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Ford IDS works well on Windows XP, 7, 10,VMware, iPhone...

Hi, all IDS users. Ford VCM/ VCM2 software nowadays, you know, has been tested by some vcm users that IDS can be worked fine on almost laptops with different operation system, and even iPhone mobiles.

IDS V94 works well on Win 10:
My IDS is still working fine on windows 10,
IDS was installed on the panasonic toughbook i5 with windows 7
then the laptop got the upgrade to windows 10 with no reported problems,
this laptop is full of my everyday crap and i never turn off the security when i connect to van.
maybe i’ve just been lucky as i don’t know to much about computers,
all the bosch stuff is there and calibrations .
i accidentaly updated to the v94 once from ford then system restored the laptop to previous setting
and it ran saying it was v94 with no problems with licence or anything

IDS V97.01 works well on W10 Pro 64bit:
I have IDS V97.01 working with W10 Pro 64bit 

IDS works well on Win 7 family:
I had it working fine on my old works w7 machine but had to give that one back,  Got it on my own family w7 one too and no probs, and now got another w7 one for doing my own work stuff and looking to upgrade to w10 but holding off just now.

IDS V86 works well on Win 7 64 bit:
I tried to run a native copy of v86 using the same VCM, but directly on win7 x64
No problems, everything works sweetly.

IDS works well on Windows XP:
My ids is on an old shitter with xp and I don't let it connect to internet 

IDS V90.01 works well on VMware running Win XP PRO:

The VMware image works nicely, it includes a patched version of ids v90 running on xp pro.
However, it wants to update the firmware in my vcm2 so i'll try with v86 before doing that. I don't want to brick the vcm2 so it won't work with ids v86

IDS V86 works well on iPhone mobile:
For all I use it really, I'm quite happy just running v86 on my iPhone.
Fast enough and hardly any problems.
 get an IDS app


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GM Tech 2 Scanner Program TCM Buick Enclave 2008

Hi, all. Today obdexpress would update tech 2 scanner tested reports, which Tech 2 scan tool was used to program transmission control module (TCM) for my Buick Enclave 2008 with a mileage of 16,000km.

tech 2 used:

Tech 2 scan tool-1.jpg

Pictures about programming TCM:

programming TCM-2.jpg

programming TCM-3.jpg

programming TCM-4.jpg

programming TCM-5.jpg

programming TCM-6.jpg

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Easycoding for BMW and Rolls-Royce V1.4.0.151112 software download

Easycoding for BMW and Rolls-Royce new release V1.4.0.151112 software

Here is the software download link:

With this update, it new add the following:

1. Online Upgrading Module is added.
2. VIN database of BMW is renewed to October of 2015.
3. VO modification function is added .
4. Single system CODING function is added which makes CODING available on new or used ECUs.
5. DEMO function is added.
6. Perfectly solve programming version after 2015.2 can not brush hidden problem.
7. Software presentation capabilities and online upgrades.

Personalization features
Visualization for commonly used BMW personalized settings, simple operation, support the restoration of the original state function, modify security.

Modify the original car VO function.
It needs modify VO when you change low configuration for BMW to higher. Compared with expert version, this one new adds interpretation function for original VO.

Single system design code function
Support code matching function when you replace a new or second-hand ECU. Modified VO system also needs to be coded to take effect.

More information:

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