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BMW ICOM A2 Emulator, or INPA K+DCAN cable?

One BMW car for one ICOM? NO! Many fresh BMW owners are new to vehicle diagnosis and have incorrect opinions that ICOM is the most ideal scanner. Here are some suggestion for some new to BMW repair.

If you just want to scan for faults, clear them and do diagnostics and maybe some light coding you don't need an ICOM. A K+DCAN cable is good enough with either BMW Standard Tools or BMW Rheingold. But this is mainly for cars from 1998 to 2008, some new cars also.

Good K+Dcan inpa cables: (click the pic for more detail)

K+DCAN cable-pcb board--1.jpg K+DCAN cable-pcb board--2.jpg
Bad K+Dcan cable:

Dead On Arrival-side-3.JPG Dead On Arrival-side-4.JPG
RHEINGOLD is ISTA-D and runs natively on windows with K+DCAN interface. It's very good dealer diagnostic software. Pretty much does every function you'd ever need.

ICOM emulator is really needed when updating software on the vehicle where a stable and reliable connection is required over several hours. Almost all BMW cars are listed in, both old and new.

BMW ICOM A2+B+C scanner:

BMW ICOM A2+B+C scanner-5.jpg





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VCM 2 IDS activate "Ghost Screen" on Ford Truck

Below is the customer feedback on "Ghost Screen" activation with Ford VCM 2:

“Hey, man! Cool findings! Just succeeded to activate the "Ghost Screen" this morning. I used the your VCM 2 with the correct version of IDS. I have v98.01 of IDS loaded on another forum. You can post it in your web to help all.

Disclaimer - Not responsible for any damages this change may cause to anybodies truck.

No Ghost Screen

IDS "talking" with truck via VCM 2

Toolbox selected to get to the Module Programming

Programmable Parameters for our trucks

Select Personality Parameter to program

Change "Forced Regeneration Request" to Enabled.

Programming complete and VCM can be disconnected from truck

Ghost Screen now appears


That’s all.

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VAG VVDI V3.5.3 Update Error: Update programmer failed

Symptom description:
Original XHORSE VVDI VAG interface 3.5.2 prompt that “You must update your programmer to use this software. Do you want to update your programmer?”. Click Tak (Yes) to update VVDI VAG. But when updating vag programmer, error appears- “Update programmer failed.”

VVDI VAG interface-1.jpg

VVDI VAG interface-2.jpg

VVDI VAG interface-3.jpg
How to update VVDI China VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface 3.5.3?
Operating System: Win7 or Windows XP
Note: This version need the newest firmware support

-how to update VVDI firmware to the newest:
1. Use the update tool "Commander Immo Plus" (please contact us to send you)
2. Give us the serial number
3. We send you update file by email.
4. After receiving the software, import it into "commanderupdate v1.3" to update hardware.

- how to update software VVDI vag 3.5.3:
VVDI 3.5.3 software free download:

Tips on updating VAG VVDI Diagnostic Tool:
 If your VVDI is not from obdexpress, but you also want to update yours. You need pay 20USD for each update.

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