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(Fixed) 2001 Mercedes W220 S500 dash, where is the eeprom


After replacing the EIS on this 2001 Mercedes W220 S500 the mileage now reads ----- on the dash. I’m guessing it’s because the das and EIS have different mileage values, ok that’s fine but where is the eeprom located in this dash?


There is no ESL on W220, so I did not code in the new EIS. I virginised ECU and adapted used EIS. i dont see eeprom on other side either. 


i know how to read the EIS




heres the dash 24c04 eeprom.!1Ioi3DJD 


And here one experience locksmith have change my dump to 0 and my original mileage was 125024!lVB2WRYY


Given Suggestion as follows:

"You don't have mileage in this eis. May be the VIN of the car is in there, then you must try to 0 the dash, adapt with Star Diagnosis and after that change the mileage with STAR to what you need. When you zero the dash, the star will think that your dash is new and let you adapt with the car"


Finally, solved with Star Diagnosis!!

You need to change the coding in the cluster. change modification year, and also code presafe to not present, just use Star Diagnosis through OBD will work ok, go to icm,control unit adaptation,all codes then do coding. pay particular attention to modification year and also set presafe to not present. 


Finally, worked like a charm, problem gone. FYI the modification year was not important, just set the PRE-SAFE to not present and it was all done

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How to reprogram PCM for Ford Focus 2008 with VCM2 IDS

Here is the instruction on Ford Focus 2.8L 2008 PCM reprogramming using Ford VCM II IDS diagnostic system clone. 


Main procedure:

Step 1: Install a new PCM

Step 2: Reprogram PCM


Step 1: Install a new PCM

Install VMware and well setup IDS software follow the video/pdf guide (see attachment below)

Run Ford Module Programming



Click on car icon 

Select “Start New Session”

Press “Confirm” 

The SAE J2534 pass-thru device cables must not interfere the safe operation of the vehicle. Secure all cables away from the vehicle pedals. 

Make connection as shown

Turn ignition to ON

Apply the parking brake 

Apply Neutral/Park gear position


Establishing communication to PCM

Verify vehicle information


Press programming icon 

Select “Module programming”

Select “Programmable Module Installation”>> “PCM”


Again verify vehicle information and confirm 

Turn ignition to OFF position (Position 0)

Check if the displayed VIN is correct, if yes, hit Yes to continue


Follow the system prompt to install a new module in vehicle


Step 2: Reprogram PCM with VCM 2 IDS

Please read the following information carefully. 

NOTE: Do not start a reprogramming session with a low battery in the vehicle and/or programming tool. 

The fuel pump and the engine cooling fan(s) may run during the following procedure. 

If you are programming a 6.0L diesel, the FICM replay must be removed before programming. 


Turn ignition to ON position 

Erase procedure in progress

Downloading data and reprogramming PCM in progress


Turn ignition to OFF 

The operation in progress 

Turn ignition to ON

Set ignition switch to OFF 

Calibration has been loaded and checked.


If you programmed a 6.0L diesel please reinstall the FICOM relay.


Start engine. Do not depress the throttle pedal. 

Set ignition to OFF

Set ignition to ON

Clear stored fault codes


Turn ignition to OFF

PCM reprogramming procedure is done. 


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Star Diagnostic SD Connect 4 WIFI works with D630 only?

Mercedes-Benz MB SD Connect C4 is the only Star diagnostic system that is featured WIFI wireless connection via LAN cable. It is true that the WIFI only works with a D630 HDD & laptop?


Questions before entering:

I need help and have a question. Is it true that the WIFI only works with a D630? Because I use Xentry via VMWare and I search a solution to use SD Connect via WIFI. 


I have 2 Laptops. The one is a XPS M1710 and Xentry is installed internal HDD. The other Laptop is a Dell Studio and Xentry is installed via VMware external HDD. Can I use one of both methods the Wifi Connection?



Regular Star diagnostic DAS/XENTRY has two formats Dell D630 HDD and external HDD. (IBMT30 is quite old software for Star C3 and it is now out of production.) Usually the Dell D630 HDD is installed on Dell laptop while external HDD is installed on VMware. 


External HDD on VMware cannot enable SD Connect WIFI wireless connection. 


Star diagnostic Platinum Edition HDD has 4 formats: Dell D630/ThinkPad X61T/Panasonic CF30/External Format. 


ThinkPad and Panasonic CF30 laptop has built-in WIFI feature. If you using ThinkPad X61T/Panasonic CF30 format internal HDD on corresponding laptop, you can use SD C4 WIFI feature as well. 



SDConnect 4 WIFI connection can only be enabled when an internal HDD is well loaded on corresponding laptop (Dell HDD on Dell D630 laptop, X61T format HDD on ThinkPad X61T laptop and CF30 HDD on Panasonic CF30 laptop). WIFI Connection CANNOT be used under VMware condition. 


And majority SDS owner are rather to get the bundle package: SD Connect + Dell D630 laptop + Dell HDD


If you find any instruction to use SD Connect via WIFI but you do not have internal HDD, all at your own risk. 


How to setup LAN and WIFI for MB SD Connect Compact 4? Please check the video guide here:

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