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Ford VCM II IDS 98 changes CCC option in module programming

Just got VCM ii clone to have a play and i managed to get to enter the code,

It changes the ccc option in module programming to a different list with more options and also appeared to give me icons to read and write dumps

But I ran out of time to play more and see what options did, I did try to disable my seat belt off warning buzzer but it failed to work, Other peoples input would be nice once you test it...

See my photos, get the first page up as shown then click update/ special functions on your right hand side

Enter the code 60274

If i have helped click the two magic buttons for me
ford-ids-98-ccc-editing (1)
ford-ids-98-ccc-editing (2)
ford-ids-98-ccc-editing (3)
ford-ids-98-ccc-editing (4)
ford-ids-98-ccc-editing (5)
ford-ids-98-ccc-editing (6)

Well it worked right away for me as my images display. it supplied me with options to work with, I think its going to allow me to save the various as built configuration files to the desktop for instance,And look at the files in a hex editor then i can have a safe play with my setting and see what i can turn on and off like the annoying seat belt reminder for instance.

You say you could not get anything to appear or you mean could not get anything to work?

I got it all to appear quite easily.

And as for getting nothing to appear in special function i had two option in there, read config file and modify, Also for me the tool box module programming, 3rd option down had changed to allow what i would normally alter within ccc as well as a as built option which i do not normally see on this year of car, It had speed items for one listed, were as this is found on later fords than mine in the pcm on first page.
ford-ids-98-ccc-editing (7)
ford-ids-98-ccc-editing (8)

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Buy Xtool EZ300 6 system or Xtool EZ400 FULL systems

Xtool EZ400 and EZ300 diagnosis scan tool, made by Xtool tech Company, are multi-touch screen for major car brands. What is their similarities and difference? Please go on reading following parts.

Xtool EZ400 and Xtool EZ300 similarities:
Screen: 7 inch multi-touch screen
Update: One-click update via WIFI for free
Memory Memory: 1GB RAM, 16GB Flash, support 32GB extension SD card
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 100 Meters
Built-in: On-board battery
Operating system: Android 4.4.4
Live data: Accurate live data in both Wave and Dashboard form
Vehicle coverage: Most US, Asian and European OBDII vehicle makes since 1996
Warranty: 2 years

Xtool EZ400 and Xtool EZ300 Difference:

Item Name Xtool EZ400 Xtool EZ300

Xtool EZ400.jpg


Xtool EZ300.jpg

Compatible systems FULL systems engine,ABS,SRS, transmission,TPMS and Oil Light Reset
Diagnostic Function Read fault codes,clear fault codes,live data,actuation(Diagnosis reports in PDF file) read fault codes,clear fault codes,live data(Diagnosis reports in PDF file)
Special function ABS bleeding,service light reset,DPF regeneration,steering angle calibration,battery reset,throttle body adaptation,Service light reset,Throttle Sensor Adjustment NO special functions
Price €747.70 €339

Xtool EZ400 detailed Function and workable car models at:

Xtool EZ300 detailed Function and workable car models at:

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How to install Lexia 3 lexia-3 DiagBox V7.76 software

Here is the instruction on how to install Lexia-3 Diagbox V7.76 diagnostic scan tool software for PSA Citroen & Peugeot on Windows XP.

Hardware and Software Requirements:
Intel Celeron/Pentium III 400 MHz

128 MB RAM

50MB free HDD space

USB 1.1 port (USB 2.0 recommended)

Microsoft Windows 98 SR2/2000/XP with the latest service pack installed; Windows XP system better.

Please setup the software according to the requirements to hardware and software. Otherwise it will fail to setup and bring you much trouble.

English, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Hungary, Greek, Czech

Diagbox V7.76 software display:

Diagbox V7.76 software-1.jpg

Diagbox V7.76 software-2.jpg

Diagbox V7.76 software-3.jpg

Diagbox V7.76 software-4.jpg

Main steps:
Step 1 – Install DAEMON Tools Lite

Step 2 – Install Diagbox

Step 3 – Activate Diagbox

Step 4 – Update Diagbox to v7.57

Step 5 – Update Diagbox to v7.58

Step 6 – Update Diagbox to v7.62

Step 7 – Update Diagbox to v7.66

Step 8 – Update Diagbox to v7.74

Step 9 – Update Diagbox to v7.76

Step 10 – Run Diagbox 7.76 to diagnose Citroen XM

Video Guide:
How to install Diagbox V7.76 for Lexia-3

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