option 2 )

3- Make a backup of your windows system (I recommend, this is optional)

4- Open the program with the interface connected ,,( choose NON DEALER,when open program for first time ) , keep vcm turn on,on the computer.

5 - create a restore point,,,then turn off vcm of the computer

6 - Okay, now install the new version,  v109.01, before installing, changing the date of your computer, to the current day

7- After installing, go back to the restore point, which you created in step 5, activate this restore point, and then open the program

8- Finally, install FordExtendProgram  (click right mouse button click on, run as administrator)


Done, will work in the new version


Note, here’s solution of VCM II IDS software update error

Error message in update IDS 109:

Error message in update IDS 109



VCM II - IDS software version mismatch (update IDS)

The software version on the VCM II is newer than the IDS software version.

Select Tick to install the latest version of the IDS software.

Select X to cancel and then roll back the VCM II to an earlier level of software.



se ha producido un problema al actualizar el software vcm ii

es nece sario realizar un restablecimiento de fabrica de vcm ii

pulse el icono de confirmacion para realizar el restablcimiento

pulse x para cancelar


There was a problem updating the vcm ii software

It is necessary to carry out a factory restoration of vcm ii

press the confirmation icon to perform the reset

press x to cancel



Update VCM II firmware, using the tutorial:


Edit to add a note:

Ford IDS 109 Tech Support - Remote Installation


How to install/use Mongoose Pro GM 2 cable

Here is tutorial of step-by-step how to install Mangoose Pro GM II Cable and how to use.


Note: here we’re talking about Mongoose Pro GM 2 china clone (also name Mangoose)


Here we go:

How to install Mangoose Pro GM 2 software:

  1. Install VMware-player-6.0.6-2700073.exe


  1. copy “GM Ⅱ” to harddisk.
  2. open “XP_EN” with VMware Playermongoose-gm-install-22

How to install GDS2 Tech2Win for Mongoose Pro GM 2:


Here are my photos!


Step 1, open Tech2Win, use the default image.


Step 2, open GlobalTIS for Opel v32 and select security access. Get security access. Tech2Win license will refresh and it will unlock Tech2Win so it will communicate with the car. Close Tech2Win.


Step 3, plug in the Mongoose Pro II GM and plug the other end into the car.


Step 4, open Tech2Win. Select the Saab BIN that you set up (do this on your own)



Step 5, Tech2Win prompts you to use the Mongoose, so, use the Mongoose.



Step 6, you will see the Saab 9.250 NAO splash screen. Notice the license expiration says <1 instead of 0, and you will not see any “circle with a line through it” through the Tech2 picture, the MDI picture, etc, because Tech2Win is unlocked.



Step 7, get some security access



Step 8, wait for Tech2Win to do its thing, and give you the prompt:



Step 9, use TIS2000 to get security access. Turn “off” Tech2Win using the power button in the GUI, which basically resets the software. Fire up TIS2000 and select Get Security Access. Note, you may have to adjust the baud on the serial connection, I had to drop mine a bit before things played nicely. Also, unplug the Mongoose while you are doing all this nonsense.



Step 10, BOOM you got yourself some security access. If you got this far, celebrate!


Step 11, plug the Mongoose cable back in, hit the power button and restart Tech2Win. You are good to go, you have full security access. Feel free to do whatever you want! Here is me jacking around with some of the diagnostics. I used this same software to re-program the BCM on my 2008 9-3 CV. It works.


mangoose-pro-gm-2-tech2win-install-7 mangoose-pro-gm-2-tech2win-install-8

Step 12, SPS! Close out all this crap and open GlobalTIS for Saab. Open SPS. Plug in Mongoose. Basically, it just works. It will show up in the list as an available adapter. Follow the directions. Here are some pictures of me updating the ECU for my 2007 9-3 2.0T to eliminate the idle dip problem I occasionally experienced.


mangoose-pro-gm-2-tech2win-install-9 mangoose-pro-gm-2-tech2win-install-10 mangoose-pro-gm-2-tech2win-install-11


Most of what I wrote omits some tips and tricks but was designed to show, yes, this tool works, its compatible 100% with 2003+ 9-3SS for sure, and I love it. I don’t know how I put up with the Chinese junk. No more time bombs. Plus this setup works for my 2007 Yukon XL Denali. If I buy a car with the Global A electrical platform, the Mongoose is certified to work with GDSII also! So it’s pretty much future proofed.


Here are some more random photos of my setup and of the Mongoose plugged in and…Mongoosing?


mangoose-pro-gm-2-tech2win-install-12 mangoose-pro-gm-2-tech2win-install-13 mangoose-pro-gm-2-tech2win-install-14

My recommendation? If you are the least bit handy with computers, buy this thing and never look back.




BIG THANKS to TXSaabStory for share


Free download Mazda IDS 109 for VCM2, Vxdiag Nano


Mazda IDS 109 Mega link:

Unknown risk! Good luck!





For security, go to tested versions Mazda IDS 108

tested no issues with VXDIAG VCX NANO:

Mazda IDS V96 working for VCM2 clone:

Both tested 100% by real prosAnd confirmed to work perfect with VCM2 clone Look at the video

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