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FAQ CarProg full v7.28 airbag reset tool

Frequently asked question gathered of CarProg v7.28 full version airbag reset tool. 


Q: My Carprog full V7.28 kept displaying “Enter password” error message, how to solve it?


A: Your carprog has not been authorized. Try to use the older version software v4.1, v5.3 or v6.8 

You can download carprog V6.8 software here:


Q: Can CarProg full read 93xx series EEPROM?

A: Yes, it can. 


Q: After connect the carprog and solder chip, the caprog full software first displayed “Error: Unknown unit already running”, and then “No chip detected” error.



A: Chip has not been properly soldered.

Note: 24c*** chip cannot be programmed by carprog clone. You can not select chip in odometer correction function either. 


Q: I have broken the CarProg CD in the package. Can you send me the free software?

A: Yes, Carprog V7.28 driver software and user manual can be free downloaded here:


Q: Carprog display “164-units left

Connect update Server to synchronize” error


A: The function is not supported by carprog clone. 


Q: I was able to open the carprog v7.28 software, but it did not work?

A: Select programming EEPROM 93c46 to tell whether the device is working or not. 


Q: Carprog display “235-units left

Connect update Server to synchronize.” Error?


A: The carprog clone cannot do odometer correction 


Q: Does this carprog program 24c04 chip?

A: Sorry, the carprog does not support 24c**series. 


Q: I installed carprog v7.28 on win xp laptop, but the software displays “no device detected” error, I have changes another 4 laptops, but still not work. 



A: Change another USB cable and connect it with power supply. If still not working, send the carprog main unit back to repair. 


Q: After connect carprog 7.28 ecu programmer with antenna, the system popped up “antenna not connected” error, how to fix it?


A: The function is not supported by carprog clone. Clone carprog work good on airbag reset function.

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How to update CG100 PROG III Airbag Reset Tool to V2.66?

CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Device has newly updated to V2.66. Following are the V2.66 software download and update instruction provided. 


Latest software: V2.66

Language: English only

Operating system: WIN XP/WIN7/WIN8/32bit/64bit

Update: Via email/online 


How to update CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Device (V2.5 or older) to V2.66?


First of all, download CG100 PROG III Airbag Reset Tool V2.66 software here:!m8FgSTZB!eqMItcITnmSJAduE3C_MkcQ67ub...


Then install new V2.66 software to run an upgrade. 





CG100 PROG III Airbag Tool Feature & Function:

1. Read Infineon Tricore MCU’s over CAN-bus

2. Read/Write EEPROM functions for secured and non-secured SAC-TC1766 SAC-TC1767, SAC-TC1796 SAC-TC1797 microcontrollers.

3. Comes with Mileage, DPF, ECU system time and ISN built-in calculators

4. Read and write EEPROM, support non-secure BMW DDME ECU microcontroller. 

5. Including All Function of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x FLASH

6. CG100 comes with built-in calculator that can calculate ISN, VIN and program CRC EEPROM

7. The software adopt to operate interface with wizard-style, data arbitrarily rewrite, MCU pin identification and detection, full support for CPU airbag computer repair.


Detailed cable connection instruction:

After you choose the model you want to do, it will show the detailed cable connection photo, to tell you where is the desolder point and how to connect. You can follow the photo to connect.


CG100 Pro iii software and connection cable display, check here:

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Original ACTIA Benz XENTRY Connect C5 Star diagnosis

100% Original second-hand Mercedes Benz XENTRY Connect C5 Star diagnostic system manufactured by French ACTIA tech is available in 


XENTRY C5 Top 6 Features:

1.100% Genuine scanner from ACTIA Company.

2. Xentry C5 support Mercedes newest hybrid W222 with DoIT protocol

3. Support vehicle makes: Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Maybach and Mitsubishi 

4.  Online update free for one year

5. Connection: Wireless connection via 1000M workshop switches & wired connection.

6. Full access to vehicles’ Engine / Transmission / air conditioning/SRS/ABS/ anti-theft system and OBD-II system. 


The Benz C5 Connect multiplexer comes with Panasonic Win 7 Xentry-Tab and 2015.5V DAS/XENTRY SSD. 


Panasonic Xentry-Tab

1. O/S: windows 7

2. Ultimate CPU:4G

3. Hard disk memory: 250G

4.13.3inch touch screen






Xentry-Connect (VCI+) technical parameters:

1. OS: Windows Embedded Standard 7(32bit)

2. Processor: ArrandaieCeleron P4500 oder P4505(38W TDP)

3. Memory: 4G hard disk with 256GB SSD

4. Display: 128*64 PX

5. Battery: 40 minutes (When CPU capacity to 60%)

6. Weight: 1.9KG

7. Network connection: WLAN : IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n2.4+5GHZ 



The package including C5 main unit, Panasonic tab and power supply, all necessary cables & connectors, and carrying case/box. 


The Benz C5 Connect Xentry kit now asks for €14,000.00.

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