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Working solution for UPA ERRORS ON MOTOROLA CHIPS HC05

This post begins with UPA ERRORS ON MOTOROLA CHIPS HC05, then followed bad connection pictures, finally I find out working solution and would like to share with all of you.


UPA USA Programmer I got is from China: 


Problem details: 

Right I soldered all 9 wires for hc05b6 as shown in UPA USA manual 

and lifted vdd pin from plate. tried to read but will not read. 


so I ran voltage tests 2 pins came back as bad if I remove the 2 bad wires and rerun test they both come back as ok.


The first bad connection is pin 1 IRQ

The second bad connection is pin 6 PD3 


Is was gonna give up but I found some extra reference to these chips hidden away in upa folder 

The 2 bad connections seem to be the same that are described in the files I found. 


1 was a txt file just containing a few words: CUT PD3, IRQ, TCAP1

as 2 of these seem to be the same as my 2 bad connections. Check screens below.


it’s got me wondering maybe these chips will read ive seen someone else about with same errors on similar chip.

UPA USA Programmer-1.jpg

UPA USA Programmer-2.jpg

UPA USA Programmer-3.jpg

Here is working solution, works with clone UPA well

1. connect all wires as shown on chip pinout diagram.

2.lift PD3 and IRQ pins from board. voltage test in upa program.

it should show connected at the bottom. then read Smile


you may have to lift VDD but maybe not I had lifted it 1st time round and may not have reconnected properly Smile

I did not lift tcap1 or other pins that have been suggested.


it seems the trick is to lift any pins from chip that give bad voltage.

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K-Tag KTM100 FWV7.003 Connection error E000079 (Fixed)

KTAG K-TAG KTM100 V2.13 firmware V7.003 ECU Programming Tool Master Version connection error (E000079) solution is provided below. 



After well installed the Ktag KTM100 V2.13 software on Win XP laptop and tried to select ECU to read and write. The software displays no ECU options under “Option” tab (all options are in gray). Meanwhile, the KTM100 software reported an error:


Interface connected…

Firmware Version: v7.3 build:0000

Error 【E000079】Customer Code Invalid”


Possible reason & Solution: engineer has worked out the solution and verified working by our customer. 


Possible causes:

1.Internet connection have not been disabled

2.Ktag driver is not well installed 

3.There is no power supply fed to the Ktag ecu programmer 

4.TF card and Shrapnel has poor connection 



1.Please disable internet/network connection before installing software. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

2. Make sure Ktag KTM100 driver is well installed. 

Open My Computer>>Manager>>Device Manager>>Universal Serial Bus controllers>>DimSport-New Trasdata Device to check the good communication between K-tag and computer. 


Software driver installation video to refer:


3.Make sure there is a power supply fed to the Ktag ECU tuning kit. 

4.If all the previous conditions are no problem, then the problem lies on the TF card. Make the shrapnel firmly attached to the TF card. 


In our customer’s case, the TF card is loose connection. He higher the shrapnel to make it firmly attached to the TF card, then the problem was solved.

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How to use Xentry Special Function Keygen/Generator

There is a Mercedes-Benz key generator for special programming functions--- Xentry Special Function Password Keygen /Generator. These passwords unlock special functions and restricted areas of the XENTRY program.


1. The keygen is used to activate offline function before XENTRY 2013.01V. Invalid on later/newer Star diagnosis software. 2012.9V Xentry is recommended. 

2. The software comes with keygen. You can activate the software by using the keygen yourself. Each car needs activation alone. You can use this keygen to calculate the data to activate every car model.

3. The key must work with real vehicle, DAS/XENTRY SIM will NOT WORK!!


Xentry special functions:


2. Air Conditioning

3. IC belt warning

4. IC reverse gear warning

5. IC special settings

6. IC search mode unlock

7. IC search mode unlock

8. ABR erase VIN

9. ABR VIN manual editing

10. ABR Eeprom memory

11. SRS deactivate

12. SRS System info

13. SRS Training

14. SAM R Alarm

15. SAM F Truck illumination

16. Centr.Lock/H beams/FoglightsR

17. DPF&ECU Flashing

18. CDI2 EGR adjustment

19. CDI4 EGR adjustment

20. ISM Shift module

21. Aut.Transm.Correction Programming

22. OFFLINE Programming

23. FDOK Blocked vehicles

24. FDOK Unlock Doumentation

25. TELLE All roaming

26. MoTelDiS

27. RWTS211


How to use the Xentry Special function password calculator?

1) Copy the software CD to your laptop

2) Insert the USB dongle to the laptop 

3) Open the software 

4) Enter the information & function you want to calculate 

5) Generate Xentry Special Function password


Password calculation tips:

Two date options can be chosen when you calculate the password:

---Date of manufacture

---The current day you work on the car



If you use the software to calculate password for others, the password will work that day or a few days later. But you need to change the laptop time/date, otherwise it will invalid some day. 

For example: if you calculate the password on 9 Feb, but works on the car on 15 Feb, then you need to change laptop time to 9 Feb.)



























FAQ Xentry SP function code calculator:

Q: What’s the function of the Xentry calculator?

A: For mb star series, normal function can be used after you activate the software. For other special function, it will ask you password for you, if you need these function, you can choose this Xentry special function to open the authorization. This Keygen is able to work with DAS/Xentry software and calculate keys to active the special functions.


Q: Can i use the DPF& ECU flashing function to remove DPF for all benz models?

A: Yes.


Q: I want to code new keys for EIS & EZS of benz, can i use the "EIS EZS" function of Xentry special function?

A: No. It does not support.

Q: Can i use Xentry special function to reset the SBC?

A: This software is the activation service, can activate this function for mb star, for this software itself, cannot do that.


Q: I have some questions want to make it clear in your description, it reads "You can choose the key for one of the following Functions", does it mean if i bought this one, you will open one of the following function? can i use this function for all the time, or just one time? for other function, if i want to open, do i need to pay money for you? how much do i need to pay?

A: Yes. You can activate all the functions shown in the description. You can use it all the time, but require to active it each time you deal with a different model. No need to pay money again.

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