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How to generate Ford Mondeo DPF with the VCM 2 IDS diagnostics tool

Ford comes with activate DPF (diesel particle filter). Active regeneration of these DPFs is employed when the exhaust temperatures are too irregular for a passive system to regenerate consistently. Here is an instruction on generating Ford Mondeo 2005 DPF and recoding datastream with Ford VCM 2 IDS.

Tools needed:

Ford VCM2 IDS diagnostic system V86 / V91 / V94 (newest version)

A laptop running Windows XP mode

Well install Ford VCM ii software

Connect the VCM II diagnostic tool with vehicle via OBD port or WIFI wireless connection

Select function tab, then press Powertrain >> Service Functions >> PCM


Check the function option under "Service Functions" menu, then click "EXIT" to select item for more information. Press the Tick mark on the right bottom.


VCM IDS will display detail vehicle information, engine type, VIN etc

Select control unit tab, select Powertrain >> Engine


Turn ignition to ON position

Select Equipped or Not Equipped Air Conditioning: Equipped

Select Equipped or Not Equipped EGR system: Equipped


Then come to the following program, the gray icons are valid, press B + (VOLT) and FRT (TEMP) buttons to turn to gray.


You will be able to view the live data stream



Press the icon on the up right corner, select "Save recoding group", press the tick mark


Enter the Filename model year and engine "MONDEO 2005 TDCI"


Enter Description: "GOOD RUNNING CAR"


Select recoding to save: 1, press Tick mark

Exit the program

Select "DataLogger" function


Select Powertrain >> Engine

Check the file saved

View the datastream recorded

Exit the Ford IDS software program disconnect the VCM2 system

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Mb star C3 software download and problem solution

Super MB Star covers Benz Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart from 1989 to latest. Support Bens full system diagnostic, coding, programming, read/clear DTCs, and other special functions. Update on official website free for one year.


Here are some software usage problem and solution. Hope it can help you.


1.How to activate the MB Star C3 software?

A: After the installation in the VMware. There will be a file on the desktop named "How to setup your Star C3".

Please read the file carefully. And provide us your ID for us to calculate the password. You can activate the software with this password.


2.After the EPC was activated, every time I start the laptop, it needs activated again. How to do?

A: You can dowwnload a Driver Genius in your laptop, then the problem can be solved.


3.I am still experiencing problems with the EWA Keygen link so I cannot generate new start keys for the EPC + WIS. It prompt "The drive or network connection that the shortcut 'EWA Keygen.Ink' refers to is unavailable. Make sure that the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available, and then try again." I have attached a screenshot for you to see the problem I am having. Please advise?


A:Usually this problem is caused your EWA is deleted or unable to use for some reason. Please uninstall the anti-virus on your PC or do not install other software on the hdd. Please download this EWA KEYGEN:, Please give me your LAN ID again, we will activate it for you again. Never use anti-virus software or install other software on the hdd. After done, The EPC starts + runs no problem.


4.1) The app icon displays in the EWA NET window but will not start,gives the following error ''SQL/Databaseproblem during server initialization''


2) When i enter WIS, it show "WIS StartKey is invalid. Installation of the WIS database has Failed" what should i do?


For this two. All needs you open the WIS from the destop. And give us the EPC code for activation. 


Attachment about BENZ STAR C3 software download. You can free download your interested files. 

MB STAR C3 software download.jpg

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MB STAR XENTRY 04.2014 error 462 EWA expired solution

One of our customer feedback that after update Super MB STAR C3 diagnostic multiplexer software from 09.2013 to 04.2014, he can not find EPC and WIS shortcut.The MB STAR Xentry displayed and error message:


"Error 462 EWA Session Token expired


The EWA Session Token and the web session have expired.

Login information is not valid anymore. The program will close now.

You need to login again and restart the application. " here gathered two solutions based on customers' experience:

1) Method 1

Go to C: programme files / EWA net / config.

Find out um_cfg.xml

Open it and locate line 50 and 52


Change line 50 from

<PARAMETER name = "tokenActiveMinutesAfterStart"> 30 </ PARAMETER>


<PARAMETER name = "tokenActiveMinutesAfterStart"> - 1 </ PARAMETER>

<-! Session Token Validity for active applications (when application already started) ->


And then change line 52 from

<PARAMETER name = "tokenActiveMinutesAfterReinitialization"> 480 </ PARAMETER>


<PARAMETER name = "tokenActiveMinutesAfterReinitialization"> - 1 </ PARAMETER>


Change the values ​​in both line 50 or 52 to -1

Save settings and exit.

Restart computer.


NOTE: Make sure locate the correct lines.


2) Method 2:

Delete the EPC application from Java in Control Panel.

Run the fix.

From EWA Admin Tool ---> Restart EWA server service ---> Stop EWA database ---> Start EWA database (or restart the computer).

From EWA net shortcut ---> Make sure that you have a valid key ---> Log on and Start EPC.

Close EPC and EWA net (Internet Browser).

Create EPC shortcut from Java in Control Panel.

The EPC shortcut will appear.


If the method one can not work, try another way around.

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