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WIFI VDM UCANDAS V3.84 Update Free Download

Latest Software WIFI UCANDAS VDM V3.84 has been released online from

Software Version: VDM V3.84 (No Need Register and Activate)

Multi-system supported: Win7, Win8, and WinXP SP3 32bit System (except Win8 rt / WP8)

VDM Multi-Languages: English. German. French. Spanish, italian. Farsi. Portuguese. Japanese. Chinese Traditional. Chinese Simplified. Czech. Hungarian Arabic. Russian Global Edition. Finnish. Korean. Turkish. Vietnamese, Dutch
(Default language is English, if you need other language, when you get the product, give us your serial number, we will change the language for you.)

Free Download:

Land Rover Special Function Download

UCANDAS VDM Supported Car List

UCANDAS V3.84 Software Update Function description:
1. Add wave graph option for data list.
2. Add record and replay option for data list.
3. Optimized UI text under Chinese-traditional.
3. Optimized SETTING operation under Fixed-window.

UCANDAS detailed function shown:
Quick Test, Read ECU Info., Read DTCs, Erase DTCs, Clear learning value, Data Stream, Actuations, Read freeze frame data, Read/Write VIN, Basic Reset, Control unit adaptations, Throttle adaptations, Air bleeding, Level calibration, Theft alarm Reset, Key programming, Oil change, Idle speed learning, Idle speed Adjustment, Ignition timing adjustment, Camshaft timing control learning, Maintenance functions, ECU Initial startup, ECU initialization

How to connect this UCANDAS VDM with your cars?


Want to know more information about hardware, here is the photo:



1. Please Don't Use VDM UCANDAS on Windows XP SP2 System, Or Wifi Function Can't Work.
2. Very Few type of car can do key programming function,such as HONDA, and there is no supported car coverage list for this function.

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Renault CAN CLiP 157 tests OK on TWINGO PHASE 2

This is the first test result of Renault CAN CLiP 157 from China. Obd2express tested it on TWINGO PHASE 2 and no issues. Here, share the CLiP 157 software and installation instruction here.

Free download CAN CLIP 157:!tl9jCKZQ!xENGQPnKYvbvJTay_-xhvI2vk1Ord2...
Disclaimer: this is tested with clone CAN CLIP diagnostic tool for Renault

Step 1 - install DAEMON Tools
Step 2 - install CLIP V157
Step 3 - register CLIP V157
Step 4 - diagnose TWINGO PHASE 2 with Renault CLIP 157
run CLIP on Desktop
cancel windows security alert

Renault-can-clip-157 (14).JPG

Renault-can-clip-157 (15).JPG
finish vehicle info for computer test

Renault-can-clip-157 (16).JPG
cancel windows security alert

Renault-can-clip-157 (17).JPG

Renault-can-clip-157 (18).JPG

Renault-can-clip-157 (19).JPG

Renault-can-clip-157 (20).JPG

All above is only for China clone Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool

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How to install ETKA 7.4 Electronic Catalogue on WIN 7/8/10

It’s aimed to help install V7.4 ETKA Electronic Catalogue, which contains the full information on spare parts and accessories (separately the catalogue of accessories Audi,VW,Seat,Skoda on CD more is not issued) for cars of concern VAG, including minibuses.

First, to get V7.4 ETKA Electronic Catalogue For Audi VW Seat Skoda here: (Never Expire!)
Many ETKA Electronic Catalogue, even free on webs, but i don’t recommend those because most of them may be expire in the near future.

The reported problem is, that two of the displayed installation steps
have a wrong representation in some versions of Windows 7/8/10.

STEP 1: Choose ETKA Variant:

install-ETKA-7.4 (1).jpg
STEP 2: Choose ETKA Version:
Note: Please look at the "right representation" picture for your decision

install-ETKA-7.4 (2).jpg

install-ETKA-7.4 (3).jpg
STEP 3: Welcome window:

install-ETKA-7.4 (4).jpg
STEP 4: "Version to install" window:

install-ETKA-7.4 (5).jpg
STEP 5: Installation Summary window:

install-ETKA-7.4 (6).jpg
STEP 6: Choose install target folder:
Note: Please look at the "right representation" picture for your decision

install-ETKA-7.4 (7).jpg
STEP 7: International Version window:

install-ETKA-7.4 (8).jpg
STEP 8: Installation process:

install-ETKA-7.4 (9).jpg
STEP 9: Hardlock Driver Installation:
After ETKA installation finished the hardlock driver installation is initialized.
Here you can/must follow the displayed installation steps.

I hope this guide is helping you, to install ETKA Electronic Catalogue for AUDI VW Seat Skoda.

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