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Free download YanHua Porsche PIWIS Tester 2 V15.900

Good news!!! YANHUA Porsche PIWIS tester II diagnostic scan tool software has newly updated to V15.900 (09/2015). The new version can works with latest Macan. here provides the free PIWIS V15.9 software download. 


Free download Porsche PIWIS V15.900


NOTE: The update software fits SP161-BS YanHua brand Porsche tester only. 


Software version: V15.9/V15.900 

Language:  English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Dutch.

Update: by HDD

Operating system: Windows XP only (Panasonic CF-30 laptop CPU: 9300 4GB RAM)


V15.900 PIWIS software display:

V15.900 PIWIS software display-1.jpg

V15.900 PIWIS software display-2.jpg

V15.900 PIWIS software display-3.jpg

V15.900 PIWIS software display-4.jpg

V15.900 PIWIS software display-5.jpg

V15.900 PIWIS software display-6.jpg

V15.9 version PIWIS with new piwis Wiring diagram system:

V15.900 PIWIS software display-7.jpg

V15.900 PIWIS software display-8.jpg


How to update Porsche PIWIS from V15.600 to V15.900?

Download the free software and burn to DVD to run an update. Follow these steps:

1) Please insert the upgrade DVD into DVD rom, then choose [Tools- DVD Upgrade] the software will install automatically.

2) Click [Yes] to confirm released DVD installation prompt;

3) Click [OK] to confirm the setup.

4) When you seen these screens, you need wait with patient, it might cost around 4-7 hours to finish the whole upgrade process.

5) Open the software after computer reboot, check the Porsche Tester2 V15.900 software information.

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Read 5M48H and 8pin IC using VVDI Pro by Xhorse Company

The following paragraphs are about the detailed procedure to read 5M48H and 8pin IC using VVDI Pro by Xhorse Company. Hope it helps.


Part 1: VVDI Pro read 5M48H

Open VVDI Pro software, select type, manufacture and model as MC9S12XEP100) 

vvdi pro options-01.jpg

Click “Wiring Diagram” 


Maximize wiring diagram: right click and select “zoom window”, then pull down window. 


Follow the wiring diagram to connect CAS to the VVDI Pro.


Start to connect the cable. 


The left zone is done, next is to do the right zone. 


In this wiring diagram, it only need to remove one 0 ohm resistor to read out data, but one CAS ECU structure is different another one, some needs remove more electronic parts; we will show how to do in the other videos. 


Next is to remove this 0 ohm resistor. 


Wiring is done, 0 ohm resistor is removed


Plug adapter into VVDI Pro. 


Close wiring diagram.


Select “New” – “ Read” 


You see it is reading data very fast.


Reading data successfully, click “Save”


Next is to check data.

Open the data, drag the mouse to check, okay, data is all read out, close it. 


Part 2: VVDI PRO read common 8pin IC

Next is use VVDI PRO read common 8pin IC. 


Take Elysee immo box for example.


Blow Elysee 8pin 93C46.


Use a clip to insert 8pin 93C46 into VVDI pro adapter and lock it.


Select Type: 1-EEPROM, Manufacture: ATMEL, Model: AT93C46[A] 


Click “New Create” – “Read” 


Click “Save” 



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Read vehicle wiring diagrams with Multi-diag J2534 Pass-Thru

Multi-Diag access J2534 Pass-thru is able to access wiring diagrams for multi-brand foreign and domestic cars, trucks, Van engines (diesel, gasoline, flexfuel etc) through years 1996-2014. The wiring diagram is easy to read detail with symbol description. It is extremely helpful for those who want to trace down circuit, radio diagram, A/C circuit, engine wiring etc. 


How to read vehicle’s wiring diagram with Multi-Di@g Access J2534 pass-thru?

Follow the instruction:

Well install ACTIA Multi-diag J2534 software (current software 2014.01V/Ⅰ-2014)

Connect the Multi-diag J2435 interface with vehicle via OBD socket 

Start using the Multi-diag software, select vehicle model, year etc, then come to Technical information program 

Press theactia-multi-diag-j2534-wiring-diagram-0.jpgbutton and select vehicle cylinder number, the Multidiag software will display wiring diagram 


Click on the "?" icon to get a description of symbols


Hover the mouse over the diagram to view additional comments and notes where available.




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