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How to use offline coding programming function MB STAR software HDD

For STAR software before 2013. All support offline coding. Offline coding can be used after activation by SS12 setting up offline mode.

For offline coding option, many customer will choose it wrongly when usage. they will choose by SCN online coding option. For SCN online coding option, this function is not free. One time one charge. Please attention.

Here is the instruction for how to use offline coding.
1) Choose module first.




Offline coding is mainly for cars before 2009. Not all module has offline function. Usually after you choose the module you want to program. If this ECU support offline, then it will show offline coding function. Usually if you want to know this is opened or not. it can work or not. Please enter it via Xentry SIM or DAS sim to operate.

Usually after you choose the car you want to work, and enter via xentry sim or das sim to operate and will see offline option, then it means your software offline function is opened and can be used.

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VW/Audi DSG transmission DQ200 DQ250 programmer, which one?

Where toy buy good programmer for DSG transmission on VAG cars? Which one to buy, KESS V2 or MINI DSG reader?

Both KESS V2 and MINI DSG reader are working. Let’s see the customer feedback first.

MINI DSG reader (DQ200+DQ250) for VW/Audi

2014 MINI DSG reader is used for AUDI and VW new car. Usually the tool for reading/writing new VW/AUDI gearbox data is few and very expensive, now the low cost MINI DSG reader tool is coming. You don't need remove ecu from car, only connect some plug to the DSG ECU and then you can read/write and save dump to bin flie.

User feedback:
1. I use this tool, it works well. It works great on some dq250
2. Mini dsg reader no problem on old DSG DQ250 Cxx. Both read and write. Tested directly on TCU
3. Have coded and tested successfully on DSG 6 speed
4. Test OK on reading DSG 7 VW Golf 2012
5. MINI DSG reader works on DSG 7 CAN only
6. DQ200 from golf 5 DSG7 takes 25 minutes
7. Have tested on dq250 cxx and reading no problem.
8. Audi A3 6 Speed DSG (Temic DQ250) DQ250 via OBD –II.


MINI DSG cable connection:

For DQ200

For DQ250

KESS V2 Feedback:
1. I have read and write DSG DQ250 with kess EU 2.08, works without problem
2. KESS v2 clone will not work on many DSG. I tested many cars and on older one DSG KESS don’t work. The newer firmware Alientech KESS original with tricore works OK.
3. With direct cable (not obd2) DQ200 and DQ250 read and write perfect with good quality Kess EU, my Kess also support DQ500 read and write. I did all 3 of these TCU successfully
4. Successfully made dq200 OBD with good quality kess clone 2.08 (and up). Read and write OK.

If your MINI DSG can read DSG ECU but cannot write it back, you go for the KESS V2, original and EU clone are batter choices. It is good to keep both. But if you cannot afford Original or EU KESS clone, MINI DSG reader is not bad a choice.


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VVDI Prog Programmer 3.92 Free Download

This is all about the new VVDI Prog Programmer 3.92, including the latest software and hardware introduction. Hope this helps someone in need.


Free download vvdi prog 3.92: 

contents included:



vehicle ECU wiring diagram


How to install VVDI PROG software:


compatible device for files above:

Xhorse vvdi prog programmer


What’s new in VVDI PROG v3.9.2 (2015-10-30):

* the firmware update is unnecessary

+ add CAS2 version 2 wiring diagram

+ add PCF79XX wiring diagram

+ In <2- microcontroller> Motorola, add



   MC9S12XES384 with mask model:

   (2M25J, 3M25J, 0M12S, 1M12S),

   MC9S12XEP768 with mask model:

   (4M48H, 5M48H, 0N35H, 1N35H)

+ add MC68HC05X32, MC68HC705X32 series

   mask Model:

   (0D62J, 1H52A, 0D69J, 1D69J, 2D69J)

   (Need to use MC68HC05X adapter)

* Fixed ID reading issue on MC9S12XE series 

* Fixed EEE writing issues on MC9S12XE series

* Modify Audi J518 wiring diagram


3.92 vvdi prog software display:

3.92 vvdi prog software-1.jpg

3.92 vvdi prog software-2.jpg


Vvdi prog hardware test:

Vvdi prog hardware test-4.jpg

Vvdi prog hardware test-5.jpg

Vvdi prog hardware test-6.jpg

Top 4 reasons to choose VVDI PROG:

1) 100% Genuine tool made by XHorse company. High quality.


2) Frequently software update

You can directly download the latest update tool from official website to update your tool.


3) Detailed cable connection photo help you use this tool easily.


4) Buy VVDI-Prog programmer, GET FREE BMW ISN read function and NEC, MPC, Infineon etc chip continuously update service 


Read more:



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