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Kess V2 5.017 No Wake Up Error

Usually, you have Wake Up Error with old Kess V2, esp. Kess firmware 3.099. But now, new kess v2 programmers hardly ever pop up “Wake Up Error” when reading kess software number.


Kess v2 without Wake Up Error:

Kess v2 5.017 (so far, no)


Kess with Wake Up Error:

Kess v2 4.036 (sometimes)

Kess with Wake Up Error:



Here is an awesome write-up of “Wake Up Error” solutions:


- Here are the files for Kess SD or TF card. Just reformat your card and copy the files onto it.



- Sometimes wake up error doesn't mean your tool has problem, i use Kess original. when the ECU was tuned and locked. it will show wake up error too ...

Please be specific what car, ECU you working with. its difficult to tell whats wrong here ...



- Maybe conflict in drivers if you have other tools on your pc, try to remove other drivers,and reinstall only kess drivers, have work for me one time



- Firstly try installing genuine software 2.20 will be fine, once installed then un-install it! Use your software (no point going past 2.08/2.11) if it still gives wake error try removing battery in vehicle for 30 mins and try again, or in 'tools' slow the read speed down to minimum! if still no joy just take it out and do it on the bench!



* all above are customer solutions (credits to all contributors); no one but yourself should hold responsibility of what you’ll try.


* if all solutions don’t work for you, please go to (credits to professionals working for





Ktag read Mercedes W211 Delphi DCM 3.2 in BOOT mode

Do you konw Kess v2 master is possible to read Mercedes W211 the 2008 year with ECU Delphi DCM 3.2?

Perhaps not. Ktag should be a better choice to read Siemens/Delphi in BOOT mode.


ECU programming tools i have:Kess V2 + Ktag clone (buy as a kit,saved a lot)



I tried it on my Ford Kuga from 2010OK

i can read the ECU (just choosing the "Identification" option on the KSuite. The Ksuits shows me the info about the ECU, ok.

I tried it it on a Mercedes E220 W211 CDI 125kw (170 HP): Failed

the Kees V2 said to me: "Wake Up Error".

I have read about this error and there are solutions about "Format the TF Card" inside or similar.


Note: This Kess V2 comes from a good and reliable seller, so maybe the problem is that this ECU cannot be read by OBd2

It is a second hand car, maybe the ecu it is already reprogrammed or similar.

This is the car list that i have:

ktag-kess-read-w211-delphi-dcm-3.2 (1)

I tried picking in another W211 models, but not works. Same error.


use this cable:

ktag-kess-read-w211-delphi-dcm-3.2 (2)

Read almost all the posts related to this topic. Now i confirmed problem is not kess. i have simens/delphi ecu, not edc16.


my engine bay:The car is from 2008... Facelift

ktag-kess-read-w211-delphi-dcm-3.2 (3) ktag-kess-read-w211-delphi-dcm-3.2 (4)

This is the Right side :

ktag-kess-read-w211-delphi-dcm-3.2 (5)

The left side (viewing from driver):

ktag-kess-read-w211-delphi-dcm-3.2 (6)

The ECU is located under the A/C Filter. At the Left of the Hood.

See pictures:

ktag-kess-read-w211-delphi-dcm-3.2 (7)

It is a DELPHI like what i was told:

ktag-kess-read-w211-delphi-dcm-3.2 (8) ktag-kess-read-w211-delphi-dcm-3.2 (9)

Engine sticker:

ktag-kess-read-w211-delphi-dcm-3.2 (10)

Siemens/Delphi can be done by Ktag programmer in boot mode.

It’sdelphi dcm 3.2 ecu.Need BDM adapter an make a bridge for two pins.


This is what i found, about delphi dcm 3.2 ecu with a BDM100 programmer

ktag-bdm100-delphi-dcm-3.2-boot-1 ktag-bdm100-delphi-dcm-3.2-boot-2

Source from :




R280 BDM programmer work perfect on BMW F series CAS4

R280 BDM programmer is verified to work perfect with BMW F series and BMW CAS4 cars.


Here is the car and ECU list... Tested no issues by uob


Support R280 BMW F series:

BMW 1 series – F20, F21 chassis – pre-2016

BMW X1 series – E84 chassis – pre-2016

BMW 3 series – F30, F31 and F35 chassis – pre-2016

BMW X3 series – F25 chassis – pre-2016

BMW 5 series – F10, F11 and F18 chassis – pre-2016

BMW X5 series – F15 chassis – pre-2016

BMW 6 series – DMEM/F12 F13 chassis – pre-2016

BMW X6 series – F16 chassis – pre-2016

BMW 7 series – F01, F02, F03, F04 chassis – pre-2016

BMW GT series – F07 chassis – pre-2016

Support for BMW EWS4 (2L86D).

Support EZS:

1J35D/2J74Y/4J74Y/0L02M/1L02M/3K85K/3K91D/1L85D/1L59W/3L40K/4L40K, etc.

Support a variety of SRS computers:

9H91F/0K13J/0K75F/0L85D/0J38M/1E62H/1K79X/5H55W, etc.

Support M35080 series:

quick wipe, read and write 35080/35080-V6/35080-VP/080D0WQ/160D0WQ/35160, etc.

Support FLASH 0K50E online write.


Support for BMW CAS and CAS4 (0K50E/2K79X/0L01Y/0L15Y/1L15Y, etc.).

R280 CAS4:

R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(1) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(2) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(3) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(4) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(5) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(6) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(7) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(8) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(9) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(10) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(11) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(12) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(13) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(14) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(15) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(16) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(17) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(19) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(20) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(21) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(22) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(23) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(24) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(24) R280-BMW-CAS4-programmer-read-write-5M48H-eeprom-(25)