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Star Diagnostic SD Connect 4 WIFI works with D630 only?

Mercedes-Benz MB SD Connect C4 is the only Star diagnostic system that is featured WIFI wireless connection via LAN cable. It is true that the WIFI only works with a D630 HDD & laptop?


Questions before entering:

I need help and have a question. Is it true that the WIFI only works with a D630? Because I use Xentry via VMWare and I search a solution to use SD Connect via WIFI. 


I have 2 Laptops. The one is a XPS M1710 and Xentry is installed internal HDD. The other Laptop is a Dell Studio and Xentry is installed via VMware external HDD. Can I use one of both methods the Wifi Connection?



Regular Star diagnostic DAS/XENTRY has two formats Dell D630 HDD and external HDD. (IBMT30 is quite old software for Star C3 and it is now out of production.) Usually the Dell D630 HDD is installed on Dell laptop while external HDD is installed on VMware. 


External HDD on VMware cannot enable SD Connect WIFI wireless connection. 


Star diagnostic Platinum Edition HDD has 4 formats: Dell D630/ThinkPad X61T/Panasonic CF30/External Format. 


ThinkPad and Panasonic CF30 laptop has built-in WIFI feature. If you using ThinkPad X61T/Panasonic CF30 format internal HDD on corresponding laptop, you can use SD C4 WIFI feature as well. 



SDConnect 4 WIFI connection can only be enabled when an internal HDD is well loaded on corresponding laptop (Dell HDD on Dell D630 laptop, X61T format HDD on ThinkPad X61T laptop and CF30 HDD on Panasonic CF30 laptop). WIFI Connection CANNOT be used under VMware condition. 


And majority SDS owner are rather to get the bundle package: SD Connect + Dell D630 laptop + Dell HDD


If you find any instruction to use SD Connect via WIFI but you do not have internal HDD, all at your own risk. 


How to setup LAN and WIFI for MB SD Connect Compact 4? Please check the video guide here:

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Working solution for Lexia PP2000 is no longer recognized on USB port

This post starts with user’s real problem on Lexia PP2000 that no the interface is no longer recognized on USB port, then followed by the analysis on this problem and working solution, as well as Trouble shooting Description. Hope it helps!


The problem: 

When connecting to the USB port, the card is recognized and detected with USB com board driver. After flash spi flash (Winbond W25Q80B) for changing the serial number and flash MB90F546GS microprocessor with SCARY file for recognition in EVOLUTION driver; the interface is no longer recognized on USB port ????? After re-reading the SPI flash, this one is empty ???


Finally, I found the problem on this interface (more precisely on the microprocessor MB90F546GS board).



Missing +Vcc on the pull-up resistor 3.9 Kohms, inner track probably cut ...

Setting up a wire to bring the +Vcc on the pull-up resistor.



Trouble shooting Description: 

After changing many components, among other SPI flash, HA86, Micro MB90F546GS ... etc, I have come to think of a concern for missing pull up resistor or a problem on a layer track internal ...

Indeed, the return signal for communication between pin 2 (DO: data output) of the spi flash W25Q80B and pin 28 (P50 / SIN2: Serial data input) of the microprocessor MB90F546GS fact it through two logic circuits: a ACHT86 and HB125; in order to change the logic state and complicate the task of reverse engineering.


Hoping that this could be used for other ...




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368A key cutting machine vs. Xhorse Condor key cutter

Why this 368A key cutting machine is so cheap while Condor XC Master series cutting machine is so expensive?


368A and Xhorse Condor key cutter are totally different machines. 368A key cutter is the manual control version. You need to do Calibration and cutting keys manually. While Condor key cutting machine is the automatic version. It can do Calibration and cutting keys by itself automatically.


Xhorse Condor XC MINI key cutting machine comes with build-in key database that will cut major vehicle key in the world. But the little 368A budget machine is great for cutting laser type keys. 


What key can 368A key cutting machine cut?

368a key cutter can cut/duplicate both home keys and vehicle keys (multi car brands, BMW, Honda, VW etc.)


For detail what type of key can get cut, please check the user manual in the package or contact customer service.


According to our customer’s feedback, 368A key cutting/duplicate machine is ideal for making duplicates or use together with items like SL277 or SL269-B.


SL277 New Type Car Key Combination Tool HU66


SL269-B  HU66 Manual Key Cutting Machine Support All Key Lost for VW/AUDI/Skoda/Seat




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