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What the difference between C5 and other Mercedes star diagnostic?

Hardware: The hardware of C5 is better and stable than SDconnect C4; it has a qualitative improvement in hardware and software by authorization of diagnostic interface to control the software.

1.OS: Windows Embedded Standard 7(32bit)

2.Processor: ArrandaieCeleron P4500 oder P4505(38W TDP)

3.Memory: 4G hard disk with 256GB SSD

4.Display: 128*64 PX

5.Battery: 40 minutes (When CPU capacity to 60%)

6.Weight: 1.9KG

7.Network connection: WLAN : IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n2.4+5GHZ

The way to connect: support wireless connection via 1000M workshop switches, also support wired connection.


Software: All diagnostic software is loaded into the Xentry Connect multiplexer itself.

The management software can be installed on any computer with Windows 7 - 32-bit or Windows 8 - 32-bit and serves only for communication with the multiplexer


The licensing system is reworked - now licenses are stored on MB servers - Any license changes are tracked by the multiplexer when connected to the Internet network.


Why you should buy Xentry connect?


After 2015, all Star Diagnosis equipment is no longer supported. First of all, this means that there is no update of the diagnostic data for the newest cars and their systems, as well as the lack of the possibility of coding and programming of electronic units due to the backlog of the software data level in the device, from data in the electronic control units of the car.


Already at the end of 2014, at most dealerships, almost all of the previously used Star Diagnosis Compact4 with SDConnect DoIP multiplexers were almost completely removed. Instead, dealers received Xentry Kit kits, which include the latest Xentry Connect multiplexers and Xentry Tab tablets from Panasonic. Tablets are custom-made, although they also have a "civilian" version - the Panasonic Toughbook CF-D1, somewhat inferior in terms of battery life to the original Xentry Tab, but it has a much more powerful configuration.


Honestly, the need to use the Xentry Tab on non-dealer services seems somewhat exaggerated to me. With dealers everything is clear - they were forced to use this equipment.


What about original Xentry connect c5 price?


Undoubtedly, the original c5 with Panasonic tablet from the ACTIA Company is excellent ... But ... Its price is disheartening. The cost of the Japanese tablet is realistic to buy pieces of eight new laptops or tablets from other manufacturers.


So , recommend buying an original Xentry connect and 1:1 clone: (it’s 12000 usd, the same result as the original), then buy a laptop yourself . the software from which Xentry Connect is managed can be installed without any problems on any computer that has a 32-bit version of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. It's clear with Xentry Connect itself - there's no alternative .


After all, in this choice there are many reasons that encourage one to make a decision. The main thing is one: since 2015, the diagnostic multiplexer Xentry Connect C5 becomes the only one used at dealerships.


Thus, with this equipment, you do not lag behind the progress. You use in your work the best that is available today. Each your client, seeing with his own eyes that you in your work use the same device that he saw at the dealer's service station, will understand that he made the right decision entrusting his car to your specialists.


Xentry connect HQ clone works good?

Yes, attach the test photos

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Ktag 7.026 Reviews

Ktag 7.026 discussion at,See how do people think of this?





ktag 7.026 pcb


This 7.026 update is all ready available from EU. “Problem ” is resetting. NXP need replace when time to reset tokens, after 30 writing. That can do few times if have good skills and good tools for this.



when you turn 1 job down you will think l should off upgraded , alot more gpt connections on newer ecu,s



7.026 is the one with 3 NXP mcu’s . everyone with 30 writings. i use it allow. all working ok and i think by the time i will use all 90 writings a new tool will come.



if you need Denso Nec NBD family the only tool doing this 100% is my 7.026. 7.020 will NOT MAKE DENSO NEC NBD even 15%. there may be 1 or 2 of the ecus it can do but that’s it. and no one aside from us can offer you 7.026 as its socketed solution. anyone who tells you 7.020 can make denso nec nbd 100% is just gonna take your money



I have ktag 7.026. Tool is OK.

Although it requires a good coffee machine… my reworked ktag 6.070 is MUCH faster



Ktag firmware 7.026 have MCU for change

Ktag firmware 7.020 not reset CFG



Ktag 7.026 TOKENS 30 in 1 MCU

Ktag 7.020 UNLIMITED



This ktag has some nice features like toyota denso or VAG GPT edc17c74



some EU seller claims that he has version without tokens limit.



Ktag 7.026 Russian clone has fixed firmware with token count stopped.

I use kess and ktag. No any headache. No heating to unlock, no nxp changing.


For kess v2, As i know, for 5+ firmware, protocol files crypted individually for each original.

You can’t update different devices with same files.

Since Kess V2 4.036 a lot of protection added.

For ktag, i think, the same.

Take care before spend 2000+


In summary, there are good and bad reviews of ktag 7.026. Hint for you, do not rush into new versions. Time will tell you good or not. Before this, go for Ktag firmware 7.020.


See this

Ktag 7.020 test report:

Ktag 7.020 review:


SD connect c4: Please insert batteries (Solved)



Hello MB star

I just recieved My tablet and it looks and work Very good .

But The sd connect interface is Saying “please put in batteries”

What type of batteries is it ?




This problem same to :


SD connect compact 4 mux display: Favor inserir baterias(Please insert batteries)


Here you go :




Please prepare the following tools:




①— SDconnect multiplexer which need to input the batteries。


②— 6 units Ni-MH Rechargeable batteries,Size:AA, Voltage:1.2V, Capacity:above 1700mA。


③— 1 unit 108M WIFI Card。


④— Plum screwdriver,Specification:T-20






Take out the rubber:

2.1 Use the T20 Plum screwdriver to take out the screws as below.




2.2 Take out the rubber as below.




①— Batteries Space.


②— WIFI Card Space.


③— SD Card Space.






Insert the Rechargeable batteries.

3.1 Use the T20 Plum screwdriver to take out the screws of Batteries Space fixation as below.




3.2 Take out the fixation of Batteries Space. Pay attention to the Battery polarity marked in the Batteries Space.




3.3 Insert the batteries. Note the Battery polarity.




3.4 Button on the Fixation of Batteries Space after inputting the Rechargeable batteries.




3.5 Use the T20 Plum screwdriver to fix the screws of Batteries Space fixation as below. Inserting the batteries is finished.






Installing WIFI Card.

4.1 Inserting the WIFI Card into the WIFI Card Space. Please make the correct direction.




4.2 Push it to make it totally connected.




4.3 Cover the rubber and fix the screws to finish all the work.



Note 1:


Go to the info section within DAS Xentry— search SDconnect and you will find what all the SDconnect symbols defined!!




Note 2:


pls check these picture, you can choose self-diagnosis your SD connect c4