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Review:Benz sprinter 906 All key lost done with Autel G-box

With Autel Gbox, with Auro IM600 connecting with XP400 & J2534 ECU Programmer, Benz sprinter 906 All key lost done successfully.


Image one shows: Succeed in computing password, key password is xxxxxx.

benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-01


Image two shows the complete connection among Autel G-box, Auro IM600, XP400 & J2534 ECU Programmer:

benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-02


It's nice to read the Autel G-box reference guide:

Zoom to see it clearly.

benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-03


The colorful Autel G-box is more enjoyable:

benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-04 benz-sprinter-906-akl- done-by-autel-gbox-05


Bought it from




(Solved) Ford IDS license not found & Quickloader license expired engineer offer the solution to error " Ford IDS3 software license is not found" and Quickloader license expired.


First come several error images of " Ford IDS3 software license is not found".



Then Quickloader error "Unregistered, or license expired 2018.5.11"



Working solution:

Step 1. Free download Ford IDS V113 on mega (from Fly):!KRh3wA5A!k79Lj9jmwhKOyMhCPQkrCcW-kcox8t...


Step 2:

Download newest Quickloader V5.11 on mega:!frowWY7L!uc1J4S71EhrC_XtB_irXuSXFiE5TFa...


Step 2: Open "FVDI2 QuickLoader" to click on "IDS Ford", start to do diagnosis job.

Note: You have to open "IDS Ford" from "FVDI2 QuickLoader", otherwise you may get error.



Finally, Ford IDS will work successfully.


Note: the above working solution is for Fly VCM IDS 3 interface.

ford-ids3-software-license-is-not-found-solution-07 ford-ids3-software-license-is-not-found-solution-08


Good Luck.

Thanks to engineer of




IPROG+ ECU Programmer Isuzu Dmax 2010:All Key Lost Wokrs

Confirmed: Isuzu Dmax 2010 all key lost done by Iprog+ clone.


Images mean a lot:

isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-01 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-02 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-03


Iprog+ clone V77 software free download!Lp0gBabA!ITgGaTD6xIi2NMW5dumebQ901EUpTf...

No password


Iprog+ clone V76 software free download!lB500aYY!7fQobGqzPhokgB-wU4lUzKCES4ugxA...

No password


Iprog+ clone hardware source:


Iprog+ clone V77 installation and test reports:


Iprog+ clone V76 installation and test reports:

Toyota Avensis 93C46 KM reset done using Iprog+ clone V76

IMMO feedback Toyota copy ID 67 68 70 94 D4, smart key, transponder etc

Read write chips of Atmel, Fujitsu & microchips, Motorola, Motorola 912EN etc

Toyota RAV4 odometer correction.

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