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Launch X431 5C vs. Launch X431 5C PRO vs. Launch X431 V PRO

Original LAUNCH X431 5C / LAUNCH X431 5C Pro Wifi and Bluetooth tablet diagnostic tool is designed to replace the previous Launch X431 V (PRO). What exactly the difference between the 3 automotive multi-brand OBD2 scanners? Better check out the table below:

Launch X431-1.jpg

Launch X431-2.jpg

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MB SD Connect Compact 4 technical support and error solution

I am getting an error message when I try to connect to the vehicle.  It says "Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed...." [fault (1.1)-1.501.9551]. I have only used the machine once and now this is happening.  Can you help me with this please?



1) SETUP problem.

If you bought SD connect compact 4, please check the setup information. If IP address, WIFI setup all is ok. Please see the video:


2) Software problem.

If you bought SD Connect compact 4, you cannot use ordinary star software for c3/c4. SD C4 software only can be used on SD C4, cannot be used on other star, like c3, c4, super star c3. Other C3, C4, SUPER C3 software cannot be used on SD C4 too. Check if you bought the wrong software.

Do you install other software on the PC or HDD? Do you use anti-virus software on your PC? Another reason is your software is destroyed.


3) Firmware problem or connection problem.

Check your connection, if cable is connected rightly and tightly. Cable has problem? Cable is the right one? 

If cable do not have problem. Check your firmware. If your software HDD is internal, then do the self test.

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MPPS V16 ECU tuning software and car list free download

MPPS ECU chip tuning cable is compatible two software versions: V16 and new released V16.1.02.  Default software CD is V16.1.02, here we provides MPPS V16 software free download. 


MPPS V16 ECU tuning software: 

MPPS V16.1.02




MPPS V16 ECU Flasher software download


MPPS V16 ECU programmer vehicle list


Operating system: Better to be Win XP SP2/SP3 (Other systems allowed if it works, but Language must be set to American English)



English, German, Espanol, Deutsch, Afrikaans, Albanees, Bahasa Melayu, Cech, Cymraeg, Esti, Filipino, Finnish, Francais, Galego, Hrvatski, Indonesia, Italiano, Kiswahili, Latviesu, Lietuviskai, Magyar, Malti, Nederlands, Norsk, Polska, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovencina, Slovenski, Srpski, Suomea, Svensk, Turkish


Function of MPPS V16 ECU flasher:

1.Read and write flash

2.EDC15 EDC16 



MPPS V16 Firmware PCB board:


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