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How to update Platinum Edition Star software HDD

2015.05 Mercedes Benz Star Diagnosis DAS/XENTRY Platinum Edition Dell D630/ThinkPad X61T/Panasonic CF30/External Format software HDD is available in The Platinum Edition version DAS/XENTRY can be worked with both Super MB Star C3 and SD Connect C4 multiplexers. 


Software version: 2015.5

StarFinder version: 2010


Top 7 features:

1) 4 format optional: Dell D630 format, ThinkPad X61T, Panasonic CF30 and External Format 

2) Provide one time free online SCN coding function. (later 70USD/Time)

3) Support permanent offline coding on Mercedes pre-2009. It is activated before shipping.

4) Support 23 languages.

Chinese; English, French; German; Croatian; Czech; Danish; Dutch; Finish; Greek; Hungarian; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian Russian; Spanish; Swedish; Turkish.

5) Big capacity: 160GB (External HDD has 120G space.)

6) Contact WIS Standalone and EPC Net.

7) Software can be updated online. 


2015.05 Platinum Edition SSD is also available, price is 390EUR. 


How to update Star Diagnosis Platinum Edition software HDD?

Platinum Edition HDD shares the same update procedure as normal version. Follow these steps:


Super MB Star software update video guide:


1. Browse to Super MB Star official website:, click Login 


2. Login with Serial Number and Password. 



Super MB Star comes with a password letter with unique ID and Serial Number. ID format SUP2013U07MR, serial number format 2014-0123-4567-6789.  

For serial number, input the ID SUP2013U07MR, for password, it is the last 8 numbers for serial number, input 45676789 as the password


3. Click "Update Online" option, then you will find the software list, download the latest software to update your tool


4. Download the Super MB STAR Updater V 3.0 to your laptop, then install it as the prompt:

1) fill in your email address

2) Click "register" button. Official website will send you a code

3) Fill the code in the blank

4) Click "Link"


5. Then you will enter this interface:

When new software download, click the update tool icon you have installed, then you will see this interface, click "Download" button,  then latest software will download and install automatically.


6. Software update procedure completed. 



What’re the differences among Star DAS/XENTRY Platinum Edition, Top version, Normal Edition and Plus Edition?



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Xhorse VVDI2 and VVDI Pro add BMW CAS4+ key

This is an instruction on how to program BMW CAS4+key, read ECU data and generate key using VVDI2 key programmer and VVDI Pro programmer


Main steps:

1. Read BMW CAS4+ ECU with VVDI Prog

2. Generate dealer key/Add key with VVDI2

3. Test new added CAS4+ key on Test Platform 


Step 1: Read BMW CAS4+5M48H ECU with VVDI Pro

This is a BMW CAS4+ immo box with 5M48H CPU



Open VVDI Pro software 

Select ECU type: BMW->5M48H 

Click “Connection diagram” to view wiring diagram 

Remove the component on CAS4+ circuit board 


Connect VVDI pro adapter cables with CAS4+


Check all cables/connectors are well connected/soldered 

Click “New”

Click “Read”

Device Initiating 


Wait the read data procedure process to 100%


Read ECU data completed 

Click “Save” and save data to desktop 


Step 2: Add BMW CAS4+ key with VVDI2

Connect VVDI 2 interface with PC 

Open VVDI2 software 

Select BMW model


VVDI 2 will auto detect the device 

Select “File make key”-> CAS4+-> 5M48H 


Click “Yes” to load file 

Open the CAS4+ ECU data file previously saved by VVDI Pro on desktop 

Double click the data file 

Select “Key3”, select “Generate Dealer Key”


Select “Have an ignition key…”


Insert BMW original key into VVDI II key hole 

Click “Next”

Insert the new key into the VVDI2 key hole 


Generate new key will take about 30 minutes 

Click “Yes”

Write key successfully, insert the key to the car key hole, do not need to write EEPROM data

New key has been added 


Step 3: Test new added CAS4+ key on Test Platform

Place newly added BMW CAS4+ key to the BMW CAS4 5M48H Test Platform 

LED2 light fast flashes indicating the newly added BMW CAS4+ key is working. 


Here is the extra adding CAS4+ key Chinese video instruction guide:

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How to update Xhorse VVDI-PROG VVDI PROG super programmer

VVDI-PROG super programmer is the new released programmer for Xhorse company to program ECU, MCU, EEPROM. Xhorse release new software very fast. For this VVDI-PROG, it new release V3.4.0 software on 2015-09-20.


Here is the update information:

V3.4.0 VVDI-PROG VVDI PROG super programmer software free download


V3.4.0 software update (2015-09-10):

* This version DON’t need update


+ Add Porsche BCM (1L15Y/2M25J/5M48H)


+ Add MC9S12XEQ512,MC9S12XET512

  options in <2-MCU>–>Motorola

+ Add BENZ EIS-W203 in


* Fix some display BUGs in English


* Change the name of upgrade button

  as “Start Firmware Upgrade”

* Change the Voltage name as “VCC”,


How to update Xhorse VVDI-PROG VVDI PROG super programmer

1) Connect the device with the USB wire for the computer

2) Click on the following start online upgrade button to upgrade

3) Waiting for the upgrade to complete


More information:

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