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Ford km/ mileage correction key programming with a knock-off

Sounds there are so many knock-offs like TOYOTA MINI VCI, MVCI, BMW K+DCAN interface...but no good “One Stop Electronics” cable for Ford cars?

---Reply at obd2express:
We obd2express have a new FORD OBD cable for odometer/mileage correction and key programming also, of high-quality printed circuit board, with easy installation, for most Ford cars. This is better than FORD KM TOOL for USA Ford.

FORD OBD cable-1.jpg
high-quality printed circuit board

high-quality printed circuit board-2.jpg

high-quality printed circuit board-3.jpg
Easy installation
Video guide:!8h1SWQgQ
Go to disk F: FORD OBD TOOL, to copy folder Ford-OBD to Desktop.
Extract .rar files driver and FORD OBD.

Install FORD OBD
Go to extracted folder FORD OBD->FORD OBD->FORD OBD.exe
Select Install....(Advanced) to go on.
Tick on Include this location in the search, click Browse.
Select Desktop/Ford-OBD/driver to go on.
Click Finish for successful installation of software for STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port.
Go to Computer Management.
Select Device Manager->Ports (COM&LPT)->STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port (COM4).

Then you can run FORD OBD
Again, open FORD OBD.exe
Prompt: No device found for COM 1. Click OK.
Select Port->STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port (COM4).

And click About for FORD OBD version and hardware ID.

Then do the km change or key programming as you want.

Vehicle coverage
Focus <.2007
Focus 2007+
Focus2 Restyle 2008+
Focus3 2011+
C-Max <.2007
C-Max 2007+
C-Max 2008+
C-Max color
C-Max 2011+
S-Max <.2007
S-Max 2007+
S-Max 2008+
S-Max color
Galaxy 2006+
Galaxy 2007+
Galaxy 2008+
Galaxy color
Mondeo 2007+
Mondeo 2008+
Mondeo 2010+
Mondeo color
Mondeo 2010+
Fiesta 2006+
Fiesta 2008+
Connect 2007+


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Techstream and MVCI on 64bit Windows 8.1 & Win 10 works!

Especially download Windows XP system for Techstream interface (suggested by obd2express technicians), just to shut off the DRL'S. Then leaved it aside.

Recently, wanted to shut off the passenger side seatbelt warning. My little daughter are always annoyed with that. No way!! But, only with Win 8 now.

Found this last week, had a tried, and it worked wonderfully on my Asus Windows 8.1 Intel i3 notebook:

The thread includes a dropbox link where you can download "all" of the needed files, but really all you need from there is the MVCI driver and the .reg registry hack file.

Get the latest Techstream from:

There are a number of steps to getting the driver installed manually, be sure to follow ALL of them before plugging the cable in.
On my 8.1 installation, when I plugged in the TIS cable, Windows automatically looked for and installed the driver, so if you haven't followed the instructions to that point, it will load the 32 bit driver.

After installing the driver, you need to run the registry hack. Mine downloaded as mvci-x64.reg.txt (might be a Dropbox restriction), simply rename to mvci-x64.reg
After renaming the registry hack file you then need to run the file, which will merge the contents with the registry (will probably get a Windows modification confirmation) 

Once the driver was loaded and I verified with the firmware update utility that it was communicating (don't try to update the firmware), I was ready to install and run Techstream.

Again, follow the directions on installation.
One .ini file needs to be edited to "activate" the program.

Upon loading, you'll need to select "Europe" and then your preferred language. The key thing is that only the "Europe" option works.
For the user and all other blank mandatory fields, I just typed in "111" and left the default "Albania" 

Next, select VIM type xHorse
Now, you'll want to set your preferences for units. It defaults to metric, and it also defaults to absolute for the TPMS so at first you'll be scratching your head at the 46psi tire pressure... set that one to "gauge"

There is no need to launch anything in XP compatibility or anything (at least not on my Windows 8.1 system)

PS. Yesterday, I found some tested TIS on Win10 X64! Then tested this version on my wife's Corolla using 32 bit Windows 10 just to see if it would work. It did. Also noticed that Win10 put in its own driver for the Techstream cable which seemed to work just fine with the program. 

Oh, yes. This may work for MVCI cable also, with the same software Techstream.

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New arrival European software for XPROG 5.55 ATMEGA64 Repair Chip

ATMEGA64 Repair Chip update XPROG-M ECU Programmer from V5.0/V5.3/V5.45/V5.50 to V5.55 Full Authorization (Including CAS4) with stable European software is available at


New features of the XPROG 5.55 ATMEGA64 Repair Chip
1. European solution on XPROG-M software, tested for all versions, very reliable.
2. Supports any XPROG-M Version update, all can be updated to latest V5.55
3. Supports ALL authorizations (including CAS4).

How to use the xprog update chip:
First, Our update chip and software suitable for any version XPROG-M Hardware. Our package only include update chip and software, not include XPROG-M hardware.
Second, we ship the update chip and software from European directly by post service.
Third, after you receive the update chip, solder new Atmega64 MCU to your xprog. Overwrite all files and folders from Xprog_Preinstalled,to your native Xprog install. Usualy C:Program FilesELDBXprogor C:Program Files(X86)ELDBXprog.
You can now start and Run Xprog. If you want to use this version on brand new PC, please install Xprog 5.0 and Adobe acrobat reader prior to files copy.

XPROG-M V5.55 Software Display:










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