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Opel EDC16C9 ecu reading and writing tools feedback

Question: to read and write a Opel EDC16C9 (the connection is everytime at the same position… but kess identify it as EDC16C9)



I want do make DPF/EGR Off….

Solution from ECU tool recommend to you:MPPS V16,MPPS V18, KTAG 7.020,KESS 5.017 and V54 FGTech Galletto 0475


  1. MPPS V16 good read in obd.


I read some 2004 - 2006 edc16c9 and all by MPPS.


mpps v16 remap Opel astra 1.9cdti with no problem:

mpps-read-and-write-a-opel-edc16c9-01mpps-read-and-write-a-opel-edc16c9-02mpps-read-and-write-a-opel-edc16c9-03mpps-read-and-write-a-opel-edc16c9-04 mpps-read-and-write-a-opel-edc16c9-05


MPPS V18 clone read/write Opel Astra EDC16C9.



  1. Possible with Ktag 7.020: open ecu and read on bdm frame. work 100%.

some astra h ecu can not be read/write by obd only bdm ..... any way is ok to have bdm in case of obd write fail.



Best eu ktag with red pcb at good price:


  1. I write my Opel astra 1.9cdti edc16c9 with kess v2 for 4 times without problems.

On opel edc16 to make a dpf off 100% safe to process the file in bdm, the serial file is not usually complete.



You can browse Ksuite support car models

Search "edc16c9" for result, shown as below.



  1. You can also write, this way if you not open the ECU, I checked write by Galletto v54 0475
    pin out same edc16c9 -edc16c39.






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