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Xhorse Condor XC-MINI key cutting pros and cons

Original Xhorse Condor XC-MINI key cutting machine is a big hit in recent days. Both our domestic and foreign locksmith/experts reported the test results.  What Condor –XC-MINI does and does not, please check the review below.




What’s good of Condor MINI? 

1. Lighter in weight. Net Weight: 18Kg  Gross Weight: 22.9Kg

2. Multi-language are added to Condor MINI, free to change language within the machine 

3. Feed 80-220V power supply. No country/region limitation. 

4. Comes with 3 clamps (Clamp 1-3). 

5. With built-in database, do not need to install on PC separately, directly search database

6. With double probe, do not need to remove the probe back and forth

7. Free to set cutting speed, faster than Korean key cutting machine (e.g Korean Miracle A7)

8. It is convenient to upgrade the software on Internet, do not need to send the unit to factory or install TF card. 

9. Compatible with cheap and ordinary milling tools and cutting tools, save you a lot 

10. Save cutting data in case of future query

11. Database is well illustrated with pictures which lower the key tooth selection risk

12. Support keyless entry, help locksmith find extra key tooth in door lock then ignition lock 

13. Better than V8/X6 key cutting machine

14. 3 ways optional to cut keys (key database, key duplication & cutting by bit)


Practical examples:

1.  Cut New GM, Coverlet, HU100, PSA Peugeot, Citroen VAT2 key, XC-MINI makes job easier

2.  Do Toyota TOY43 all key lost, save you a lot of time 

3. Cut Suzuki, Mazda (key tooth in ignition lock more than door lock) all key lost, simply by enter the key code 

4. Do Hyundai, Kia, Peugeot, and Citroen all key lost, directly program keys 

5. HU101 works fine, HU92 works fine.

6. HU66 OK, have to do two passes on each side to get the key to work, same with hu100.

7. Fix the problem that other key cutting machines cut domestic Honda key not accurately 



1. No built-in battery 

2. No solution for Renault emergency blade yet

3. Condor XC-MINI cannot decode HU83

4. Track still breaks 


But Xhorse key cutting machine will continuously update and improve capacities. Let's hope it works out. 


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How to: Ford Modeo remote all key lost DIY

Ford Mondeo all key lost is troublesome for locksmith. I have a client who lost all his keys today. I worked out problem finally. 


Main procedure:

1. Find key code

2. Cut key blank 

3. Generate remote key 

4. Add remote 


I cannot find my “centipede” lock tool ((HS Code & tariff for Ford mondeo and Jaguar open lock tool shape as centipede it will read key code quickly). So I had to go other way around. 


I made two electric wires to open the car lock. First of all, I connect the wire to my own car’s battery and then convert Mondeo to negative ground. Then connect the positive pole to a wrapped line in the leather hose in the trunk. (see picture below marked read arrow)



Ravel out the wire strand and figure out the one needed (orange-and-black)


Open car trunk after power (If your client leaved the key on the car, there is a tie rod on the trunk, pull the tie rod and push the seat to enter into the car)


Then remove car lock. Personally, the trunk of the car is easily to disassemble.


Remove the lock body, write down the lock plate number one by one




Key code is 413 342


Then get the new key cut using Xhorse Condor XC-007 key cutting machine and Clamp 3 via key database. 


My client requires to generate folding remote control key. Then I hooked up the VVDI key programmer to generate a remote. 



The metal key head should not be too long, shorter in length than original key processed, otherwise the chip identification distance is too large to start the vehicle. 


Identify chip and install it. Old Mondeo remote key uses use 4D-60 chip (4D-70 can also be replaced as well), only a few Mondeo manufactured in Taiwan use 4C chip (ID 4c glass tube chip). 


Finished generating Mondeo remote with VVDI and well installed the remote, shown as picture:



The final step is to add remote manually. 


There are several key programmer can be chosen to program remote for Mondeo, such as T300, MVP key programmer, KD900 remote maker etc. I am using MVP Pro, 10 minutes work. (If you need to reset the system, it requires 2-button Folding Remote Control Key, otherwise it will not start)


Equipment I used 

Condor XC-007/Condor XC-MINI key cutting machine 


MVP auto key programmer 


All roads lead to Rome. I am just saying what I did and achieved. You are on your own risk.

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Key Pro M8 MVP Pro clone very important tips!!! supplies the clone MVP Key pro Key pro m8 automotive key programmer with high quality (PCB screenshots below are the proof) and tokens with absolutely cheap price. If you mind following very important tips, they will help you using the m8 key pro properly. 


Top 13 Tips:

1. Key pro m8 comes with 1 year warranty guarantee. 


2. Please connect one dongle when start machine, but please DO NOT use Dongle B, this one can not start the device. No need to register/update M8 when get the machine. You can directly use it to program keys.


3. The key pro m8 comes with tokens as well as the original MVP pro. This is no token unlimited version. When the tokens is used up, you need to charge tokens follow the pdf document


4. Not all car models need tokens. The screen will prompt how many tokens are required if tokens are needed. 


5. Key pro m8 will calculate pin code for some models, but not all models, you need pin code tool e.g VPC-100 pin code calculator to get the pin code. 


6. M8 key pro cannot program some Lexus cars whose keys with 4C chip and Toyota H chip.


7. The Key Pro M8 is supplied with all available software (All Makes & Models) FREE. We will provide software free update online in one year. Update video instruction:


8. Key pro m8 update software can only be installed on Windows XP without any anti-virus software program. 


9. If you need to calibrate the screen, use the round button on the bottom left corner of screen. 


10. Detail key pro m8 vehicle list, please check


11. If the M8 keeps saying communication between the programmer and the vehicle failed. The key pro m8 will not work on your model or model year, please connect customer service first.


12. If you enter wrong passcode in 3 times and m8 is locked. Please send us serial number, password and the code on the locked screen, then our engineer to unlock it for you.


13. Our clone M8 has English language only. 


PS: Key Pro M8 key programmer PCB and chips
















All chips, resisters, connectors are well soldered and connected


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