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How to ISTA/P error 94201 10007 97020

I just installed full version of ista along with icom emu 3.0.3.
After some trying with the network settings, i finally got the icom to show in ista.

I am trying to get ista to work with my k+dcan-usb cable with my BMW E87 1 series.

I started up ista and and the icom emulator on my windows 8 computer with VMware Workstation 10 and connected the k+dcan cable to my car. It worked and made contact with the car and started reading out different values like my vin number and production date etc.

But suddenly i got a pop-up window with 4 errors..
It says: "An error occurred on execution of the measure."

94201 Technical service initialisation failed (EDIABAS) - IFH-0009: ECU not connected or not responding


10007 (CIP) - Error during initialisation of EDIABAS

94020 Determination of the vehicle context failed

Google and talked with some bmw users on forum. I was told that that this could be because the car had MOST connection but unfortunately i don't have MOST in my car that i know of.

Here is a useful tip i got in a bmw forum, about how to check MOST. Post it for sharing with all.

The best way to find out MOST connection is to 'get your hands dirty'. First you should check for a square shaped cap/cover about 4x4cm size on the plastic cover above the feet pedals. If it is there, then you can get a flat head screw driver and pry it open gently from the inner side(the side that you cannot see easily). Doing so, it will allow you to pull down the MOST interface cover/adapter/connector assembly.

To use the MOST connector, you have to disconnect the 'L' shaped cover from the pointy adapter. To do this you have to first disconnect the MOST connector from the pointy adapter, then pry aside an arrow-head shaped hook on the pointy adapter while pushing it toward the pointy side. The pictures below will make it clear. 

I chose to take off the entire cover above the pedals(using a Torx screw driver set) to see what sort of craziness is going on in there, and also took apart the MOST interface/adapter/connector assembly. Note that if you intend to use an ICOM, then you want to use that pointy adapter connected to the MOST connector so you can insert the pointy portion into the ICOM's 'ICOM B hardware' (MOST-USB-ICOM A interface connector).

1. MOST interface assembly pulled down

1. MOST Interface Assembly Pulled Down.JPG

2. Entire cover pulled down

2. Entire Cover Pulled Down.JPG
3. MOST connector

3. MOST Connector.JPG
4. MOST interface cover & connector adapter

4. MOST Interface Cover & Connector Adapter.JPG

5. MOST Interface Cover & Connector Adapter.JPG
6. MOST interface cover

6. MOST Interface Cover.JPG
7. MOST connector adapter

7. MOST Connector Adapter.JPG
8. MOST connector adapter & connector

8. MOST Connector Adapter & Connector.JPG

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MB SD Connect Compact 4 problem solution

Here is some information and problem solution for MB SD STAR C4. We have made the video for software activation, keep the same step as our video, then you can use the software successfully.

Video:How to activate the MB SD STAR C4 software

Q: Does this software HDD has requirement for computer or computer system? Can i use win7 system to install this software? Do you have SATA HDD?
A: Please install the software on XP system. XP system is best for this software. More steady for software running. Do not advice you use win7 system.
There are different hdd to choose: Dell d630 hdd and external hdd. If you have D630 computer, then choose D630 HDD, if you do not have this computer, then choose External HDD. Attention: For D630 hdd, make sure your computer is integrated video card and with 1GB memory, because the D630 of discrete video card is easy to have blue screen or shutdown and restart, restart and shutdown. …..For SATA HDD, based on the HDD type you choose.

Q: After i find Fingerprint ID, i click "Diagnostic", it do not show me the Fingerprint ID, but the following error prompt: " System errors: Internal error (3.17)- 3.89 You must contact the user help Desk ", why?

A: Follow this way to solve: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataLicDir

Q: When i setup the Wireless Network Connection, i got he following prompt, what should i do next?

A: Ignore it. Please follow our video to setup the star, then you can use it directly.

Video:How to set wifi for 2013.9 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star

Q: When i install the software HDD, it prompt me "No access authorization code! Please contact the Star diagnosis call center". What's this?

A: You do not activate the software. Star software need activation before use. Please follow our video to activate your software, and send the activation data (Hardware fingerprint, LAN-ID and HW-ID) to, we will resend the activation data you need to you.

Q: EPC needs activation or not? Where to enter EPC? 
A: EPC needs activation. Make sure you enter EPC from "EPC NET EXPLORER", this is the right way. Then you will find LAN ID, then go on to activate the software.

Q: After i insert the D630 software HDD to my computer, it ask the "administrator code" for me, can you tell me the code?
A: The administrator code is: User$star2004.

Q: After i click "Select MUX", it gives me the error code like this photo, Status "No Signal". How to solve this problem?
A: You need to reset the IP address. Please connect to "Local area connection", and set IP address:, Subnet mask: for the detailed steps, please watch the video tutorial by clicking column "Video".

Q: I use USB cable to connect the external hdd with my computer, what to do next? Which software i need to install first?
A: Install "setup.exe" file first.

Q: I do not know what setup i have changed, when i use this software, it gives me this error prompt: "Internal error: (3.17)-3.173 you must contact the User Help Desk", what's wrong with my setting?

A: Your problem is that you change file “lic-key-2” as “read only. Do not change file “lic-key-2” as “read only.

Q: I want to use MB SD STAR C4 to connect with ECU to read Chassis No. for my smart 1998. Is it OK?
A: For SMART car, it needs login password. You can buy our DAS SMART Calculator to calculate login password.

Q: Does MB SD star c4 has the key? Or how to set up it? I want to use it by network key, instead of network cable, is it possible? Can i use it by WIFI and network cable at the same time?
A: For Dell d630 hdd, it has the wifi function. WLAN key is "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" (26 a in total). You only can work it by one way: Or wifi, or network cable. Not for both of them at the same time.

Q: Does this MB STAR C4 have online function? And SCN coding?
A: This MB SD STAR C4 support online programming and SCN coding function, but you need pay money to open.

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How to solve super ICOM WinKFP Error 300

Here’s the solution for how to fix WinKFP error 300: First HW interface could not be initialized, for bmw super icom v2015.8.

Just got super iCOM 2015.8V, but failed to open WinKFP. Didn’t know how to setting, without instruction on the screen.

super ICOM WinKFP Error 300-1.jpg
And it pop up error 300: First HW interface could not be initialized!

super ICOM WinKFP Error 300-2.jpg
Open “EDIABAS Configurat...”;

super ICOM WinKFP Error 300-3.jpg
(icon on Desktop)
select ICOM,
Get the IP to enter.

PS. How to get ICOM IP:
Go to download ITOOL Radar;
WHEN ICOM state is free, need to reserve;
Connect ICOM via LAN;

super ICOM WinKFP Error 300-4.jpg
Then click OK.

super ICOM WinKFP Error 300-5.jpg
The software of super icom is greatly different from that of normal icom (icom a2). If you did something wrong on one module, it may cost more than a million and cause several modules broken at the same time. Thus, plaese learn as more as possible for preparation before using super icom.

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