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How to connect wiTECH software to VCI Pod clone

You don’t need the USB cable or power cord for everyday use. As long as the wiTECH VCI POD is connected to the car (it gets power from the OBD plug), the unit can be connected via ethernet. Keep in mind, there is no DHCP server on the ethernet port so you need to set both your computer and VCI POD to a fixed IP address. My ethernet on the chinese clone did not work out of the box. See below for further troubleshooting.
Problem: Cannot connect to VCI POD via Ethernet. Keep getting 169.254.x.x as IP address.

Solution: Need to change Network Settings on VCI POD

A 169.254.x.x means the computer has a physical ethernet link, but cannot get an IP address from your router/pc.
1. Set computer to fixed IP address
2. Connect USB to VCI POD
3. In web browser, connect to
4. Under Network Settings, change radio button from “Obtain an IP address automatically from a DHCP server” to “Use the following IP address and settings”
5. Under IP Settings, change IP Addr:
6. Disconnect USB.
7. Plug in Ethernet to VCI POD and computer. Connect power cable to VCI POD (or connect to OBD).
8. In web browser, now connect to (it will also be visible in WiTech)
Problem: Connect VCI POD to notebook and VCI lights (safe, wlan, busy, and rec) are blinking permanent. wiTECH does not recognize the VCI.

Solution: Need to enter recovery mode and manually update VCI POD. (Could be a wiTECH software version and VCI POD firmware mismatch)

1. Put empty card into wiTECH
2. Connect to notebook by LAN not USB
3. Run IE and go to address (or fixed IP address you manually assigned), select software update, and in dcc tools folder select recovery file with zip extension
a. Look at the folder Program FilesDCC ToolswiTECH Serverinstallbundles
b. On Windows 10 x64: C:Program Files (x86)DCC ToolswiTECHjserverinstallbundles

Tip: In the file name “vservera.upgrade-mpvci-x.x.x”, the x.x.x is the firmware version you should have loaded on your VCI POD to have it work correctly with the wiTECH software version currently installed on your pc. The VCI POD firmware version can be verified at the top left corner of the unit homepage labeled as “System Release”.


Random Tip

Contents of VCI POD SD Card are hidden. Windows cannot mount or view. Linux can! (hint hint)


VAS 6154 Clone vs VAS 6154 Original

Here we will talk about VAG diagnostic tools: VAS 6154 china clone vs VAS 6154A genuine


VAS 6154 genuine:


VAS 6154 ebay: US $2,591.70

vas-6154-original-1 vas-6154-original-2 vas-6154-original-3 vas-6154-original-4 vas-6154-original-5

VAS 6154 china clone:

VAS 6154 best price: US$119.00

Cloned VAS 6154 in UK:


What is VAS 6154:


This VAS 6154 Interface is the latest interface for the diagnostic and programming applications VAG ODIS-S (Service) and ODIS-E (Engineering),it replaces the VAS 5054A.
Available for Off-board Diagnostic Information Engineering from version 6.2 onward and Off-board Diagnostic Information Service from version 3.0.3 onward.
The VAS 6154 can be used with all VW Audi Seat Skoda Bentley Lamborghini vehicles from 2000 onward including NEW & FUTURE MODLES under production.

The diagnosis interface VAS 6154 with wireless network technology supersedes remote diagnosis head VAS 5054A and diagnosis interface VAS 5055. It makes wireless transmission of data possible from the interface in the vehicle to the diagnosis unit.

If a wireless connection is not possible/permissible, the USB module is used, which guarantees a reliable wired data transmission to the diagnosis unit.


VAS6154 Infrastructure mode: 

In infrastructure mode, several network-capable devices can be connected together (network subscribers).
For a wireless network, a WLAN access point is required. This access point forms the connection to WLAN-ready subscribers.


VAS6154 point-to-point connection:

With point-to-point connection via a wireless network, VAS 6154 creates a radio network. VAS 6154 thereby adopts the role of a radio access point (Access Point). A direct connection is made between the diagnosis unit and the diagnosis interface VAS 6154.
VAS 6154 is configured using the web-based user interface.


VAS6154 Design and features:

VAS 6154 china clone interface comes with inner boards updated & improved a lot.


There are two 6154 versions: one with wireless network & USB modules and the other without wireless network module (the wireless network module can be retrofitted at any time provided national regulations permit).


Radio registration verified for the following countries:



VAS6154 ODIS 4.13 Language Available:

English, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Croatian, Danish, German, Swedish, Finnish, Slovenian, Czech,
Russian, Greek, Chinese


VAS6154 ODIS 4.13 New Functions:


– Estimated remaining times are shown for ECU flash operations.
– Diagnostic protocol contains interruptions of GFF sessions, extended measurement values, improved ECU communication view,
used diagnostic hardware, connection type of diagnostic hardware, operating system, the hotfix used and submissions of support requests
– The measured value display has been improved.
– Documents in GFF are displayed in separate windows.
– One message box will be shown at the beginning of the test drive mode.
– GFF hotfixes can be integrated during diagnostic sessions.
– Danger messages have been revised.
– Stopping of diagnostic sessions may be interrupted.
– Automatic deletion of autosave diagnostic protocols after successful transmission.
– Selection of PassThru diagnostic hardware has been improved.
– ODIS Service Software update has been stabilized.


