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Renault Megane pre-2003 read pin code & program key 2 steps

There is a cheap key pro which can read immobilizer PIN code and program Key for Renault Megane and Megane Scenic modules with UCBIC (BSI) module from 1999 to 2003 year via OBD II.


Renault PIN Code reading Key programming cable €26


Language: English 

Operating system: Win XP only 

Car supported: Renault Megane & - Scenic 1999 to 2003 with K-line 


UCBIC (BSI) module like this:


How to program Renault Megane & Scenic key with the key programmer?

Easy 2 steps 


1) Read PIN Code 

Free download Renault Pin Code calculator V3.12 software

Start PINReader.exe VER 3.12 

Select from Model Selector "Renault UCBIC" -> "Megane I (8 digit PIN)" or "Scenic (8 digit PIN)". Click "Program Key's" button


2) Program Renault Megane & - Scenic keys

After press “Program Key’s”, insert the first key into hey hole 

Switch On Ignition to program key 1


Switch OFF Ignition, first Key is programmed.


Start to program second key, the procedure is the same. 


Manual entering PIN code read before


Read Live Data from UCBIC module



Read and change Setup IMMO parameters

Enable Immobilizer, activate remote control, change system IMMO1 or IMMO2.


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KESS V2 V2.13 firmware V4.036 Wake up error (fixed)

KESS V2 V2.13 firmware V4.036 Master ECU programmer no token limitation version “wake up error” fixed. 



When trying to read Bosch ECU EDC17 with KESS V2 Ksuite v2.13 firmware 4.036 ECU tuning kit, the software prompted “Wake up error”


Possible reason: 

1)TF connection issue 

Kess V2 fails to read out TF card program or the program in the TF card not working properly

2)Select wrong ECU type. 

Select wrong ECU type will cause wake up error either. 



KESS TF card communication failure 2 common occasions:

1) The four pins of chip on the PCB board are not soldered firmly

2) The chip is loosed or has been used long time 


Please follow the correct way to fix

1. Solder the chip one more to make it tightly connected to the PCB main board 

2. Clean up the shrapnel on the card slot with a brush 

3. If the card slot shrapnel is not flexible enough, lift up the shrapnel a little bit to make sure it can communicate well with the TF card 

4. Clean the TF card and then put it back to card slot.


If the kess v2 “wake up error” still exits, format the TF card then copy the software to TF card. 


1. Format TF card 

2. Contact customer service to send you the software in the TF card 

3. Unzip the file, copy and paste all 4 files to the TF card 



(Do not directly copy the zip rar. file to the TF card, do not create a new folder in TF card and copy and unzip it)


If the two above methods do not work, re-flash the CPU program, and then copy and paste the software to the TF card again. 


The “Wake up error” solution fits KESS V2 V2.10

kess v2 v2.13 firmware 4.036 Item No SP87-E

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New Cheaper Star diagnosis MB SD Connect C4 with D-link

New Mercedes Benz MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star diagnosis system with D-link for WIFI wireless connection is available at more compatible price. 


Top 5 advantages of the new Star diagnosis SD Connect multiplexer:

1. Come with D-LINK WIFI Card, support Wifi connection (Dell format HDD)

2. More competitive price just needs €469.

3. Support both new Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks.

4. Come with one year warranty.

6. Two format available for choose: DELL D630 HDD/External HDD


Software version: 2015.07V

DELL D630 HDD/External HDD optional 

SD C4 Platinum edition HDD and SD C4 Platinum edition SSD optional 


Operating system: 

Dell D630 format HDD on Dell D630 PC

External HDD needs PC with CPU 2.0GHZ or above, 4GB memory or more.


Software including:

1. D-A-S / Xentry: 2015.07

2. W-I-S net: 2015.07

3. Electronic Parts Catalog 2015.07

4. ST Finder 2008: Part location finder

5. STARUTILITIES: the movement management system and self-test

6. SDMEDIA 2014

7. PL69

8. DAS Developer Mode 

9. Smart TAN Code calculator 





What’s the difference between the new SD Connect (Item No: SP100-B) and previous one (Item No: SP100-D)?

1)Share the same software and functions 

2)Made by different manufacturers

3)SP100-B new SDConnect Compact 4 with shell part design D-link WIFI card while SP100-D does not


New SD Connect C4 Star diagnosis multiplexer main unit firmware PCB board and D-link display: 



Previous Item No: SP100-D MB SD Connect 4 firmware PCB display:



How to set WIFI for New MB SD C4 diagnostic tool?

1. Disconnect the local area connection

2. Connect the SDConnect 4 with the car and start the engine

3. Connect to the wireless connections, please follow the instructions to set: 

click Configuration-MUX-Register/configure, under the "General information", select name "04" and then tick off "Wlan parameters, road", then set the following parameters: 

IP address:, 

Network screen:, Encryption: WEP / Hex, Key: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (26 “a” in total), we have video tutorial, please click column "Video" to watch or contact our customer service to send you.

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