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How to fix Star DAS/Xentry "No access authorization code" error?

A small part of MB Star DAS/Xentry users got "No access authorization code" error when operating Xentry/DAS activation, shown as follows. 


There are 2 possible reasons and solution:

The first possible reason: You haven't ctivate Xentry and DAS. You are required to send your supplier HW-ID,Lan ID and APP ID for Xentry activation and HW-ID for DAS activation, please follow the user guide to active Xentry and DAS:


The second possible: You activated successfully, but when you start the computer, you get the same error. Then please do by following steps.

1). Go to "C/Documents and Setting/All Users/Application Data/LicDir"


2). Copy "Lic_Key_2.dat" and paste it.

3). Setting the folder as "Show hidden files and folders".

4). Rename "copy file Lic_Key_2.dat" as "Lic_Key_2.x4711".


5). Again input the password of Xentry, and save it.

6). Test the Xentry software

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(Solved) Mercedes W203 EDC16C2 ECU problem not crank and not read on BDM

This post begins with Mercedes W203 EDC16C2 ECU problem that MPC556LF8MZP40 wont crank and ecu not possible to read on BDM, and finally solve the problem. To know how to solve this problem, go on reading.


Car model and year:

MERCEDES W203 EDC16C2 ecu 0281012451 A6461504091.




Ecu has problem with MPC556LF8MZP40.

It wont cranck untill you heat mpc little bit. Around 20C.

Also ecu is not possible to read on BDM. It cant recognize it.


What tool used to test?

Tested with FGTech Galletto and BDM100 ECU programmer


Detailed problem description:

So I found DUMPS on forum readed with DIMSPORT.

Because i am not sure that dumps are ok, i have to program them in to another same cu from W211 so i can test it on mercedes w203.

After programming W211 ecu with BDM100 in dimsport software i use external eeprom from W203 ecu and program it in w211 ecu.

I test it on car and everything went fine. Car start and no fault (checked with DAS).

After testing i use GALETTO and read w211 ecu and save files. So i have files that work.

Then i start to searcH for used MPC556LF8MZP40, and i found it in FORD FOCUS EDC16 working ECU.

I resolder it from ford ecu and re-ball it and solder it on mercedes w203 ecu. I connect it with GALETTO and finally i can connect it. 

When i look better i saw that eeprom PROGRAMM and READ options are disable.

So i was thinking ok that was wrong dump inside MPC and i start with programming MPC. After programming MPC i restart the ecu and same problem.

OK i have to program also external FLASH and MPC. Maybe that could be the problem.

After programming MPC and flash i have still the same situation. Not possible to read and program external EEPROM.


Finally, Solved!!!

Problem was bad mpc. When i heat it littlebit i get access to the eeprom. i replace new mpc and now cor run smootlhy.

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Free download Volvo VIDA DiCE 2014D and Win 7 installation

The latest Volvo VIDA software for DiCE diagnostic system goes to 2014D. VIDA 2014D software can be free downloaded here:


Software version: VIDA 2014D

Multi-Language:  Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Thai, Chinese


Computer requirement:

Operating System: WIN 7 PRO

Browser: IE9

CPU: above 2.0

Memory: 4GB

C:// must have 120GB space

Software must install on C://

It must be NTFS format


(Vida works with w7_64 and IE11! You can also install all the Windows updates.

 BUT: DotNET 4.51 causes the communication problems between VIDA and DICE. Deinstall dotNET and everything works just fine.)


If you do not have Win 7 32-bit O/S, you can download here for free:


How to install Volvo VIDA DiCE 2014D on Win 7?

Main steps:

Step 1: Install wrar362 

Step 2: Install IE9

Step 3: Install VIDA 2014D setup 

Step 4: Install VIDA 2014 Patch 

Step 5: Install Volvo Dice driver 

Step 6: Run VIDA Self Test & Diagnose cars


Step 1: Install wrar362 

Open and install wrar362 Setup


Click “Select all” and “OK”

Press “Done”


Step 2: Install IE9 browser 

Install IE9 browser 

Select “Ignore any programs” and press “Continue”


Internet Explorer 9 now is installed, restart the computer 


Step 3: Install VIDA 2014 setup 

Open VIDA 2014D CD or software folder 

Open Patch VIDA 2014-A-B-C-D


Copy 2014A.exe to desktop


Open “Install” folder 

Open “DVD” folder 

Open “Vida_dvdheader”


Open “Main” folder 

Open and install “Setup”


Select “VIDA All-in-one”


Select software language


Press “Next”

Press “Next”

Accept license agreement 

Install VIDA InstallShield Wizard 

Choose Vida Configurator Location to “Internet”, press “Save”

Close the configuration results popup 

Close Vida Configurator


VIDA setup wizard is completed.  Select “No, I will restart my computer later” and press “Finish”


Step 4: Install VIDA 2014 Patch 

Open 2014A.exe on desktop 

Click “Install” to install Volvo VIDA 2014A Patch


Allow windows security alert 

Restart the computer!!!


Step 5: Install Volvo DiCE driver 

Open “VIDA All-In-One” software on desktop 

Enter Username “1”, click on “LOG IN”



Connect the Vida DiCE interface with computer via USB port

The system will automatically install driver 

DiCE-206751@000000000000 device driver has installed successfully 


Step 6: Run VIDA Self Test & Diagnose cars

Select Communication tool to “DiCE-206751”




Press “RUN” to start the test 

Test results OK, close it


Click “READ VEHICLE” under Communication tool

VIDA will detect vehicle information 

Manually enter Transmission, Steering, Body style etc information


Select “DIAGNOSTIC” tab 

VIDA will verify VIN and communicate with CEM


Start to diagnose your vehicles, clear fault code etc.

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