VAS6154 Technical data:

Dimensions: approx. 136x48x25mm
Weight: approx. 150g
Power supply: 8-18V via vehicle connector
Output: approx. 5W
Temperature range: Storage -20°C to +85°C, operation -20°C to +40°C
PC interface (wired): USB 2.0 High Speed, 480 Mbit/s or Fast Ethernet, 100Mbit/s (via LAN module)
PC interfaces (wireless): WLAN 802.11 ab/b/g/n 2T2R 300 Mbit/s Client Mode (WPA2 EAP-TLS, WPA2 PSK)
AP mode (WPA2 PSK)

Package Includes:

1pc x Diagnosis interface VAS 6154
1pc x USB cable

 Scr :


How to use Fgtech 4 Galletto v54 for EDC17CP14 read/write/checksum?

Topic: Is possible to read/write edc17cp14 with Fgtech 4 in boot mode??



Fgtech 4 EDC17CP14 Reviews:


Works great with FGTECH !


Tested in boot mode, read&write eeprom+flash ok


Galleto v54 clone read - write ok in bootmode


read write ok,but one time was somethink about checksum,and cannot write mod file,i did with Ktag


Tested ok read/write


I have tested clone, perfectly worked many times on this ECU, both reading/writing via OBD and boot mode. Regards!



Galletto v54 EDC17 Reviews:


Galletto v54 EDC17success:

EDC17CP14 03L906022G Read/Write ok (OBD and boot mode)

BMW edc17 in boot mode ok
BMW E87 116D 2.0 EDC17C06 Bootmode r/w ok
BMW X6 3.0D 2012 and 2013 (306 and 245hp)BOSCH EDC17CP45 read/write BOOT ok
bmw 3/5/7 series: edc16c31/35 obd r/w ok, edc17 in boot mode ok

bmw x3 edc17 read write ok

Landrover /jaguar EDC17CP11 read out in boot mode ok, not tried write yet.
citroen C3 II 2012read/wrote tricore EDC17C10 by bootmode , with a non reworked v54.

VW EDC17CP14 and Galletto v54 write in boot mode

PSA edc17cp10 no problem read/write


Galletto v54 EDC17 failed:

BMW F10 2010y EDC17CP45 TPROT10 on the bench...boot SAK1797 only ecu data...can not read ee not read int. flash
Jaguar xm edc17 read fail

Opel insignia Edc17c19 read ok write fail , Use fgtech v52 read ok write ok

Porsche 2012 MY - VAG EDC17CP44 readwrite in boot mode failed - could not disable TPROT
Sirius32 make a checksumm fail



Galletto v54 EDC17 Questions & Answers:


Q: Galletto works fine on VW EDC17CP14ecu?

A: Yes


Q: with edc17cp10 psa no problem read/write but with this cp14 vag not work even in bootmode and obd ( read ok in both)

A: CP14 shouldn't be problem on Tricore boot. I think you have broken ECU or device.


Q: Galletto v54 checksum not supported, how to do?

A: 0. Read Original ALL with Galletto boot mode. It will give you "All" file (4,224kb), internal flash+external flash+eeprom, (in my case).
1. Paste mod internal flash (make sure checksums are already correct) into the original 'all' file. Align correctly. Internal flash starts at 00, so it is easy.
2.Triple checkthat the paste is ok!
3. Flash modded "all" file in Galletto. This is done using "Write All" button.
4. It takes much longer to flash a file with differences. It took about 6+ minutes on first part - internal flash. It went to 100%, then to 75% and up to 100% slowly many times. Total over 10 minutes.
5. Read All to verify!
6. Compare with Hex Editor.

Car started, DPF functions are all gone.


Q: Is it possible to attempt to flash the big 4.2 MB 'all' file (int flash, ext flash, eeprom combined)?

can I paste my changes there, and checksums too?

A: The answer is YES

I flashed the original 4224kb 'all' file back to the ecu successfully. Galletto skips checksum correction for the ALL file.

Risky, but I guess I was brave enough. The boot pin accidentally untouched, and galletto stopped and told me to remove power and reconnect. WHILE FLASHING. Nearly peed my pants.

I repositioned boot pin, reconnected power, and it continued error free!

After, I did a verification read of all.

100% identical to original

Now I will paste my internal flash mods (with checksum corrected already) into the 4224kb file, and flash that.


Q: How to delete individual dtc codes from edc17 (cp14 was the flavor i was working with)?

A: example:

009298 - Diesel Particle Filter; Differential Pressure Sensor

P2452 - 000 - Elect. Malfunction - MIL ON


find the p code in the p code look up table. 16bit, hex.

location: 190a7a

p code table start: 190654

get your hex calculator!

190a7a - 190654: 426. divide by 2, 213.

find your vag specific dtc look up table. 8 bit.



table start location: 18569e

18569e + 213: 1858b1. this is the location of the p2452 dtc. 00 this byte.

no more dtc light.

same process as me7 except /2 instead of /8.


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