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Here’s the real discussion initiated by users with 5054A ODIS VAS PC or/ and VAG VCDS.

* Bluetooth with VAS5054, but not with VAG COM
That said, I do wish that Ross-Tech would introduce a Bluetooth-enabled scanner product! But even the clone vas5054 comes with Bluetooth, available within 2 to 5 meters. After a connection to the VAS 5054A has been set up, the Bluetooth software provides a virtual serial COM port (Bluetooth Serial Port Profile). The Diagnostic Base System uses this COM port to communicate with the VAS 5054A.You need to specify this port when you install the diagnostic application.

* Operating system:
Vas odis- Windows 7, XP(xp2/xp3)
Vag- Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8

* VAS PC by the manufacturer/China, while VAG COM by Ross teck 
VAS PC is the manufacturer's diagnostic system, and very populous by VAG owners even the China clone.
VAG com is a software created by Ross teck 
Elsa is the system that allows the manufacturer to have technical documentation 
and ETKA is the system that allows for the reference and saw broken pieces of a vehicle

* VAS is updated online, while only original VCDS can be updated online.
VAS is the builder interface (but the software is 2013) can be updated online 
vcds or vagcom in clone can be updated online, but the only interface that can be updated online is original

* VAS coding must be online, while VAG not
The VAS / ODIS is the official tool for VW, the VAGCOM is a quality alternative to the VAS / ODIS, it is easier you can code some thing you can not with the VAS (because it must be Online), the VAS allows you to flash against by for update, but it's a little plant has gas. 

* China clone 5054a interface is enough for home use
If you have garage, car repair - you will need both. For home use, clone 5045a interface is enough. I have both because "there is no perfect interface for all job". For example, Ross tech never calibrate RVC, even if you follow instruction, and all of my friend also couldn’t calibrate. For VAS is 5 min. 

Cheap 5054a is more simple, clear, fast in use , but expert - Ross Tech not supply any special login / security code. Most of the time VAS no need this - VAS login to controller automatically, you don’t need to know Security Acces etc. 

Some unit can be recode by Ross tech, this same unit to recorded in VAS need to be do online ;(
For special exchange controller, VAS is simple, can easy make copy of codding and all settings.

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MB CAN Filter on Mercedes E-class W212 Connection Diagram

The Mercedes-Benz W221 model use the new EZS with the NEC processor marked JURA (also named EIS-electronic ignition switch). And Mercedes CAN filter will work with the EZS module. For installation remove EZS from car.

MB CAN filter to select:

MB CAN Filter 5 in 1 for W221 W204 W212 W166 and X166

MB CAN Filter 8 in 1 for W221 W204 W212 W166 and X166 W172 W218 W246

MB CAN Filter 12 in 1 for W221 W204 W207 W212 W166 X166 W218 W172 W246 W176 W117 W156

Step-by-step installation instruction:

1- prepare Mercedes CAN filter board:

check - resistor 121 must be soldered and solder second configuration points like in pictures.

MB-CAN-Filter-W221-connection (1).jpg

MB-CAN-Filter-W221-connection (2).jpg

2- Remove from EZS board SMD part marked with red “X”.

With short, good isolated wire connect Mercedes CAN filter to EZS board according picture: 1-1 (C1H), 2-2(C1L), 3-3(C2H), 4-4(C2L), 5- 5(GND), and 6-6 (+5V).

MB-CAN-Filter-W221-connection (3).jpg

Mercedes S-class W221 another type:

MB-CAN-Filter-W221-connection (4).jpg


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Ktag KTM100 7.003 TF card repair methods

How to deal with TF card when programs/files there cannot work well.


Fisrt of all, download KTAG KTM100 TF card fix zip file


KTM100 V2.13 software


Here is the instruction on how to fix Ktag KTM100 7.003 TF card.


main steps:

Step 1- replace folder “KTM TF fix”

Step 2 – move disk image file “KTM” to D:

Step 3- format TF card

Step 4 – write via Win320 Disk Image

Step 5 – Run KTM100 and test

The video below is to teach you how to do step by step,You can follow it to repair KTM100 7.003 TF card.


How to fix Ktag KTM100 7.003 TF card Video:

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