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V2014.01 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Activation Error

After install and activate V2014.01 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device software (disable network connection and antivirus software already),the system prompt software did not activated successfully.



installation failed

1. Install the Multidiag J2534 activation pactch

2.Change computer system to windows xp

3.If still failed,download Multidiag 2014.1 software and re-install again.

Installation Video Guide:
How to install V2014.01 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device

What should you pay attention to use this software:
1) DISCONNECT the internet when you install and use this software
2) Follow our I-2014V Multi-Diag Access J2534 software installation video install the software step by step
3) Software needs activation before. Please send ID (format is only 31-xxxxxxxxxxx) and your order number to, we will send the activation code for free.
4) After finish software installation. Go to the following folder C: ACTIA portal and then delete the file WEGT.EXE. Once delete this file. (If your software prompt you out of date when usage, do this step too)

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KTAG ECU Programming tool Using Tips

This post will answer all of following questions on Ktag master ECU programming tool including optional version, compatible vehicles, workable software, the difference among all available KTAG, tokens reset method and Ktag FAQ etc.


Ktag master ECU programming tool optional version

Following optional KTAG is compatible with most world-wide cars, and a little part of Motorcycle, truck, tractors and bikes. They are different in hardware version, price and the way to reset tokens.

Ktag ECU programming tool :

Item NO. SE80: FW V5.001, €74.99+shipping

Item NO. SE80-B: FW V6.007, €165.00+ shipping

Item No. SE80-C: FW V6.007, €119.00 free shipping

Item No. SE80-E: FW V5.001,€63.80+shipping

Item No. SE80-D: FW V7.003,€349.00+shipping

Tip on Ktag master ECU programming tool workable software:

So far, the compatible software version is as high as V2.11, if you run the higher software version on the hardware, you will find in the menu many gray icon and the function is not working, since higher software version requires higher hardware version.

Difference between SE80-B and SE80-C, they are same hardware version:

The distinct difference between Item No. SE80-B and SE80-C is that they use different method to reset tokens.

SE80-B token reset method: just press the “Token Reset” Button built-in on the side of machine, and meanwhile plug the power adapter to the power. You are free to get as much tokens as you can.

renew button.jpg

SE80-C token reset method:After tokens use up, connect the USB to the computer, use the token reset tool to write, then you can reset the tokens.

Note: Ktag is built in 30 tokens, after use up, you need to reset. The machine without tokens are built in 500 tokens which guaranty you can use Ktag for a long time.

KTM100 and KTAG have the same function, hardware version is V7.003,software version is V2.13.

KTM100 should pay attention:

A.KTM100 must not can use the original software, use original software might damage the equipment.

B.KTM100 buttons are all grey, there are two possible. A is customer with the original software upgrades, and second, the TOKEN is used up.

KTM100 get TOKEN method:

Through the TOKEN RESET BUTTON to restore.


Must pay attention to is to hold down the button and turn on the power then you can reset TOKEN, just hold down the button is not used, and only two to do at the same time then you can reset token.


1.Q:If Ktag will burn the ECU?

A: No, even you wire the cable not correctly. By the way, if you use FGtech and wire the cable for incorrectly, it will easily burn the ECU.

2.Q:When Ktag deducts tokens?

A:1)Back up: when you back up the data, it will not deduct tokens.

2)Flash (map) tunning file: It will not deduct tokens when read but will deduct when write.

3)EEPROM: It will not deduct tokens when read but will deduct when write.

3.Q:If you can able the internet connection when using KTAG?

A:No, you are required to disconnect the network connection, otherwise Ktag may automatically connect the network connection to upgrade and damage the machine, or you get all the menu options gray and not working.

More information:

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Easy Way to Install BMW Standard Tools (15 Minutes)

Here’s the easiest way to install BMW Standard Tools, offered by a BMW owner with K+DCAN interface, and he have developed a proven method that can be done in less than 15 minutes depending on the processing power of the machine.

Operating system:
Windows XP through Windows 10, 32 or 64 bit version

Device to use:
a working KDCAN cable.

K+DCAN cable-pcb board--1.jpg
BMW Std tool installation instructions that's included in the link below.

If this installation has assisted you in achieving a working set up, please click the appreciate link, thanks!!vttVCLxA!mf1LGYHnAQTWed0jsehLdQ
files included:

Chassis family guide for choosing your proper DATEN:

Edit 1: Added F series files for INPA. Added support files for N47.
Edit 2: Added working copy of NCS Dummy.

BMW Standard Tools 2.12 FAQ

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